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  1. Loved the trailer, even after the dialogue got really cheesy. One question: where’s Johnny Cage?
  2. Where’s the best place to buy full Marvel/DC type graphic novels from? I already have Civil War, Red Son, Batman Year One. I want to get Immortal Hulk, Michael Bendis’ Secret War, the Death of Spider-Man, and some Miles Morales, etc. The problem is finding what I actually want. A full collection of the whole story, rather than individual comics. It’s a confusing nightmare
  3. I’m not sure I can see Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Yes, she was scene-stealing in GoT, but I didn’t like her in His Dark Materials. I hope I’m wrong though. At least she’s the correct age to play Ellie, and grow with the character, rather than some younger looking mid 20’s actors who end up looking way too old by the time season 3 comes around.
  4. Just had the Demon’s Souls update too. Strangely it let me load the game and then time out on the Demon’s Server login before notifying me that there was a download to install. Still had to “copy” the update after downloading too. Which took a lot longer than it took to download the patch.
  5. Just “finished” it. Amazing little game. Asobi are such an inventive studio. Hats off to them for creating this little masterpiece. That last level is the best fan service I’ve seen in ages, and the credits are brilliant. Now to go back in and collect everything and try out those speedruns...
  6. Yesterday I noticed that my already installed disc version of Miles Morales was showing as 49.99 instead of where the play button should be. If you press the 3 dots next to it, you can select the Full Game version (or something) and then could play it again. Not had an issue since then
  7. They’re making a PS5 specific version apparently, but no release date as yet IIRC.
  8. Apex Legends - no noticeable improvement to resolution or frame rate, slightly improved loading times but it’s mostly network loading which hasn’t changed anyway. Big improvement with 3D audio over Pulse headset. You can now hear when enemies are above/below you much more clearly and the volume drop off over distance is greatly improved.
  9. I was watching my Amazon delivery driver basically empty his whole van onto the street looking for “my” box. 90% of the boxes I saw were the same size as my PS5.
  10. Bloody fickle women My Amazon order is 2 stops away!
  11. If you enjoyed that Nikka from the Barrel, I would also recommend Suntory’s The Chita (smooth single grain, hints of honey and citrus) and possibly the Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt (slightly spiced). Both around £40-60. I’ve also just recently finished off a bottle of Auchentoshan Three Wood. Around £40, but a hint of toffee if that’s your thing.
  12. How many people does it take to do this before an official response is required?
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