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  1. Ive not followed a Traeger recipe just what I’ve always done on BBQ - amazing ribs is prolly the site I follow most for methods and initial rubs recipes! Defi Sign-Up for the Facebook groups as loads of people will help if you post esp as your Traeger has more settings like super smoke! I did see those reviews, US stock and I’ve not had a problem - I don’t think I’ve seen a brand of pellets / charcoal / briquettes that haven’t at some point had people complaining about foreign objects in them so I wouldn’t let it bother me!
  2. You would imagine that Mercedes would counter any review with ‘we turned the engine down and changed strat’ so reversing the penalty is practically impossible now. Either way it makes the clowns at Ferrari look like bigger dicks than normal so all great PR for them!
  3. Did you ‘season’ the Traeger before first cook? I use these fairly often https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cookinpellets-CPPM18kg-Perfect-Mix-Pellets/dp/B00819OICI/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2HS9ZC1VS5QMS&keywords=cooking+pellets&qid=1560770012&s=gateway&sprefix=Cookin+pell%2Caps%2C136&sr=8-1 or these as much cheaper http://www.liverpoolwoodpellets.co.uk/ourshop/cat_1462169-BBQ-Smoking-Wood-Pellets.html Ive not mixed pellets but as you can see buy pre blended ones, having smoked lots on BBQs I’m not a huge Hickory wood fan albeit in the Traeger it’s much milder unless you use a smoke tube. Ive never played with temp when doing ribs, just straight up 225f but similar 3-2-1 in terms of wrapping them, poss added an hour at the end. Did you have any rub on them? I’ve found the rub can affect how much smoke taste you get.
  4. Loads, heat beads are the best IMO and gave 14+ hours with zero fiddling once temp is set. I just light a few in the corner of the slow n sear and once ashed over dump a chimneys worth of unlit heat beads in adding boiled water to the trough. Adjusting vents until you get around 225 baring in mind each adjustment can take 5/10 mins to settle so resisting the temptation to fiddle is the hardest lesson.
  5. I expected to not like it but it was entertaining enough - not peak Top Gear by a country mile but not shite, about the worst you can say about something is above average and it felt like that - too much #BANTS
  6. Missed this at the cinema as wasn’t into MCU films but have been smashing them to see Endgame a couple of weeks back, watched it on disc the other day and really liked it - will give it another watch to see if it is the afterglow of being so caught up in the films but honestly I have it up there with my fave origins films but my wife wasn’t as impressed.
  7. I’ve found the Traeger pellets aren’t particularly smokey so use other brands, what temp were you running at? There is definitely a learning curve and well worth joining a few Facebook groups as loads of knowledge in them. I did a pulled pork on mine, 3.8kg and 19 hours later... I tried a simpler rub from the DJ bbq book and it was very nice but needed a bit more spice, even my youngest who can’t eat anything spicy said it needed more heat!
  8. I have, temp was fairly consistent and I used a tray instead of going direct onto the grate if that makes sense - you obv don’t have easy access to it even with hinged grates and tbh I put some supermarket ribs there so couldn’t really comment on how effective it was - just did it the once and then got the Traeger (running theme ehh) and mainly use the slow n sear for sear temps or roasting these days. Speaking of the Traeger, just put this on for an overnight cook... Wife is in charge as working tomms until 1600, fingers crossed it’s smooth sailing!
  9. Shimmyhill


    Hmm, KFC don’t have a good track record with potato based food!
  10. I ended up getting Captain Marvel via AVF for £30 all in, have a digital code to sell I guess - can you redeem and play them in the UK? Also seems like the Blu-ray is region free too. edit.. just tested the Blu-ray and is region free!
  11. Shimmyhill


    Holy fuck! Thats the food dreams are made of
  12. It quotes 50m so I imagine you can half that, my current one claims 100m but is prolly more like 50m on a good day.. I’m still tempted to get one, could be used indoors easier than my other kit but where I plan to build my bbq shack has no chance of reaching inside but ab actual WiFi one would...
  13. Wrap the drip tray in foil, it’s a bugger to clean if you leave it uncovered, also buy some drip liners - they are expensive but when it’s full freeze it and chuck away the frozen block of grease and reuse the liner! Biggest tip is remember to think of it as an oven as well as a smoker, any meat you cook in it will be better than in any non commercial oven but that’s the same for a std charcoal grill too imo. Im doing a pulled pork on mine overnight for Father’s Day, trying the DJ BBQ rub that seems simple with a few ingredients -just made it ready for sat night.
  14. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Fixtures are out, Man City and Arsenal away in first 5 games! Villa first, we always do so well against newly promoted sides on opening day too....
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