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  1. Did Villa make Grealish cut his hair as part of the deal!? Millions of hearts crushed by a hairdresser
  2. I missed the 1k too, mainly as was away for 4 days and I’m glad i binned my 200+ day streak a while back as i would defi have been sat in a tent trying to get my dailies done if the streak was still active! Ive started looking at other things to redeem the points on, didnt realise there was Curry’s and John Lewis - moving house in a few months so could well go that way!
  3. I went back onto Halo 5 MP after the beta stopped ( I assumed it had as I couldn’t sign in again…) initially Halo 5 wows you but after a while its quite clear that Infinite is super clean and so much easier to read, far less busy but what is there is super sharp and informative - it was quite difficult ‘dropping back’ to Halo 5 MP but i see that as a good thing. I mean of course, it doesn’t look as gud as Miles Morales or that shitty new platformer so serves no value, 343 are shite and the series x is much wurser than a PS5 but I can see this MP side being incredibly popular to play and watch.
  4. With Kane Spurs have outperformed their funding - champs league final, league cup final, runners up in the league - regular 3rd and 4th places all with the funding for 6th place and the average spend of a relegation team
  5. Spurs talk is that he has to isolate after his holiday so will be back as was always planned when this is over…
  6. Likely biased but there is plenty of talk that Kane is on extended leave and not even due back….
  7. I can’t seem to find the image but there is a shot of the damage to Max’s car doing the rounds (insta) and I’m shocked that the people whining about working on a car under red flags have not been jumping up and down about that especially how dangerous it looks………
  8. The MP is really good, it feels like a tight old school arena shooter and the levels have seemed decent in the test thus far. I’m not sure i have an opinion of the campaign yet as we haven’t seen anything and i tend not to compare it to screenshots of single player corridor adventure games or PC battters
  9. Same, i think its says ‘new’ so guess the other one is a more recent addition.
  10. I mean you don’t need one but they are always better on one
  11. I… I can’t believe this but I want Vettel to win
  12. AI aim to it seems, they seem ruthless now when hunting as packs!!
  13. The MP test plays fantastically, its better the more I play it and the pistol is ruling as it always should do!
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