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  1. Eh? Can't you play it with someone sitting next to you in the same room?
  2. The review certainly makes the game sound good. I like the way they say that one of the minor faults of the game is that you need to actually own CDs I was looking at it in the shop yesterday. A Christmas gift for my daughter me thinks. Now she can dance to Donna Summer's MacArthur Park and (Is This the Way to) Amarillo to her hearts content. One thing did occur to me, isn't this game like a dead-end for Codemasters. No need for sequels if you don't need to buy it for additional tracks?
  3. That is a bit better, last month they only had something like 3 games to review, but they put Sain't Row at the front so it seemed like there were only 2.
  4. A tad personal with that reply Mr Pickford I can't help it if I'm an enthusiastic gamer. As for FPS at the TGS, they are showing Coded Arms and Resistance too.
  5. I'm actually hoping that the PS3 conversion of Oblivion eradicates a lot of the bugs and uses the built in Hard Drive to improve the load times, hopefully they will be able to improve the framerate, pop-up and throw in some extra content. For me the PS3 is all about the usual suspects, games by Hideo Kojima, Team Ico, Naughty Dog, Singstar, Polyphony, Evolution, etc. I don't think Heavenly Sword is due until next year. I also think the gyro controller will have more of an impact than a lot of people realise. Rumours suggest that Killzone will make an appearance at TGS. That is sure to spark a lot of controversy if the response to the playable footage from Motorstorm is anything to go by I hope the PS3 is as quiet as they say, I know it's a small thing but a noisy box in the corner wheezing and coughing all the time is a little distracting even when playing with a 5.1 DD sound system. They say the PS3 can stream content to the PSP through the built in wireless adaptor. As an owner of 2 PSPs this piece of funcionality sounds intriguing. I have been playing games from the 120gb hard drive in my PS2 for a long time now. They say the PS3 is compatible with standard hard drives, hopefully I can dump the 60gb and put a monster sized one there instead. At least with all the apathy for the PS3 round here, it will be easy to pick one up at launch.
  6. The good news is that none of you guys here are interested in getting a PS3 at launch. That must mean that real fans like me are more likely to be able to get hold of one.
  7. Thinking about the CPC, I realised that I've never actually played on one. I had a lot of friends with C64s, Spectrums, even a QL (quantum Leap my arse.) I had a BBC B as well as my C128, a lot of friends had a BBC B or Electron due to the whole school education angle. I even had a friend with a Dragon 32, and his parents weren't even Welsh So, I've never actually seen CPC games in the flesh only in screen shots. I never realised it gave the C64 a run for it's money in the graphics stakes. Although as has already been mentioned once you bring in the SID chip into the equation the C64 wipes the floor with all the 8bit competition.
  8. As an uber-C64 fanboy, I actually had a Commodore 128 and disk drive. The loading times on Epyx Super Cycle were very fast for that particular piece of hardware. A few games where optimised for the 128, although I never owned any game that was 128 only. Enhanced games that spring to mind were Rocky Horror Show, Alley Kat and the aforementioned Super Cycle. Did the CPC ever get a version of The Shoot 'Em Up Construstion Kit from the boy's at Sensible? That game kept me busy many an hour whilst I waited for my Amiga to arrive.
  9. You will see from the Fanboy thread that I like Sony a lot. It's posts like the above that most often awaken the Sony fanboy within. Let's just extrapolate the sentiments expressed above. A videogame world without Sony. MS entered the videogame industry due to the money Sony was making and the threat the Playstation business represented to their own ambitions to occupy the home. To differentiate themselves from what Sony offered with the Playstation 2, Microsoft focused on online connectivity and invented Xbox LIVE, the biggest innovation of the current generation. The success of the PS2 and the Xbox reduced Nintendo's market share in the console market by 50% and caused the Gamecube to finish 3rd this generation. Nintendo decided that their current strategy was wrong and invented the Wii, a radically different gaming device. Would they have done this without the competition from Sony and Microsoft? Would Nintendo have released the DS, if it wasn't for the PSP? Whether you like it or not, the competition created by three big companies fighting against each other has been a great benefit to our hobby.
  10. A few more recommendations: Killer 7 Maximo vs Army of Zin Dragon Quest 8 Champions of Norrath (4 player co-op) Return to Norrath (if you enjoy the above.) Project Zero 2 & 3 Forbidden Siren 2 Haunting Grounds Shadow of Rome Onimusha 2 & 3 Kingdom Hearts 1 (NTSC version only) Kingdom Hearts 2 (due soon) Singstar (pick your preferred music style.) Earth Defense Force 2 (Japanese import, PAL coming soon.) Genji (if you like Onimusha) Time Crisis 3 Socom 3 (Only for Online play, it is free) Ghosthunter (I like it now.) Cold Winter (already mentioned, decent FPS.) Smash Court Tennis 2 (Better than Top Spin or Virtua Tennis 2) Rise To Honor (worth it for £10 if you like Jet Li wi fu movies.)
  11. It's all doom and gloom for the 360 this week on the forum. You'd think you lot had never been early adopters before. The summer software drought happens every year. This gives you a chance to go on a lovely 2 week holiday in the sun and catch the summer blockbusters at the cinema. Come September things will start to pick up. It's not like there has been anything worth playing on the PS2 released in the last 3 months.
  12. Something very similar has already been available in the UK for quite some time. I would say it was actually a bit better, because it has a cup holder attachment that contains a 12v car power adaptor. http://www.gameseek.co.uk/pd/PSP08bres55cc...ion#screenshots On long journeys we stick the PSP on so the kids can watch movies. (Not UMDs, stuff ripped from DVD) It makes the PSP the perfect in-car entertainment device, pretty cheap set-up too. Just got back from 12 days in Cyprus and the PSP was a god send with the children on the plane and waiting in the airport.
  13. I got SSX On Tour for the PSP and I would recommend it to any SSX fan. (Disclaimer: that is if you actually want to be able to play a game like this on a portable whilst away from home.) It is a cracking port.
  14. For us the consumer all this competition is very good. The PS3 will be a much better machine due to the competition from Xbox360. We can thank Sony for the Xbox Live Silver service. We can thank Microsoft Arcade for a similar service being available on the PS3 and Wii. The 360 has been successful enough to provide competition and it is doing better than it's predecessor in sales and the software available. We can probably thank Microsoft for the PS3 launch price being as low as it is. The downside is the high PS3 price means MS will wait longer before they drop the price on the 360. Nintendo taking a different direction with the Wii has forced Sony to introduce the tilt controller, which whether you like it or not will lead to some innovations. As a consumer interested in games Nintendo, MS and Sony offer a lot of opportunities for us to have fun. I'm glad the Xbox 360 has been a hit, it might have tanked in Japan, and it might not quite meet the 10 million prediction, but it doing very well and the only console against which it's sales performance looks poor is the PS2, but that is something of an exception. I hope we continue to have a three horse race in the console war, one dominant player is no good for anyone, except shareholders.
  15. There are going to be 300+ songs available on Singstar Online when it launchs with the PS3. If that is the case I can see the PS2 versions maintaining the 4 releases a year approach. Once Singstar Online is live there will be a better feedback loop for Sony to hone what songs they release on the PS2 discs. Now that Sony have a piece of James Bond, I hope they release a James Bonds theme songs Singstar.
  16. I thought the same thing. I played the demo for 30mins last night. The game seems so similar to GTA you would expect some kind of plagerism legal action. Graphically it was really disappointing too. It felt like the Xbox could handled it. I turned it off and played Oblivion until 1am.
  17. I do view games differenly now that I've been trying to introduce them to my children. Jon Pickford is right about the ability to read, it does make a huge difference. I've been holding back on Kingdom Hearts for this very reason. My daughter has been playing a lot of Loco Roco on the PSP. Katamari Damacy is also a real hit. Dragon Quest worked even better once I had levelled up. I could let my daughter lose in a area and she could just choose to frighten all the monsters away. The lobby in Lego Stars is a real hit, plus some of the easier levels. We are all really looking forward to the sequel. My children seem happy to replay the same levels again and again, no different to the way they treat movies.
  18. Who would have thought a topic on getting PS2 saves onto a PS3 would cause so much interest? It's not like any of you are actually interested in picking up a PS3
  19. It sounds like Blaze have updated the VGA Adaptor product that they released about 3 years ago. That would force games to run in VGA mode. Although a lot of PS2 titles don't have prog scan a lot of them do run in 480p with the hack. I've written many posts here and at HDTV Arcade forum on the Blaze VGA Adaptor. Stuff like MGS3 and ZOE2 look great in 480p. Gradius V also works with the hack. A lot of games are only interlaced and the hack uses a simple line doubler to make them 480p. This looks awful. Rez unfortunately only runs a half height frame buffer, so it is a ghastly line doubled picture. The most pleasant surprise I had with the VGA hack was playing thru Kingdom Hearts a second time in preparation for the sequel and finding the VGA hack turned the atrocious PAL release into a sharp looking 480p game. PM me for questions about the old product. I will probably pick up this new one aswell.
  20. Posted already, it must be about 3 weeks old.
  21. A good dose of Guitar Hero or Singstar should sort you out. These are party games that you can't fully enjoy alone. Invite some friends over for a BBQ and finish the evening off with an alcohol assited blast on Guitar Hero or Singstar. That should blow away a few cobwebs.
  22. It's reasons like this why I preached caution about adopting 720p LCD screens and Plasma panels back in 2005. HD Post The HDMI upgrade and 1080p resolution screen will bring the price of 720p tumbling. That's one good reason to wait. I'm waiting because I want a kick-arse 65" 1080p plasma. Probably be 2008 before I can afford it.
  23. I paid my £850 to get my 360 at launch with a ridiculous bundle featuring 6 EA Xbox 1.5 titles, 3 wired controllers and a couple of current gen ports, sorry I mean PGR3 and PD0. Thank god for Oblivion. Hopefully another game worth getting will arrive soon. I will be putting down my £150 and getting the ridiculously high priced PS3. I will then look forward to the exchange for a working model two weeks later. If you buy consoles at launch you get ripped-off. Sometimes the launch consoles even break. How can I forget boxing day 2000 when my 1 month-old PS2 gave up the ghost just after lunch. As so many of you don't seem to be getting a launch PS3, I'll take plenty of pictures and let you know if Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword deserved the 9/10 Edge review. (Do you think they paid for it?)
  24. ToysRUs online does a pretty good value driving seat. Driving Seat It is a German product. Playseats
  25. Get a decent sized memory stick, at least 1gb. Rip your favourite TV series to the stick so that you have at least 2hrs of footage to view anytime it takes your fancy. I have best of Star Wars actions scenes on my stick. Never fails to enhance my mood watching one of these. Rip your 25 favourite tunes to the stick. Always good to have a few tracks to listen too. Put 100 or so pictures on your stick so that you can show friends and relatives what you are about. If you like comics, rip a few of them too. Subway maps, London Underground, New York Subway, Paris Metro, Moscow etc. You never know when you'll want one of these, also let's people know you travel the world. Down load the Loco Roco demo from PSP connect, that will tide you over until you locate a copy to buy. My Top Ten Games: Loco Roco Everybody's Golf Lumines Burnout Legends Daxter Virtua Tennis World Tour (Get Save game from web, tedious unlocking everything yourself.) Pro Evo Soccer Ape Academy (Get Save game from web, tedious unlocking everything yourself.) SSX: On Tour Me & Katamari Damacy Find other people with PSPs to enjoy multiplayer. Spend 10 mins setting up your favourites website so that when you want to use the Internet browser you don't have to faff about. Buy at least one UMD movie, something like Narnia, Matrix or Spiderman2. Then you can show off the amazing sound and picture quality. Buy a second battery! Something like this http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=...oducts_id=8803& Sony also do one with extra juice. Oh and ditch the bundled headphones they are craptastic, much like those bundled with the iPod. I'm sure you already have some decent headphones. Enjoy.
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