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  1. Yup, felt precisely the same.
  2. This is surprisingly good with a wheel on PC. Having lotsa fun.
  3. It's out! Well it downloaded and is currently throwing a maintenance page at me
  4. ^my housemates at university used to call him Jamiroquai. Heady days.
  5. That big map with the trench...please please be more of that size Can’t wait to have the xbox controller in my hands for this puppy.
  6. Yeah I meant PS+ durr sorry and thanks
  7. Do I need a PSN account to play this latest demo?...haven't turned my pro on since Spiderman a year ago
  8. Agh - the open world thing was a mistake, Mad Max all over again. Luckily the shooting and the shiney’s are all in place.
  9. I have no idea who that is.
  10. I’m hoping this one devalues the brand enough so somebody else buys it.
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