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  1. SimTower What a fun little game! How can I get this one again!? Having no luck with dosbox.
  2. I got one of those invader from space from a boot earlier this year. Tried it out finally this week and it didn't work wonder if it's worth busting it open to see what's gone wrong..!
  3. Watford we do, Watford we do, Watford we do, oh Watford we love you!
  4. Gonna wack out four player Hogs of War PS1, ffa games with the pals. Nothing beats it!
  5. MTC


    The Ox cannot get a start even with all these injuries... Guess he isn't as good as he was bigged up to be.
  6. Cloud looks so weak and not like a hero. Whilst Barrett looks like a fucking G!
  7. First half was the most boring game of football I've seen in a while.
  8. MTC


    Big iOS update today. Taken 1 hour to download so far :0
  9. Be nice if Watford FC get champions league footy
  10. Never heard of a 2P dungeon crawler. I guess PS1 diablo 1 may sort of fit the bill?!
  11. MTC


    Win three Arena in a row! Ha! Think i've managed that once. I suck so hard at it Do many of you guys pay for cards?
  12. True he does speak his mind. I think he's basically impossible to replace. I cannot immediately think of anyone who could step in. Fingers crossed not Adrian Charles!
  13. He's comments are good but he mumbles and isn't good on TV.
  14. MTC


    So as a F2P player, although did buy the latest wing, how do I get some Legendard cards, like Dr Boom? Dust is so appalling hard to get!
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