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  1. Great games as ever with @Pistol couple of squad dubs is always nice despite the stupid extreme fire damage update Bows are still amazing, been working on my aim..
  2. Indeed, it’s no coincidence Lewis sat behind max permanently threatening DRS before the first stop and then as soon as he did stop he ate into that lead so rapidly it should have been obvious to Max/Redbull he was toying with them! I mean they should have known, Bottas even told them the plan after quali…..
  3. Lewis would have passed max even if he didn’t pit, he was clearly much quicker - the strat call was team based to promote Bottas having forced Max to pit….. Lewis doesn’t lose that race in Max’s position, there is already proof of this…
  4. Ehh, Lewis has schooled him today - made max kill his tyres, I don’t think Lewis loses this race in Max’s position today.
  5. I think you’ve been had, we spent 50 odd million in the summer
  6. i didn’t want to do anything other than poke fun at my team, Leeds spent 100m in the summer, only Chelsea spent more - rags to riches my arse! They’ve bought success as much as any of the prem league clubs and what Sheffield Utd did last season was much more impressive on a shoe string was my real point of comparing them, it’s not just a Bielsa love in that’s farcical it’s the whole plucky Leeds nonsense!
  7. Sheffield Utd fell off a cliff after Covid shutdown and clearly struggled due to lack of crowd - they also have had less investment and played with many older players and climbed the leagues more impressively than Leeds IMO - I think Leeds have done well but they are hardly this breath of fresh air fairytale story that’s often pointed out - they spent more than Spurs this season for a start…..
  8. Good home win against a team with a shite defence and many problems, let’s not get carried away over the ESL stuff as every dog has its day - Norwich beat Man City last year Leeds have been ok, Sheffield Utd last season were better as a returning prem league club and have proven this season that second album is always harder! Better side on the day won, no doubt about that tho.
  9. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Glad we haven’t turned Leeds over this papering over the cracks and giving false optimism about this awful defence we have, Leeds like all of the pre-K league worked out how easy we are to exploit at the back.
  10. He isn’t being courted, that’s a papers nonsense thing much like all the managers we have allegedly approached - I’d rather Jose than Brentan!
  11. Brentan overseeing his usual prem league collapse when it counts gig.
  12. I miss the snipers but love the bow, mainly the bounce bow as it’s so much fun and great for getting out of a pickle in a build fight or just moving around the map when the storm is on you! Having said that, man I wish I had a sniper and I’m sure the heavy should be able to propel me around the map!!! Hats off to Epic tho as they have tweaked the balance of lots of things and now it’s definitely not as bad a season as the mechs even if it’s still not a great one IMO.
  13. I lost a potential dub due to the flame, I had a flame bow + flare gun - everything was on fire and blowing up…..unfortunately so was I I did also do dis…..
  14. One suspects he can spare that £50
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