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  1. Holy crap, Hotline Miami on Switch We are a few Snes games away from this being the undisputed greatest console of all time
  2. Imagine if Maddison wasn’t off side at the end there, would have been a massive VAR moment! Chelsea had 20 mins of huff and puff and then Leicester took them apart second half and must feel hard done by with a point - so many missed chances.
  3. Avengers Endgame get! Very quick look and it looked stunning, will wait for full viewing in dark room but that’s gonna be hard as I can’t wait to watch it again!
  4. It was and not related, the last team we faced were bots unlike the lot when we had the second place!
  5. We go about quietly and will win the league stealthily... shhhh 15 at Christmas or no hope
  6. Hope my LDF buddies are please with my lot, you wonder if luck could be with Liverpool this season after both results today!
  7. Ahh the cookin pellets ones, I used them today - have had the Liverpool ones before and they are good - not the heaviest smoke but I like them like that!
  8. What pellets did you go for? I’m about to do a bulk order of the ones at http://www.liverpoolwoodpellets.co.uk I did a spatchcock chicken on it today, chicken just tastes so much better done on the bbq/Traeger than it does in the oven - even did some kinda roasties on it also!
  9. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    I kinda disagree... We let in a poor goal because Rose made a silly mistake, we didn’t have much defending to do as the bus was parked and clamped (and fair enough as it was a shock lead against the run of play) and looked good on the ball - we lacked a creative spark at times for sure but it was not anywhere near our best side regardless of the new signings. King Erik came on with a change in system so was a double whammy and Villa couldn’t cope with it, Erik even cleared the first defender for a few corners so I assume the defence was shell shocked as they can’t have planned for that It was a game pre Poch we would have lost 0-1 but second half we always looked like we would win it and I think even Villa fans would say that, we ran them ragged for a long period and that always going to tell as the game goes on esp as it was the first game and they had no outlet constantly giving us the ball back. First half was frustrating, outside of the 8 or 9 mins before Villa scored we looked dangerous, but that was because Villa got the goal and shut up shop and we didn’t react, the line up didn’t shout creativity and Poch had to have an eye on the Man City game - I assumed that’s why Vertonghen didn’t play rather than the press theory of some issue.
  10. Chelsea had two off the post, they should have gone in ahead and then who knows - Man U played a good counter attack against a very poor defence but 4-0 was flattering and not reflective of a dominating performance. You can only play what’s in front of you etc and capitalising on a poor defence and taking chances is a great habit to have but this felt like an early Ole bounce game from last season rather than a rout of a top 6 competitor. edit: stats are up, 4 shots on target for Utd and 4 goals - Chelsea had better stats across the board, Norwich had more shots on target against Liverpool but if Utd score from every shot on target each game then championies!
  11. Liverpool should aim for 10, Norwich looked fare more solid at the back. With better finishing Chelsea should have 3, lots of misplaced passes and awful positioning - will be looking forward to the XG
  12. Odd game, Chelsea look better going forward and both look shocking at the back so obv 3-0 Utd!
  13. I remember that day, I was in Italy and almost wanted Arsenal to win... I think there is another with more, it’s had a few iterations over the years!
  14. No one likes Chelsea, even their own fans etc but they are an easy club to hate with the new money but their reputation as a vile racist club goes back generations - of course there are perfectly decent Chelsea fans and I know a few who are all bloody decent (one of them gave up his season ticket a few years back due to the constant Jewish hatred) so it’s easy to see why they don’t get much new support outside of the probably now Man City fans types. But yeah, look at the most popular individual club thread and it’s easy to pin point when most of us picked a team!
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