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  1. Yes count me in I will not be able to make every race but will attend as many as possible.
  2. I really want to get back in too. I will register for the new season.
  3. I grabbed the new dlc last night and am hoping the new job quieten downs a bit soon so I can join back in. I keep track of the videos and the thread though.
  4. Just started with this. how many cars do you need to unlock before its viable to join the Monday races?
  5. Yes I highly recommend this. Its a great just one more try type game and for the asking price a bargain.
  6. Hi all Life is getting in the way at the moment I will be in for racing this season but cannot make the race today Thanks
  7. Mercedes should pull out of F1 its corrupt and just all their focus into Formula E and maybe Indy car. The damage done to formula 1 at the weekend and its credibility IMHO was massive and for me now means it isn't worth watching. Masi has to go for a start he cannot cope and sounds like a scared school kid when he talks to the teams. His weakness has caused most of the problems.
  8. sorry all missed tonights race things are a bit busy for me at the moment. Hope to be back for the next one.
  9. I have this now so will try and submit some times as soon as possible
  10. Hi Guys I think I might be missing the race tonight as got a works leaving do. Have a good race all
  11. that looks really good i might have to get it. Hows the handling anything like art of rally?
  12. Yes its a nice car but i do have trouble sometimes with grip on some tracks i can get it set up nice but others i just cannot seem to get it right
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