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  1. Similar - wooden peel to prep and launch, metal to turn and take out and then have a round wooden (Lidl special) serving board to put cooked pizza on! It’s a decent work flow when doing a few but we also picked up some stackable pizza trays in Lidl as an ooni group had a cracking idea for making the pizzas first and putting them on baking paper on the stackable trays to then take out and have a cooking production line!
  2. do you have the metal peel with no handle? We have found a wooden peel (doesn’t need to be ooni, ours is pro cook as much cheaper) is best for launching (putting the uncooked pizza into the ooni) and the metal peel for turning but just take it out and manually rotate - the small metal peel with handle is meant to allow turning while in the oven but a cost too far for us as we have no issues with the setup.
  3. Pfft, thugs the lot of em them Pistons Im a 90s NBA glory hunter fan!
  4. I genuinely think it’s a shame Liverpool won the league in the way they have done, their fans and players deserve to have the crowd there but I’m sure it still feels amazing so while we all know it doesn’t count and will always have a * by it well done, very much deserved and enjoy The whole fan thing is a bit odd, I’ve been to Anfield more than most Liverpool fans I’m sure but I’m not sure that really counts does it - there are glory hunters for any club that’s had success and boy will we be suffocated by them in the coming days, weeks, months and decades esp people of my vintage who as dedicated Liverpool fans as I am Chicago Bulls but better that than a Tory supporter right.
  5. They do look impressive, I’m not sure I see the need for one - gas is so easy on the Ooni and I’ve no issue cooking outside all year round so an indoor electric one seem overkill for home use but each to their own! Its defi a bit of a cliche but my word we will never touch a takeaway pizza again, it’s not a hard process to make the dough but the results are so much better!
  6. The brand is Effeuno Someone on the group linked to here, no experience of the retailer or this model but they rave about it https://pizzaunited.co.uk/products/effeuno-p134h-professional-pizza-oven-for-home?variant=28347536801856&currency=GBP&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2020-05-27&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0Mb3BRCaARIsAPSNGpXvxBu7OzP62BEO4xO1g9bimLNYOQpdHpmxmL1vXKg_db8e2i8aszQaAuZkEALw_wcB
  7. Ref was poor all night, foul in the lead up to the given pen and Gedson had the shit kicked out of him and not a foul given! Result was ok, Spurs contained Man U well and looked decent on the break but Kane was awful and draw about par for the game - if we had any ambition or at least not trying to defend a lead with our second string defence the result was ours for the taking. I guess pre Covid Spurs form this would have been a decent result and some progress but Man U looked a soft touch in the moments we pressed them. Ahhh football, ruining our days again!!!!
  8. There is an Italian brand one that’s cheaper and used commercially that’s meant to be better than that one, you can get it in the UK from a few distributors - I’ll try and find the brand but it’s all the rage on the pizza groups I follow!
  9. Very nice, I think I would go Koda or maybe Pro over the 3 now - used it again yesterday and gas (and I say this as someone who doesn’t like it for a bbq fuel source) is just brilliant on the Ooni. I highly recommend a cast iron skillet, the Ooni one we have is brilliant, I wish I had two now as the veg I did on it yesterday was amazing but had to do it in batches - I would say veg cooked in the Ooni is easily the best tasting I’ve done across oven, bbq and even smoker!
  10. I’m not so sure I like it being so water based after an evenings play, it’s contesting all the players and rounds are over quickly - towards the end of last season you almost needed to have fish to survive the inevitable storm off survival! I do like some of the classic guns being back esp the P90 and hunting rifle but not so sure about the charge shotgun but that’s prolly as I’m useless with it! However second game of the season and a duos win was got so have the new umbrella and then had a couple of hours unlocking the map, riding and killing sharks and having silly fun - this season defi has the possibility of bringing back the silly so I’m cautiously optimistic. Still love this game
  11. I’ve never made bread before outside a bread maker but having really got into pizza dough I want to start, I’ve bought a 2lb tin and want to start at the bottom with a basic recipe but thought I’d ask in here as there seems to be a wealth of knowledge! So, hit me with your basic white loaf recipe!
  12. Nope just standards.. I’m sure there are many games I overlook faults as I like the game but ND controls are so poor I struggle to get into any other aspect of their games because of them. I also couldn’t play RDR2 for the same reason but loved GTA5 - go figure!
  13. Pretty much what I’m trying to find out, as we know TLOU was unplayable as an actual game and while I generally don’t like ‘Sony games’ I loved the recent GoW - I even started uncharted 4 the other day but a couple of hours in it seems to suffer front the ND disease of controls that are clumsy at best so I’m cautious about picking this up even with the reviews....
  14. Not anymore.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B083GCMQ45?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  15. It’s the Ooni classic pizza dough recipe from their app, we use Caputo pizza flour and have some very accurate new scales for the yeast weighing - our otherwise good Salter scales are not good at weighing 2g etc, the new ones have a pad for normal weights and a small second pad for accurate tiny weights!
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