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  1. Pretend you live in Europe, nasty Sony have prevented all game exports and the PSP isn't really region free. Now you have to wait until March 07 for the UK release of MGS:Portable Ops. Problem solved. At least if you buy it then it will tie you over until the September release of PS3 in Europe. If Sony botch the PS3 anymore, MGS4 will be a UK launch title, imagine that
  2. I don't know if people are reading the reviews, but this game features some trademark Hideo wackyness. From IGN review. From 1Up (favourite quote)
  3. What do you mean, they've got David Hayter. From Gamespot Review: From IGN Review:
  4. Videogameplus have it in stock. MGS Portable Ops £22 + shipping. The Gamespot review says that the controls have a steep learning curve, but that it is worth the effort.
  5. There are demos here: PSP Game Demos Stuff like Ridge Racer 2, Mercury Meltdown, Exit 2, Bounty Hounds, World Tour Soccer 2, etc
  6. After Gears of War living up to the hype and the final arrival of Zelda:Twilight Princess, I didn't things could get much better. Now, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops has recieved stellar scores from the three main videogame websites. IGN:9.0 Review Gamespot: 9.0 Review 1Up: 9.5 Review The game even has a full online multiplayer mode like MGS3 Subsistence. Good news for the PSP, but it seems it doesn't matter how strong the PSP game line-up is nothing will turn the situation around.
  7. The PS3 really is a computer, you could get Linux and run Firefox, if the built in browser wasn't to you liking. Linux also gives you access to Media Extender capabilities. Anyway, another potential pitfall of Japanese PS3 ownership has just been identified. Courtesy of Bebpo at GAF, Original Thread
  8. GAF thread for PS3 video formats You can just use a USB drive or Memory Stick to get the file onto the PS3 or download it using the web browser. Playsyde they are going to start posting MP4 PS3 compatible movies. PS3 Spot you can get downloads here too, but you need to register. If you are interested in the free install of Linux, you should visit this thread. GAF PS3 Linux all you need to know thread HD Replacement guide: See Here
  9. Yes, it will play many different formats stored on the HD. There is a piece of conversion software you can use on your PC, a bit like how you put movies on the PSP. If you go the Linux route there are no practical limits to what you can do in regard to stored movie content. You can just replace the standard drive with a 200gb if you want. The PS3 is basically a PC, I mean it takes a USB mouse and keyboard, has a built in web browser, you can install an OS (linux) that allows you to run Office like apps. All a bit crazy really. Has anyone tried the Driving Force Pro? I assume it will work with RR7, F1 and Motorstorm? My PS3 order has still not been filled, they said I've got to wait a few more days. At least it only cost $600. I can see Motorstorm arriving before my hardware.
  10. The Formula 1 demo is out in the US and it's due in January, so that is another UK development triumph.
  11. I have three games, Resistance, Genji 2 and Ridge Racer 7. With Japanese release of Motorstorm on order for the 14th Dec. Still no sign of my PS3 yet:-( Oh well back to Gears of War:-)
  12. I finally managed to put in about 4 hours of play on GOW last night. Brillant game, more than matched my expectations. The wait has been too long for a true next gen game on the 360, but GOW was worth the wait. Whilst playing the game a few random thoughts occured to me. How will GOW effect Halo franchise? The near future realistic look in GOW is much more appealling to me, than Halo's scifi stylings. Another realisation, GOW is just like Killzone but better, KZ had the same squad dynamic, KZ had the same emphasis on taking cover and flanking the opposition, KZ had the same near future realistic look. They even share the same AI glitches with your team mates :lol My only gripe is that the dead bodies still disappear, I thought we would be passed this by now, I like to see the evidence of my carnage. Oblivion is still my game of the year, but GOW runs it a close second. Maybe once I've had a chance to play a few co-op sessions GOW will overtake Oblivion.
  13. For a non-Nintendo handheld the PSP has been a fantastic success. Lifetime to date worldwide sales figues upto September 2006: 19 million shipped worldwide, 15 million sales worldwide. Basically 5 million per territory (Japan, Europe, US) Sales Age Thread Just because it doesn't enjoy GBA or DS levels of sales doesn't mean that it isn't sustainable.
  14. To buy an Xbox last year before Christmas after the initial launch, I had to pay £800 for a 10 game bundle. The Virgin store where I live was getting two machines a week delivered on a Friday, I was lucky enough to get one on the second week of these deliveries. If you want a console at launch, you have to pay. I hope to get an import PS3 before Christmas, but with so few units it's going to be tough.
  15. I used the Digimask thing on Eye Toy: Play 2 and it mapped my head into the game. It then put my head on a spring and my children bashed the hell out of it, knocking the digital me back and forth across the screen with exaggerated sound effects and visual animations. No wonder they don't respect me any more
  16. It is pretty amazing that in less than 6 months MS can do a complete U-turn on 1080p. After E3 this year they had Major Neslon do a special chat where he spent an hour giving 1080p a kicking becuase it was pointless and unnecessary and their were no displays that supported it. As an Xbox360 owner and strong advocate of 1080p I think this is brilliant news. I told you all not to buy 720p LCD screens last year, you suckers
  17. I agree. The Xbox360 is a backwards step in two ways, the long loading times and the bloody noise. There has not been enough criticism of these two points. I hope the PS3 has better load times and is a bit quieter, I'm sure the Wii will satisfy both these criteria. Lots of developers have shown how to make games that hide the pain of load times. There is no excuses for not putting in the effort. I've been playing games straight from the HDD for years now, going back to long load times is a real shock.
  18. I'm a big fan of Snowblind Studios and enjoyed both Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath. I didn't realise that their current project had already been announced, they are developing Justice League Heroes for DC Comics due at the end of the year on all current gen platforms. The good news is the project stems from someone's appreciation of Dark Alliance and how similar gameplay mechanics could be translated to a superhero game. Justice League Heroes I'm not really familiar with the Justic League Heroes universe, but getting to play Superman and Batman in two-player co-op sound like just the ticket. Snowblind have dropped the 4 player mode from Champions of Norrath and they have parked the online play until the second game comes out on the the 360 and PS3. This first game is in development for the 3 current gen platforms.
  19. Picking on me again Mr Pickford Checked out some US forums and it sounds from the beta test that the PS2 version is a bit crap. Oh well. Perhaps that fact that Atari have Melbourne House up for sale is the explanation for this. Maybe they have not invested enough cash to enable MH to do a decent conversion. I just did a search to find out the name of the MH game engine something like Azure, is what I remember it being called from the documentary included with the game. Anyway, the search threw up what Snowblind Studios are up to. They are coding "Justice League Heroes" for DC Comics for release this fall across most formats. I'm glad they are doing something slightly different with their game engine this time after Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath it was about time they gave D&D a rest.
  20. I remember the PS2 launch and the only game that felt next gen to me at the time was SSX. I was playing that game for something like 6 months, I actually max'd out all of the character's stats, something I never done in any other game. I think GT3 came out in July and that was the next game I brought. I can see the first PS3 game I will buy will probably be Heavenly Sword unless Sony pull some amazing rabbits out of the hat at TGS. Thank god Gears of War is coming in the mean time.
  21. I agree. I spec'd out the conference room where I work and they have a 7 ft screen fed by an Arcam DVD player connected to a Sim2 DLP projector and even at that scale DVDs look fine. It's only broadcast TV that needs to go high def, PAL prog scan DVD's look great, but Sky digital looks poor even on a 32" TV.
  22. I must have missed all thouse persistant online racing games available for the PS2
  23. I notice from this month's Edge that Melbourne House are coding the PS2 version of Test Drive Unlimited. This is a reason for celebration, although the 360 version developed by Eden is undoubtedly a good game, I'm more interested to see what MH achieve with the PS2 version. They have many more technical limitations to overcome, but as they developed the technically proficient Transformers on the PS2 and Le Mans 24hrs on the Dreamcast, I'm sure they are up to the challenge. What is great about games in the late cycle of a console life is that they can do all sorts of technical stuff you never thought you'd see in the lifetime of that console. Like Donkey Kong Country on the SNES or Vagrant's Story on the PSOne. Whereas with the 360 version of Test Drive Unlimited it is hard to know if they are achieving anything at all as the boundaries have not yet been set. On the 360 TD:U's day in the sun could be really short lived with Forza 2 right around the corner. I have no idea how close the PS2 version of TD:U will be to the 360 original, I can't see the online aspect staying intact, but a persistant online world running on the PS2 would be quite an achievement. *Edit: I missed the original press release: It seems like they will match the online aspect.
  24. Do you actually care who developed a game? Yes. It is the most important piece of information about a game. A developer with a track record you are familiar with is more likely to produce a game you enjoy. This can be a bit hit and miss. I brought Chronicles of Narnia, becuase I enjoyed Lego Star Wars. Both these games were developed by Traveller's Tales. But I guess Giant the publisher of Lego Star Wars had a greater role, because Chronicles of Narnia was a poor game. Do you care who published a game? No. Can developers become stars? Yes. I think it will become more common in the future. Are any developers/publishers already stars? Most of the best games released today come from star developers, e.g. Shadow of the Collossus (Team Ico), Halo 2 (Bungie), Gran Turismo (Polyphony), Metal Gear Solid (Kojima Productios). Ninja Gaiden (Team Ninja) I follow a lot of developers because of their track record. For example I am more interest in what Melbourne House will do with their version of Test Drive Unlimited on the PS2, than Eden Games original version on the Xbox360. Snowblind produced an excellent game engine for the PS2, used in Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath, I'm interested with what they do with the next generation. I've been following this developer all the way back to their previous incarnation as Lobotomy and the excellent Exhumed.
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