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  1. I think Rosberg just had more luck that year..... well less mechanical issues and he defi made the most of any weakness Lewis had but still feel that’s overplayed much as it was with Bottas 2.0 nonsense that was going on earlier this season, these are drivers that on their day can win races but are missing that extra bit of natural talent that only a few have.
  2. Haven’t we known for weeks that the pics were legit for the dev kit? Sony dev kits never look the same as release unlike MS so imagine the home release will look awful like all Sony consoles!
  3. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Sess, Foyth and Walker peters are still it match fit and Dier almost is - Davies has been poor and esp against Liverpool so I’d be wary of him coming back in, Rose must be better in training as he isn’t exactly Poch fave historically and Sanchez has played this season and generally been poor. When fit I’m with you, Rose is done and I’d really like to see Foyth play but we have a huge issue at right back, clearly Poch was let down on a purchase there as he wouldn’t have let Trippier go as he had written Aurier off last season. Erik I partially agree on, he is the reason we have the points we do and has changed games and also been ineffective, std early season form for him - I’ve read loads about him having the same deal as Kane on the table so he will sign or be gone in Jan without a doubt. I think the cycle has ended with the current bunch and we need time with the new lot, we are in danger of becoming as bad as Arsenal fans at this rate - every year Poch has been with us we have massively overachieved and we are currently sat in our financial power position at the moment as we are at the cusp of having the money we needed 4 seasons ago too truly push on, as Take That once said we need a little patience!
  4. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    He doesn’t have a lot of choice with a few of those given the state of our injury riddled squad and I’m still behind Erik who all Spurs fans seem to forget has traditionally always started slowly before entering god mode - I’d happily never see Aurier play again, Rose has just been poor but he is a club legend so gets some slack until Sess is fit and Toby has been no worse than Jan so why isn’t he on your list esp as he spent a couple of seasons desperate to go? Clearly there are problems and teams are exploiting of defensive deficiencies but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be at the club than Poch, he needs to be fully supported not left out to dry.
  5. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Poch out is the ramblings of a crazy man!
  6. What an odd post, I go to work to provide for my family first and to spend the rest of my money on enjoying life for whatever time I have - a big part of enjoying myself is gaming so I play games, I also like cycling, building Lego and driving cars and I’m sure if I gave them all up I’d be miserable and therefore less productive at work!
  7. Yup, carbon copy shite performance and didn’t deserve anything from the game!
  8. The team in white and blue are playing so shite I keep forgetting I’m not watching Spurs....
  9. I've not admitted I’m addicted yet...
  10. Tell you what, never a pen in the Champs league final
  11. These things even out over a season two match weekends, Liverpool got a lucky decision at Leicester and an unlucky one today....
  12. Uhh ohh.... VAR gonna be close again, looks like handball
  13. The replay is up on sky app and after a load of watches I’m not sure it’s a foul, also not sure how quickly the VAR guys made that decision as it’s close - Origi defi milks it whether kicked or not.
  14. Mario 64, I don’t think I’ve ever been as blown away by anything before or since - I think BOTW is a better game but the sheer joy and amazement of M64 edges it for me in this thread
  15. The other 2 are legit wins, to finish first first you have to finish and all that! My hardest ever VR was getting a zero kill win and one of my most celebrated since that first one!
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