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  1. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    End of days stuff, King Erik clears the first man with a corner and then we score from it
  2. Generally I agree with you and VAR is ruining the game at the moment buuuuuuut it did overturn a red in Norwich v Sheffield United today so only a yellow was given. Of course it also confirmed the red wrongly given to Son against Everton so it’s useless and ruining the game.
  3. Thanks, I got one with Pokemon - that Nintendo deal seems much better!
  4. Points dropped there by Norwich, awful defending for the Arsenal goals and far more chances - should have won that really.
  5. John Wick - really enjoyed this, a dumb action film no doubt but fun 3.5/5 Lock stock and two smoking barrels - always liked this and not watched it for a while 4/5
  6. I rewatched Jedi the other day for the first time in years and it’s a banger, was always my least fave of the original trilogy and poss still is but it’s still a great film. Empire is still the best!
  7. New switch with Pokemon, £279 but grey so prolly not worth it... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07ZHZCWX5
  8. im confused... the deal is £279 on the Nintendo site - can you use the 10% code on that!?
  9. Bookies fave with some not taking new bets according to Twitter
  10. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Rose in his prime was ten times the player Davies ever was, now they are both poor and neither should be in our team - they wouldn’t even make Arsenals first team these days they are both so bad.
  11. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Rose has been a better defender and attacker than Davies like for like until recently, it’s only because Rose has been so poor that Davies seems ok - he isn’t. This.
  12. Cheers, can you use the 10% on that too?
  13. We need to get another switch for youngest Xmas, I’ve been holding out for tomms but has anyone seen any deals in this pre Black Friday week?
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