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  1. Sorry, nope - I’m going on my other half’s season ticket as she is working!
  2. Its about the lions head facing and the legs, ive no idea or care but apparently its winding the luddites up - I love the new one, think it looks great. Any Man U fans going to Carra Rud on Saturday?
  3. Ohhh, and first duos dub - i think they were possibly better than i gave them credit for…
  4. Im prolly about this evening, normal time rather than a late one if others are around!
  5. Yup, FIA created the problem and Hamilton reminded them of that - absolutely perfect bit of gamesmanship while making the rules makers look foolish - they literally could not punish him without making them look fraudulent
  6. Exactly and apparently the old crest was correct as it’s the defender of the city (as is the castle) but now its looking forward its changed the meaning - its all noise and reasons to whinge for whining sake that no doubt has some historical pedantry attached.
  7. Saving face isn’t it, Hamilton has schooled Max several times this way causing the tyre advantage to become a disadvantage as he burns them out - Hamilton looked to have better race pace even with damage to the wing element. We just need the apology from @Dudley and we can all move on from this sorry affair
  8. You should see the local drama this has been causing, I quite like it but then I’m not bother about what way the lion is facing etc….
  9. Just one more game after we finished @Pistol @carlospie and I had one of those games where you never get the rub - always low on health, no ammo, crappy guns and the storm always there but somehow it ended well…. Second solo dub of the season, first one was awful so not showing that one
  10. Is this a separate install from MP? You imagine 120 for MP and 60 for SP.
  11. Mate, those points are rubbish - 1. Hamilton avoided a penalty because they hadn’t shown flags or lights so is no doubt hyper aware esp as Max and Bottas got penalties for barely visible yellow flags. 2. Speak out loud and time how long it takes to ask the team if there is a reason for Max slowing / obstruction on the track and how long to get a response and see how much of that you get in the 5 seconds this happened in at 150mph 3. You never pull out behind a slowing car with no obv audio or visual reason to do so esp Verstappen - wait for them as good chance they will take you out if car failing, he moved about enough as it was and stayed on the racing line. 4. Back out of what? Max lifts and then brakes heavily (enough to drop 3 gears) for no reason and given no brake lights and all the points above why is Hamilton going to slam the anchors on? The DRS point is mute, if Hamilton isnt aware Max is letting him past he isnt thinking of the DRS zone obv Max is and why he braked so hard as he wants th place back and is aware that’s his only chance. Its really easy after the fact to throw all these wild theories but this has all happened in a moment at a high speed part of the track with one wreckless driver and another super aware of that fact - If Occon is the person ahead who has to let Hamilton past and Hamilton wasnt aware you can guarantee there wouldn’t have been any contact……
  12. No it was you blindly ignoring the evidence when called on it having stated that it wasnt said in the first place - you went full Coulthard so one can only assume you are on the RB payroll esp as someone who races and is fully aware of the rules but wants to complain about 3 issues with zero rules broken by Merc while defending 2 actually dangerous rule breaches by Max. Deflect away as much as you want but at least own your mistakes even with your RB goggles on.
  13. I think we have to question if @Dudley has ever been seen in the same room as David Coulthard……
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