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  1. 41 bags of coke 'cause I tapped a police car while driving the slowest van. I was on my way to sell them for the 'in demand' price so that's like $41,000+. Didn't want to restart from a save as weirdly the game's engendered so much respect from me I didn't want to disrupt the risk/reward structure. God, I love it.
  2. rjpage - good racing. Apologies for the disconnect, gf on the phone.
  3. I'm online now if anyone fancies a game. My friend code is: 395207 565063 MikeP, Matt! and rjpageuk will add you now.
  4. Hey all, The Nintendo DS has brought me back to gaming after a 2 year absence. Needlesstosay I'm loving it. Just got Mario Kart and I'm a little rusty but have enjoyed the few random games I've played online. Would love to play against you folks. My friend code is: 395207-565063 Will add those of you on the first page of this thread. Hopefully see you online soon.
  5. Expect prices to be significantly more at retail in the US.
  6. Giaour

    Donkey Konga

    It's just arrived. Damn me and my impatience. I was just about to walk up to the Mail depot to see if it was stuck for some reason when Edge poped through the letterbox. After reading that for a bit I decided I was definitely going to go up to the depot when a lovely red van pulled up outside and thus, Bongos were here. So yay Edge for delaying me and preventing me from missing the delivery and most importantly yay Marsh for sorting out some Xmas Bongo action. Right, now I'm off to GameFaqs.
  7. Giaour

    Donkey Konga

    Am I the only one left that hasn't received this yet? Did it come via the normal postie or was this parcel force? 2 delivery days to go...
  8. Giaour

    Donkey Konga

    Marsh, PayPal'd you the money last night. Am I all set for some bongoing action come the 12th?
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