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  1. Yes strange last night I got booted from the server but finished the race on my own as I was still in the discord so could hear the commentry. @milko gave me a fright on the early laps as i came round a corner and he was going the wrong way across the track got the adrenaline pumping as I went over the grass bizarrely with my eyes shut as I was sure i was going to hit the barrier hard but somehow missed and continued as normal. Was most amusing looking back on it. Quite like the Aston although not sure about the engine noise for it as it seems a little high pitched. Great racing all in all and I know I am slow but the occasions where i get to follow people through the corners help me massively. Roll on next week!!!
  2. Great line up for next season. Happy to do some filler races pre the kick off too
  3. Great fun last night but for some reason my internet dropped in race 1 and i ended up racing alone. However race 2 was much better enjoyed it I think I am getting more comfortable with the Ferrari now. Dont think I got in anyones way if I did apologies. Love the replay videos I look forward to them as much as the races
  4. Good fun last night I came round the corner to see valver and I couldn't avoid contact at the start apologies. After that had some pitstop issues so ended up in and out of the pits 3 times. I think I made a mistake with the ferrari I really struggle to feel like i have any grip, I have tried a few setups i grabbed from the net but none really seemed to help. A change of car for next season i think. Not sure what though I did like the Nissan so may go back to that.
  5. All good mate I saw you on those so just got out of the way. Enjoyed both races but hate that chicane
  6. Ferrari or Nissan for me and I dont mind what track you choose. I might have to be an early stint driver though.
  7. Hi All I dont think I can make it tonight not feeling well sorry all. I might spectate though as I dont really want to miss it
  8. I am not sure how I got the puncture I guess I must have hit a kerb to hard. i am quite a way from Liverpool unfortunately
  9. Great 1st race last night but the second I got a puncture in the left front and lost so much time limping to the pits I retired. i do love those wet races but my tyres were cooked with a few laps remaining and I got caught by everyone. Still fun though. Still struggling with with my Xbox one controller though might have to upgrade.
  10. Was great fun but somehow messed up my pitstop and ran out of fuel which resulted in retirement must have got a bit click happy when in the pits. Great stuff though
  11. Enjoyed the races especially in the rain. Replays are great to watch too. I am in for the next season. I have no objection to the GT4s either I am equally slow in anything
  12. Sounds good to me! maybe with regards to the car swap it could be limited to 1 car change in the first 3 rounds just in case someone tries something they cannot get on with???
  13. Really enjoyable race last night. I messed up my pitstop and got stick in the pits for 2 and a half minutes and had to re-pit too but loved it all anyway. I have a headset that works now so will need the discord details for the next race please. Oh yes and bought the new dlc too!!
  14. Apologies to WillMill for our first race shunt my fault my internet messed up and dropped me from the server. Second night race was brilliant though.
  15. Hope I have done this right. Switched from the Bentley as I was struggling with it in the first two rounds hope this one is a bit easier to get set up.
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