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  1. It legitimately blows my fucking mind.
  2. Ahhh the smell of cheap cologne, pleather and garbage.
  3. Just finished chapter 2 solo, the platforming hasn’t annoyed me, when I topple it’s my own fault. Puzzles are pretty easy but playing on hard the difficulty spikes are very very Darksiders. Music is especially good. Loadsa fun.
  4. £16.99 steam key: https://www.cdkeys.com/darksiders-genesis-steam-pc
  5. It’s Diablosiders so apols if there's already a thread, it's out later and couldn't find owt. “Darksiders Genesis is a rare spinoff that equals and sometimes surpasses its mainline brethren.” 8.7/10 – IGN “From the gorgeous visuals to the smooth, frenetic combat and environments that beg to be explored, the quality on display here is incredibly impressive.” 9/10 – God is a Geek “Darksiders Genesis feels a lot like some of our favorite parts of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games mixed with Darksiders tone and puzzle-solving.” 9/10 – Shacknews Darksiders Genesis will release on PC and Google Stadia on December 5th 2019, and PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ will follow on February 14th 2020.
  6. Ep4 Jesus. That went downhill sharpish. Well done Disney everybody gets a meme.
  7. Thought we were just getting Crash this time?
  8. Was looking at TV’s in John Lewis a while back and noticed they had an oculus set-up for testing. This was at Meadowhall.
  9. That fight scene with Decrepit and the store owner might be the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.
  10. 1990 1. Jacob's Ladder 2. Goodfellas 3. King Of New York 1991 1. Terminator 2 2. The Last Boy Scout 3. Bad Lieutenant 1992 1. Reservoir Dogs 2. Army Of Darkness 3. Aladdin 1993 1. Falling Down 2. True Romance 3. Menace II Society 1994 1. Pulp Fiction 2. True Lies 3. Shallow Grave
  11. Oh man ep2. The confidence on show here is amazing and as much as I can’t get enough 30+ mins runtime does make sense.
  12. 3hrs in and it feels so generic and hollow.
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