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  1. PC Cheers sounds like i better get as many laps in as possible I will give the Lambo a go later
  2. Just bought this. Is there a best beginner car ? Very new to driving games so any tips?
  3. There are loads love 80's movies a couple that havent been mentioned Slipstream Trick or Treat Delta Force Action Jackson Flash Gordon Cannonball Run
  4. Enjoying it its tough but good
  5. Thanks I may grab this sounds like my sort of thing
  6. Thanks I may grab this sounds like my sort of thing
  7. Loads! Freddy got fingered Inception The Village The happening Beaches Blair Witch I am sure many more will come to mind
  8. Being a massive Hamilton fan I was glad he won but what a rubbish way to get the win. IMHO totally devalues the win. On the flip side having always disliked Vettel his behaviour during and after the race has started to change my thinking of him. He at least appears to care and F1 is desperately in need of some of this especially the moving of the 1 and 2 in the pits. Passion you have to love it. Unfortunately the bulk of the drivers are character less and the sport is suffering because of it. 9 out of 10 races are so boring its isn't really worth watching.
  9. I always turn the music off in every video game i have ever played prefer just the sound effects so this suit me fine. Pre-ordered this on the back of this thread.
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