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  1. Those stuck on MS site stick with it - mine went through after a few shoves
  2. Really enjoying, It feels like COD used to but I wasn't a fan of MW and I'm completely Battle Royal'd out. Hope it's not a case of SBMM off for the Alpha/Beta then turned up to 11 for the final release.
  3. I never knew how much I wanted a Harry Potter RPG
  4. So many wow moments on my first flight Paris-London. It’s a massive achievement. I wonder what system upgrades I’ll need to do to get this puppy running happily in VR.
  5. Settings>Apps>Uninstall MS Flight Sim? Also I’m watching my lad play this on a 6yr old i5 4690k / gtx1080 / 16gb Ram and it’s smooth 40+fps @3440x1440. Some minimal tweaks obv.
  6. Try uninstalling that original preorder thing then do the Nvidia update then redownload afresh. Mine’s bombing along now.
  7. NVIDIA update for this is out.
  8. It’s my fave. Love hanging back and defending the nest.
  9. Hurry up please also please come to Switch Ultrawide fix for PC: https://frondtech.com/fall-guys-ultrawide-resolution-fix/
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