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  1. My Neca, Kane turned up. They've done a great job with the sculpt of John Hurt. A pleasure to paint. I've now finally got the whole Alien crew.
  2. I've bought a space marine bike thing off ebay. Hopefully it'll turn up soon
  3. Eeek! Thank's everyone. Due to my terrible topic choice last month, can someone else choose this month's topic
  4. My entry, mostly drybrushing and a few glazes
  5. My 11 Yr old really liked Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2 U. They seemed to have the right amount of laughs to scares
  6. That should look great. I should hopefully get to finish my plague lord tonight (damn you Resident Evil!)
  7. I've started. In a completly random move I'm going with a Lord of Plagues
  8. I'm undecided too. I have a cheesy female warrior holding a torch or the Crimson Court just turned up and I could paint one of them in pale armour or with glowing eyes, etc
  9. Ah thanks. Just make sure you get an entry in on time for May's challenge
  10. Yay!!! Thanks everyone. Flesh worked really well and gave a nice variety of figures and styles. For the next challenge how about "Light"? Could be a glowing weapon or a lantern or could just be a light shade of skin or armour.
  11. Looks absolutely horrible! In the best possible way
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