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  1. I played Ghosthunter at the Playstation Experience. One of the giveaways was a Ghosthunter demo, so I got to play it in the comfort of my own home. A couple of months ago the same demo was included on the OPS2M disc. So, I played the demo again just recently. I thought the demo was quite poor and marked the game as one to ignore. I thought the gameplay was unimaginative and fairly derivative. The underline concepts were reheated from Ghostbusters. The game has serious camera control issues, which made the combat unsatisfying. I thought the graphics were okay, but considering this is using the Primal game engine I was surprised by how weak they were in comparison. The art design also left a lot to be desired. If a 15 minute demo from 3 months ago is a adequate experience upon which to base a judgement that I would say give Ghosthunter a miss. Oh, I forgot, the sound effects were good.
  2. Prog Scan titles on the PS2 that I know of: Soul Calibur 2 Burnout 2 (NTSC) Getaway Primal Jak2 Tekken 4 PS2 games that use the full-height buffer that I know of: SSX1 PES2 (renderware) ZOE2 Timesplitters2 Blaze do a VGA device that hacks the PS2 and makes games run prog scan, using the full height buffer. When a game doesn't have this capability and uses the half-height frame buffer only half the vertical part of the screen is used. This can look decidedly odd. The resolution and sharpness of prog scan games on the PS2 is quite astounding. The colours are more vibrant, the textures much more crisp. There are a lot less jaggies or aliasing. For example the menu screens on PES2 look like a PC display, they are so precise. When a game only uses a half-height frame buffer, this is consistent with how an interlaced TV signal works. But it does mean that the graphics will look a lot more blurry, jaggy and less precise. This is why GT3 suffers from shimmering on the far distance images. In a game like Burnout 2, the high res display makes a real difference to the gameplay. Because the image is crisper and clear you can make-out oncoming traffic sooner than when playing on an normal interlaced TV display, making the game easier to play.
  3. I have bought 2 issues of gameTM. The debut issue and last months. I noticed a significant improvement between the two issues. Things like quality of research, writing, direction, layouts. I like the review scheme used by gamesTM and find it reflects my own thoughts on the games I have played. The review scores for this month look like they will continue this trend. Keep up the good work, I will be buying this issue. If you continue in a similar vain you might just make me a regular. In regard to Edge, the mecha article in the current issue is very poor. There was a similar article in OPS2M when ZOE was released. This was better researched, more informative and gave a better context. Considering that the mecha theme was meant to be the cornerstone of this issue, it was dissappointing that I should have read a better article about the history of the genre in another magazine. It just goes to show that the magazine isn't infallible.
  4. Bo2 looks simplistic compared to GT3 too... I know for a fact that Burnout 2 is pushing over twice as many polygons as GT3. But, GT3 still looks better. That is because of the superior art work and capabilities of the art team at Polyphony. GT3 also has superior physics, so it is unfair to ask the game engine to push as many polygons. But still, Burnout2 looks simplistic? GT3 is very low res compared to the pin sharp prog scan of Burnout2, it runs a half-screen height frame buffer, rather than full screen height. On a 42" plasma GT3 is not as impressive. Where are these amazing solid 60fps, prog scan, widescreen Xbox racing games with complex geometry?
  5. Have you played Burnout 2 in prog scan on the PS2? The game couldn't get much sharper. How are you connecting your PS2?
  6. The thing is still i think you'd need an xbox *and* a gamecube to have anything approaching the genre representation you could have by just owning a PS2. just diversity vs a few select 'best of breeds' i guess? Or a PC, if you take my list as a starting point. It's been an interesting thread. I'm glad I own a PS2 (bought at launch). I don't see myself getting either a Xbox or GC in the near future. But I'm glad the video game goodness is well spread across the 3 consoles, especially things like POP.
  7. Just 2 points. 1. Never went back to PES after PES2, never went back to GT, after GT2. (Although I agree that this is not true for games like Ico.) 2. Thumb on head from wife, prevents excessive indulgence in videogame hobby.
  8. I find this statement staggeringly hard to believe. Where are these mythical rock steady 60 fps, prog scan, widescreen enabled racing games with loads of complex geometry and physics on the Xbox.
  9. I see a lot of PS2 love out there. I guess I'm thinking in the context of someone that has an N64/PSone/DC and is upgrading this Christmas. What console would I recommend them buy. What I found astounding is how few major exclusives the PS2 has left. A lot of these titles have gone multi-format or just to other consoles. I'm thinking Resident Evil, TOCA. (Btw, Silent Hill 3 is coming to the PC.) I'd forgotten about beatmania games. I guess if this genre floats your boat, then the PS2 is a must: Amplitude, Gitaroo Man, etc. So when it came down to it, there was a very small list of games that I'd miss if I only had an Xbox or GC for example. I think I listed most of these in my first post. I would have to add Eye Toy as I have this game and it is a lot of fun. Of course there are a lot more titles released for the PS2, with a lot more variety. But I assume Hardcord gamer have all three consoles, I'm thinking from the perspective of casuals.
  10. Do you really think there is so much difference between Soul Calibur 2 and Burnout 2 when the PS2, GC and Xbox versions are placed side by side? (The reported improvements in Burnout 2 on the GC/Xbox are mainly PR bullshit, I know this from the developers) Both these games are prog scan/solid 60fps on the PS2 and look crisp and clear like PC titles. I've only seen SC2 running on the Xbox/GC in GAME, so it was difficult to judge any superior performance. I use a 42" plasma screen for playing games, so graphical deficiencies are highly visible to me. I remain to be convinced. If I could just borrow an Xbox/GC for a weekend I might see the light. I've been trying to get my only mate that I know who has an Xbox bring it round so that I can do such a comparision. Playing it on his 20" 4:3 TV doesn't really prove any superiority to me. I find using the component output on the PS2 makes a big difference over Scart or s-video. As some one else pointed out, I may be a Sony fan, but I know when a game is good, whatever the format. So, head-to-head - Soul Calibur 2/Burnout 2 really a big difference, or minor/subtle differences that no-one but the mosted dedicated gamer would notice? Y'know like comparing DTS to DD5.1. There might be a difference, but to my ears on a £2K audio system I can't hear it.
  11. (N.B. This follows on from my other thread about multi-format releases) Out of the 3 next generation consoles, I only own a PS2, but when I think about the games I own, must of them are multi-format. So putting to one side – Gran Turismo 3, Ico and FFX. What has the PS2 got? Rez - (Edge 9) – no, this is on the Dreamcast. MGS2 - (Edge 9) – no, this is on the Xbox. PES 2/3 - (Edge 9) – no, this is on the GC, PC and will be on the Xbox next year. Prince of Persia - (Edge 9) – no, this is on the GC and Xbox. Timesplitters 2 - (Edge 9) – no, this is on the GC and Xbox. Soul Calibur 2 – (Edge 9) – no, this is on the GC and Xbox. GTA3/VC - (Edge – no, this is on the PC and Xbox. Burnout 2 - (Edge – no, this is on the GC and Xbox. SSX3 - (Edge – no, this is on the GC and Xbox. Onimusha – (Edge – no, this is on the Xbox. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance (Edge 8) – no, this is on the Xbox. Project Zero (Edge 7) – no, this is on the Xbox. Dynasty Warriors 3 (Edge 7) – no, this is on the Xbox. Although a lot of these came out on the PS2 first, if you are looking to buy one console today, that is irrelevant. When I look at my PS2 collection, what other worthwhile games have I missed: Devil May Cry – (Edge 8) – Lousy PAL conversion. Jak & Daxter/Jak 2 – (Edge 8/7) – I guess this would be nice. Virtua Fighter 4 Evo – (Edge 7) – Not sure the other formats miss this game.
  12. Have developers finally cracked the multi-format conundrum? After embarrassing releases like Turok 3 and Enter the Matrix, where there were serious in-equalities between each version, should we now expect more from our multi-format titles? With games of the quality of Prince of Persia, SSX3, Soul Calibur 2, Timesplitters 2 and Burnout 2, being multi-format I tend to think we should. Do these titles demonstrate that there is very little difference between each of the 3 consoles? Or are they still developing games with the weakest system in mind and not maximizing the capabilities of the others? For me, games like Prince of Persia, SSX3, Burnout 2, Timesplitters 2 and Soul Caliber2 indicate that the differences between the 3 consoles is very slight. It would be hard to imagine any of these games being improved, if they had been developed with one system in mind. There are plenty of console exclusives on all three formats that are weaker than these games. I have a Sony bias, so please correct me if I am wrong, but on the PS2, these games are some of the most technically proficient and most pleasing to look at on the console. From what I have seen, I assumed they filled a similar position on the other consoles as well.
  13. Listening to the radio on the way into work this morning (LBC), it turns out that not only is the Lady Editor of Saga's consumer magazine (over 50's holiday company) an avid GBC player, but also Shirley Bassey the Welsh diva. This addiction to video games is worse than I thought. It must be stamped out!
  14. As a biased Sony fanboy, I had actually assumed that KOTOR was on of those exclusive Xbox games that made it worthwhile owning the console. (Please ignore the PC version for the moment.) Me and my non-xbox owning friends had looked on enviously at this great game that we couldn't play. When it slipped rapidly out of the charts I just assumed that it was because of the smaller userbase. I didn't realise that it was because the game wasn't actually any good! I preferred my position of ignorance, where I could fantasize about owning Halo, KOTOR, JSRF, Panzer Dragoon, etc. (I have played the other 3 games quite a lot, but I don't know anybody who owns KOTOR.) Only Kerraig has put in a heartfelt defense of the game. Is there no-one else who feels like championing it. MK:DD had plenty of advocates, surely KOTOR can muster a few more, or is the general theme of this thread the consensus view?
  15. Shouldn't that be WATCHED MGS2 all the way through, or did I miss the gameplay bits! I just picked up MGS2: Substance for the documentary, I'll probably never play the game.
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