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  1. I’ve only had gamepass since November but thus far I have played more games than ever as I tend to flick between a few FPS games I play with mates and often ignore single player stuff so it has been pretty revolutionary for me as I found most PS+ games I just added to the collection but didn’t ever play! I find the concept interesting and it hasn’t affected my buying habits as such because I wasn’t buying those games before but can imagine for many people it will make them more hesitant to buy a game as it may be on gamepass or ps+ soon....
  2. Given this isn’t official surely it’s not right, 7 months after launch you can add some storage to the minuscule amount you get on launch!? The fan ramp will 100% be needed for the hdd as pointed out by all the strip downs due to how inefficient the cooling design is particularly for the very fast and therefore hot NVME upgrades.
  3. Just catching up on this thread and had to chime in... I’m 43 and regularly hit 200+ as my max and it was a great cause of worry until I looked into it properly and found it’s not that unusual and the old 220 minus age was very old thinking. As you were.
  4. I thought I’d read you could but in the Klarna app there is no option to overpay or pay off!?
  5. We played 5 duos this evening and got two wins, Faze clan invite incoming! Highlight of the sesh was taking out some sweat who tried to no scope me (and to be fair hit me form about 2 feet away) but my snipe had weakened him, the blue tac to the face practically killed him but the final humiliation was the white smg that finished him off - was a soccer skin too! Obvs went on to win
  6. Who would think anyone could put out a worse direct than Nintendo this month
  7. I went for it as no guarantee you could have done the gold conversion on launch day as plenty were saying it might end on new console launch, I added a year to it with the trick and tbh could have easily bought it outright but assumed I would be getting a PS5 too until the underwhelming launch line up. What is annoying is I can’t seem to just pay it off
  8. Generally I love my series x and I’d say MS do just about everything better than Sony except game capture, why is it so shit? Somehow it’s worse than when I had my previous Xbox one consoles - at least there was a basic editor on the console... All I want is the ability to select more than a min recording, recors my damn voice and allow me to edit it on the console and upload it FFS /rant
  9. I got 1k v bucks gifted to me, something about save the world and I don’t know what - pretty funny really as I haven’t played save the world in years and just fired it up to see if my PS4 purchase carried over to Xbox and then spent 10 mins opening bonus stuff and then quit without even playing it!
  10. I’m on my 7th PS4 controller (I have two as battery life is so poor) and they are flakey as hell but it’s rarely the sticks that go outside the launch ones that fell apart - I know the current one has more than 400 hours on it and it’s fine, it’s got no drift or any trigger issues and they get hammered on FPS games 90% of the time. I would fully expect the PS5 pads to fall apart and fail as Sony have awful reliability built into to anything they make but even I think this video and all the others are just silly click bait nonsense - some people will have sticks fail in under 400 an
  11. Replaying TF2 is only option really! There is a rewards quest for this at the moment, fired it up for a quick game last night and my word it’s just so bloody good as a MP game - works so well on series x and is just the best FPS
  12. it is a shame but I assume cost and this one will outperform a quest 2 one assumes, one wire is better but mine is plugged in all the time with the case in front of the telly and I still can’t be arsed with setting it up Now, something it really needs to do is allow wireless headphones this time as the included ones were crap and another wire if you want to use decent ones.
  13. That’s me back on the PS5 train then, good job it’s at least 2022 so they may even have stock!
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