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  1. Are you saying I need to buy NFS to test for you @McCoybecause if you are then I bloody well will buy it just to help you out.....
  2. its reasonable standard to have engineering samples that are always the best of the best - I used to be able to get ES intel CPU’s and they were always hand picked and could be clocked way higher than off the shelf parts. Explains why the press said the pre release machines were silent and the retail units are not - I know from watching the Xbox side all the influencers etc got pre release units they had to send back and were then given retail units - is that the same on Sony side do we know?
  3. I did more damage to me team mate setting them on fire than I did hitting an opponent with it
  4. You need to look into what people have been doing with hydro dipping, I’ve seen some that make the PS5 look acceptable
  5. Exactly this, I have up on the latest GT within an hour or so as I can not be bothered to do the driving licence test for what feels like the 10th time and while I’m sure when you race against friends online racing the cpu on the same tracks in the same cars as I’ve done before in the same sterile environment is just plain dull. I have found with this I can fire it up, switch to a fave car and blast around for a bit looking for boards or unlocking roads and as it all loads so fast now a half hour session is fun - occasionally I do some racing and I have it set hard enough that it’s
  6. Start throwing a few games, skill based match making so very bot heavy for new players in solos.
  7. That pan as you ‘exit the cave’ shows how much better BOTW is artistically from this, I think this looks decent tho and it’s defi the BOTW aesthetics that draw you in...
  8. Bottas isn’t that far off Lewis on single lap and race pace so someone brand new into the team and car beating him would be alarmingly quick and in Lewis territory without knowing the finer workings of the car!
  9. I imagine Lewis’s days would be numbered if Russell jumps in the car and beats Bottas!
  10. ive been hunted and hunted someone, it was a quest on a board - kill x player within 5 mins
  11. Lucky you! Probably not as prevalent as early stick rot but still a common problem.
  12. PS4 pads had bad stick drift issues so but sad to hear they haven’t fixed that, Sony swap no quibbles as well known issue and Amazon used to give partial refunds.... I could never fix it tho unlike the joycons.
  13. I went for the crew thing as it seems you can cancel anytime and battlepass + 1k vbucks for a tenner seemed a good deal, no doubt I will forget to cancel it... New map is ok, weapons are a mix and will annoy some I’m sure.... traditional day one dub chase has been curtailed for a bit, 2nd and 3rd places getting old fast
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