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  1. Illustration Club

    Alien Swindlers!
  2. Illustration Club

    I've recently been colouring and inking the fab comic 'The Future Beings' for my genius mate, Paul Hatcher. Here's an example of my colours for an ad that appears in the comic. Available from Here
  3. Rez Infinite - Coming to PS4, VR support

    Woo! It's glorious! My eyes need a rest. Can confirm that Xbox one controller is rumbling like a mother. Have you tried adjusting the vibration settings in options?
  4. Twin Peaks

    This show is such a fucking joy!
  5. Illustration Club

    Pathfinder character sketch for a friend
  6. Illustration Club

    Messing around in my sketchbook, then messed with further in Manga Studio. Reminds me of one of the bounty hunters in Empire Strikes Back. (for some reason uploading to the forum makes the image quality to become horrible)
  7. HBO's Vice Principals (McBride & Goggins)

    Episode 4 is amazing, I've been cracking up all day just thinking about the ending. I saw a comment from someone that Walt Goggins should play the Joker and by Christ they're right, he'd be an amazing Joker. There's an incredible look he gives to the camera when he sees a That made me laugh too far much
  8. Illustration Club

    He He! I know, he's being hassling me since Feb to get them completed, so he can get them to the printer in time!
  9. Illustration Club

    last one
  10. Illustration Club

  11. Illustration Club

    Xmas card designed for next xmas for my crazy brother in law (google "crazy croc man")
  12. Illustration Club

    I got roped into doing a pin the tail on the Queen's Corgi for my daughter's school.
  13. Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers - Trailer

    You, sir, are a maniac! I take my hat off to you
  14. Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers - Trailer

    Wow! I couldn't even make it through the whole trailer..... just wow!
  15. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I don't know why anyone is surprised what a mess this is. Am I am the only one who remembers the Darknight Rises? Which was just as terrible, but actually had the effect of making me angry at how stupid it was. At least this was an enjoyable crazy mess!

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