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  1. On 03/10/2021 at 08:29, davejm said:

    I've entered a Nissan only race on Wednesday night (Boonatix community).  Just 30 mins around Suzuka.


    @SharkyOB and @extremepabs I bloody love the Nismo.  After about 5 laps of practice I managed to get a faster lap time than I've ever done in the Ferrari or McLaren.  Not sure how or why.  Perhaps another change for next season?

    Yes its a nice car but i do have trouble sometimes with grip on some tracks i can get it set up nice but others i just cannot seem to get it right

  2. I had a nightmare evening unfortunately been busy so had no time to practice and for some reason no matter what i did to the setup on the Nissan I just couldn't get it too stop I could barely do a clean lap. So terrible qualifying way off the pace,


    The race started even worse got to the second corner and for some reason my controller seemed to disconnect and i hit the wall really hard this lead to 3.5 minutes in the pits and when I came out I was laps down.


    Will try and work out what my braking issue is over the weekend.


    Sorry if I got in anyones way

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