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  1. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Won’t he have to self isolate for 14 days also?
  2. Never mind the new consoles I’m sat here waiting for the postman, he isn’t coming is he
  3. How do you convert gold to game pass? I don’t have an Xbox one at the moment, poss a 360 somewhere so I assume you need to do this on the console? Im just working out if it’s worth a gamble stacking some gold subs and converting if I can without an Xbox one!
  4. Demon souls 2 month in the making remake is making this look like a bargain package now!
  5. Series X, it’s interesting that we are basically in pc upgrade territory now - I’m getting a Series X because the games I already play will run better with higher frame rate - I’m not really bothered about exclusives on launch and will no doubt end up with a PS5 when something is on it I can’t miss out on - VR 2 probably!
  6. I was set on a Series X pre this show, Sony needed a very good show and/or price..... Series X it is then.
  7. Hopefully the next gen of mix amps will have HD audio, as much as I love my Astro kit it’s a shame we are stuck with a lossy sound format...
  8. I don’t think Hamilton would race for Ineos as it goes against all his green credentials and I’m sure he has publicly criticised fracking....
  9. Waitrose are in trouble and have announced more closures this week, worse than that they are selling some stores to Tesco. John Lewis as a group are in danger of not being around in 2 years, they have all the pre folding things happening - store closures, selling of stores to competitors or housing developments, getting rid of their unique differentiator, not paying bonuses for first time ever.... the list goes on
  10. So they are bringing back a series they killed with shite sequels years ago after a remaster got people interested again
  11. It’s a shame that Activision can’t make sequels to the games they are having to remaster because they want cash moneys - it’s pretty funny to be complaining that Nintendo (who made some Mario game about a hat) aren’t putting any effort into their old re releases and that’s bad but be fine with Activision who killed those games after 3 with utter shite releases that’s led to the desperate remakes to get interest back into the series....
  12. I mean we all know Blur are better than oasis and Pulp are better than both... Yeah, you nailed it!
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