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  1. This is the game engine Sony Liverpool will build on to develop Wipeout for the PS3. Formula 1 is just an appetizer before the main event. Wipeout with nextgen graphics that make your eyes bleed and the Six Axis Tilt function actually being right for a game. 10+ player online mode is just the icing on the cake. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=150569 Post in my Wipeout thread, you know you want too
  2. Guitar Hero is not difficult. When it came out last year, I took it to an Easter party, me and two non-game playing mates unlocked all the songs in Easy mode in about 1 hour. We then completed quite a few in Medium. Guitar Hero II is easier because of the ace practice mode. You can slow any song down to 1/5 speed.
  3. You should get Guitar Hero, just as much fun as Singstar. Eyetoy Play2 for the mini-games.
  4. You should get a 360, unless you really need those Sony first party games. For me it is a no-brainer - Polyphony, Naughty Dog, Insomnia, Team Ico, Sony Santa Monica (God of War), Team Kojima - these are developers whose games I have to have. Blu-Ray is a nice, too.
  5. This month's develop magazine has an article on Sony Liverpool Studios. Click here to download free .pdf version: http://www.developmag.com/files/cove.../Dev69_web.pdf They talk openly about Wipeout on the PS3 and how they are looking to improve on what they have already achieved with the Formula 1 game. No clues about release date, could be end of this year, but more likely to be a 2008 release. They also talk about online multiplayer and downloadable content. WipeOut Pure was the first PSP game to hit 1 millions sales. They are very excited about the franchise. I think Nick Burcumbe is back at Sony Liverpool now, he has a credit on Formula 1 2005. Wipeout could make good use of the tilt function on the sixaxis, hopefully they will exhume the 2097 tracks, I always like them.
  6. It must be my Fanboy funny bone. Did you see the Website that claimed the Wii was the noisest console and the 360 the quietest? That made me laugh too. Also visit the Vampire and magnets thread in Ask the Forum. Comedy gold, right here on rllmuk.
  7. Is this post a beard? I do believe that MS officially announced the Xbox at GDC on March 10th 2000, 6 days after the Japanese PS2 launch on 4th March. Rumours had been circulating a few months prior to this announcement. http://uk.gamespot.com/news/2541768.html?q=gates They even showed those notorious CG clips of Raven and the Butterflies that the Xbox has never quite equalled in real time, thereby starting the trend for games to be hyped with completely fabricated videos. They claimed the nVida GPU could output 150 million textured polygons a second How could anyone forget such notorious PR nonsense. Of course the clock speed of the GPU did get reduced later and that probably explained the missing 120 million textured polygons per second on must Xbox games. If you want a real laugh, the claimed number of untextured polygons the nVida GPU could process quoted at the XBox unveiling was 300 million per second.
  8. We should have a competition to see who's launch machine can last the longest. Mine still works fine. I have it in the upright position, ontop of my AV rack, so it gets a lot of air. The powerbrick is a long way away from the console and I always unplug it after use. I'm not a heavy gamer so few gaming sessions last longer than 2 hours. It's bad luck when a year old console dies, but even a lifespan of 3 years seems too short to me.
  9. I joined the Edge forums back in February 2001. This was about a month before it changed format. The hate for the PS2 then, was just like it is now for the PS3. It's like deja vu. I'm sure the hardcore hated the PS1 too and if you'd been around bulliten boards then, you would have had Sega and Ninty fans dissing Sony's first piss poor entry into the video game market. As alwys the games will prevail. Once people get to play a few decent titles on the PS3 they will warm to the format.
  10. Peace people. Xbox360 has a great software line-up. Much better than the first 18 months of any other console ever released. I'm not just saying that, it is an empirical fact. (If you are happy to use Gamerankings or Edge reviews as your arbitars of taste.) No-need to be so defensive. Check earlier in this thread, I advise people to not bother with a PS3 unless they really want to play Sony 1st Party games like Gran Turismo or Singstar. Nearly every third party game will be muli-platform and there will be very little difference between the games on each machine. I believe even Devil May Cry 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4 will both make it to the 360 after the 12 month exclusivity has expired. There is no reason to get a PS3, except for Sony 1st party and if you want a reasonable priced Blu-Ray player. I said all this earlier in the thread. But there was not much released for the Xbox360, this Christmas which was a great shame. I brought Gears of War and Viva Pinata. I would have happily have brought another 2 games. Hell, I brought more PSP software this Christmas than for any other console. So for me, this christmas has been disappointing as it is the 360's 2nd christmas and going by what happened with the PS2 I was expecting a lot more. It will interesting to see what is released on the PS3 Christmas season 2007 and compare it with the 360's second Christmas.
  11. A lot of fun, for sure. Were Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden fun? At some points their difficulty levels may have pushed us too far. I gave up on Ninja Gaiden, but with Devil May Cry I stuck at it and managed to complete the game.
  12. Good point. It was released on 24th September in the US. Just a week too early to be considered a 4th Quarter title. Amazing how early in the PS2's life it was released really.
  13. Just to be clear. The Xbox360 had a great first year, from the launch title to Gears of War. With Oblivion and Dead Rising as waypoints on that journey. My specific point, that perhaps could have been better made, was that in one 3 month period an amazing list of great games were released on the PS2. This just happened to be during it's second Christmas on release. The Xbox360 has just reached it's second christmas, and we have Gears of War and err Viva Pinata to show for it. Not quite in the same league is it? But prior to that many a great game have come to the Xbox360. Earlier in this thread I recommend people buy a 360 over a PS3. In the Oblivion and Gears of War threads I give both games 10/10. So the overall list for the Xbox360 is great, I just meant the specific christmas releases.
  14. Sprite, I agree with your assessment, spot on. I enjoyed the game a lot, but what you are saying is basically true. Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Prince of Persia, they all have more character and design quirks. God of War is like a blockbuster movie, great production values, but know heart.
  15. If you take the Japanese release date for the PS2, March 2000. Then the PS2 software drought was 10 months until a semi-decent title with SSX in November 2000, with the US and UK launches. Then in February 2001 you had ZOE1 which wasn't that great, but included the MGS2 demo which was pretty mind blowing. Then you had to wait until July 2001 (April in Japan) for GT3 to turn up in the West. Then... another 3 months until... GTA3 arrived in October 2001. Pro Evo Soccer 1 in November 2001. Jak & Daxter in November 2001. Burnout 1 in November 2001 Devil May Cry in December 2001 Metal Gear Solid 2 in March 2002 (November 2001 in US) Ico in March 2002. (September 2001 in US) Final Fantasy X in May 2002. (December 2001 in US) (UK release dates.) If only the Xbox360 could have delivered a list of similar strength for it's 2nd Christmas on sale.
  16. The PS2 is the first console I've become really attached too. Neither my Japanese PS3 or launch Xbox360 have been able to shift the PS2 from pride of place in my home cinema set-up. They both get brought out every now and then, but then soon get put back in their boxes at the back of the room. Sad but true. I spent most of last year playing Dragon Quest 8 and Kingdom Hearts 2, with the odd Oblivion session or Gears of War of course. Final Fantasy XII and Okami could probably eat up the whole year, without even considering other stuff. The reality is that there are way to many great games across the 3 mains console and not nearly enough time. I only played Zelda on my GC for an hour and haven't gone back to it yet. God knows what I'll do when the PS3 releases really start arriving.
  17. I have both a PAL and US PS2, but I don't import that much. So I not only have God of War II to look forward to, but also Final Fantasy XII, Okami and Rogue Galaxy. The 1st half of this year in Europe really belongs to the PS2, it's a shame Sony are going to spoil their own party with the March PS3 launch. Stuff like Okami & Final Fantasy XII deserve a bit of the spotlight for longer.
  18. It reminds me a bit of the situation with "Black" from Criterion. Although the gameplay was nothing special, from a technical perspective that game still looks like a minor miracle on the PS2. God of War II looks like more of the same, probably the last game to really push the hardware. The game may have a fixed camera position, but it has no load times, streaming environment, 480p, 60fps. The journey from Devil May Cry in 2001 to God of War II in 2007 is a truely remarkable one. The mind boggles what they will be achieving in 6 years time on the PS3 if this is any indication of the sort of advances we can expect.
  19. This will only lead to disappointment. He says Big US Developer. Supported PS2 last gen. Game already announced, but only as Next Gen, not specifically PS3. This game will now be multi-platform. This is not a megaton like Virtua Fighter 5 or Resident Evil 5 being multi-platform. No game actually springs to mind of any significance.
  20. I talk mainly about the Xbox360 in the other thread, which is only right and proper. I'll keep all my latent PS3 love exclusively here.
  21. I guess there's not much they can do about a DVD spinning at +12 speed. At least we've successfully diverted this topic from the subject of the PS3, if the original poster is still interested to know, the PS3 is really quiet.
  22. I completely agree with you, just look at Call of Duty 3 and Marvel Alliance. Only the Japanese developers seem to be already selling the XBox360 short with their multiplatform stuff like Virtua Tennis 3. Even in the long term many multiplatform titles will still be better on the Xbox360 just due to the maturity of the developers game engines. You should only invest in a PS3 if you really like Sony's first party developers. Nearly all the third party stuff will be multiplatform. I don't won't to sound like I'm bashing the Xbxo360, I really like the machine. I just think the 2007 line-up is not worth crowing about, pretty poor for the second year of a consoles life, especially compared to it's excellent first year.
  23. I stand my Xbox360 upright, maybe that makes it more noisey? It also sits ontop of my hifi rack, maybe the high position helps me hear the noise as it is at head height when I am sitting. Certainly when I am playing GOW at what I consider an acceptable volume, I can still hear the damn thing. The newer ones are quieter, right? I might just have to switch mine out for a new one.
  24. I believe Chris designed Viva Pinata. That is why it is so good, you probably have to go back a long way for another game that actually comes from one of the Stampers themselves.
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