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  1. First time painting in months, a H P Lovecraft mini I got off Etsy
  2. You should just be able to drag them across. I havent tried with a phone, but did that with an external hard drive
  3. I upgraded my ssd to a 256gb one I got from CEX. The hardest thing was getting the case apart. Other than that it was a (slightly scary) doddle.
  4. Someone's selling 256gb bg4's on ebay for £35 Ebay BG4 256GB
  5. Heads up! There's an excellent new humble bundle aimed at the deck Humble bundle
  6. Maybe the 2005 American remake of Dark Water?
  7. Exellent episode and loved that it ended with a great homage to
  8. @Silent RunnerWhere did you find it. I've been looking and couldn't find
  9. This page is full of absolutely top class painting
  10. I found someone on ebay selling fantastic Alien minis. Just finished Kane, now have Lambert & Dallas to paint
  11. Teen Titans Go is legitimately laugh out loud funny. The episode where they try to out do each other with April Fool pranks has me laughing like an idiot, the look on Robin's Face when
  12. Wtf? how did that happen? The other entries were sooooo great. Im happy to go with @Oraclesuggestion for the next topic. 'Scenery' Thanks everyone
  13. My Outrider, with added toothbrush bristles sparks
  14. Wowzers!!! The bar has been set veeeery high
  15. Just a lot of thin black and orange washes in splotches. Then highlighting the resulting mess
  16. Looks really great! You did a fab job with the mirror
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