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  1. In any work of fiction, subtext can enhance the story immensely. The works of fiction that have affected me most, days/years afterwards, all have intelligent, coherent undertones and metaphors that weren't not explicitly obvious on first viewing. Where subtext heavy narratives are a load of old shit are when they come at the expense of clarity and basic story telling. A prime example are the two Matrix sequels. The Wachowski's might have borrowed ideas from dozens of schools of philosophy, leading the films well to reams of art student analysis/wankery. But the actual films and their narrative
  2. I'm sure the memory of a highly regarded animation director helming the recent critical and commercial failure for Disney, will still be fresh in every studio exec's mind.
  3. As far as I'm aware, Game Data is just game installs and patches. So you can delete everything under there. You'll just need to reinstall and patch games once your new HDD is in place. Is 8GB enough to fit all your games and save on? I've got single PSN games almost that big.
  4. Re-read my post - I've just edited it a bit and you might have replied to my original ramblings.
  5. Short answer - It depends on the model number. The latest models of the Scorpions Blue and Black have been flagged as a problem. I must have got a slightly older model, as my model number was WD5000BEKT. http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/ps3_hdd I got a Scorpion Black, which is the next range up from the Scorpion Blue. The Black run at 7200RPM and have 16MB cache (so will give slightly better performance over the normal PS3 HDDs). The Blue are 5400RPM and 8MB cache, which is the same speed as the original PS3 drives. Amazon list it as PS3 compatible, so it should be OK. There's also a Samsung that
  6. Yeah, baby. Black Wii U and NSMB U has been ordered. Only 68 more sleeps to go!
  7. The topic of poor download speeds on PSN crops up regularly. It was an issue I'd never experienced, as the download speeds I'd get always seemed to closely match my max speed on ADSL2. I'd always put down reported poor speeds to a combination of ISP and location. But mostly due to ISP throttling PSN traffic. Up until last month, I'd been with the same ISP for 5+ years. I recently moved, and due to the distance from my local exchange, my connection speed dropping to a pitiful 4Mb/s. But even with such poor speeds, it did seem like I was getting 400KBs download from PSN. I've now upgraded to cab
  8. I upgraded at the weekend, as I was down to 7GB on my 120GB slim. It's a surprising easy process, just time consuming. Took 3½ hours to back up the ~100GB of games and saves, and a fraction quicker to restore. Syncing trophies once the new HDD was in place took ages, as it failed a couple of time before finally working. There are conflicting reports and guides as to what the backup process actually backs up (in my experience, the answer is everything) and this guide makes no reference to the requirement to have a copy of the latest firmware on the USB HDD you're restoring from. But yeah, I've
  9. The whole crew of the Enterprise are revealed to be big fans of Justin Hawkins.
  10. SPE

    Playstation Vita

    Pre-Vita, is was a no-brainer to use a PSP with a US account. The US store had a ton more PSP and PSone games, cheaper pricing and better sales, Since the Vita, SCEA have just given up trying. SCEE regularly trumps their US cousins with better content, better sales, better pricing. The US store still has more PSone and PSP games. Not forgetting, PSone games in the EU/AU are the original 50Hz bordered abominations. However, as you're based in Aus, I'd still recommend using a US account. The typical Aussie mark-up sees the same games in the AU store costing more, often up to 50% more expensive t
  11. Each level in Kid Icarus is made up of two sections. The first is an on-the-rails flying section. The circle pad controls you, the stylus controls your reticule. The L button fires. This all works perfectly. With the 3D effect on, it's an incredible experience. The second part of each level sees you on foot, and the games become a 3rd person shooter. Again, the circle pad moves you forward/backwards/strafe, and the stylus controls the reticule AND rotates your view (so acts like the right stick in a normal console FPS). The touch screen has various icons on it to jump, use power ups etc. This
  12. SPE

    Playstation Vita

    The only thing I know about Wild Arms, I learned from Digitiser:
  13. Every game except the original. Time trailing in SMK still trumps the rest of the series by quite some margin. The ways the oringal have aged has nothing to do with the handling, which is as pin sharp today as it was in 1992.
  14. Only area? Ghost Valley 1 time trial is still the pinnacle of score attack video gaming.
  15. MK7 is probably the best Mario Kart when looked at it objectively. The only post-SMK game where this clsim is possible. The original holds such a dear place in my heart, I find it hard to say anything against it. But the reality is, playing it on VC then playing the 3DS version, the newest one is far less annoying in many ways. SMK still beats all in time trials and battle mode though, just not in single player racing. NSMB2 is lovely, but only a buffoon prefers it over NSMBW, which is the King of all 2D Mario games.
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