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  1. That mod didn’t work for me Done around 7 hours and I’m feeling a bit queasy. Hope there’s an alternative soon.
  2. Holy crapola this outbreak zombie shit is superb!
  3. Those gun sounds Hope Square Enix have more fun selling-on my email.
  4. Gotta say, haven’t seen Bowser this pissed for aaages.
  5. Just completed my Lad’s new build. The 3060ti seems really diddy compared to my FE 3090. Such a lovely looking card, best of the bunch for me and particularly cute in an NZXT H210. I’m a wee bit envious and tempted to downsize.
  6. https://www.theloadout.com/back-4-blood/closed-alpha-codes https://www.back4blood.com/ Did a search apols if covered already. Just got my Steam code 12.42gb....please be good.
  7. DLSS rocking and all the R’s (haven’t hit the city yet) Good news is I haven’t had to put the heating on.
  8. Am I going nuts or did the huge ship at the end look like a model. Wicked episode. Is it even real?...or was it a dream I had?
  9. Really is the best campaign since, errr, a long long time.
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