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  1. Hi Guys I think I might be missing the race tonight as got a works leaving do. Have a good race all
  2. that looks really good i might have to get it. Hows the handling anything like art of rally?
  3. Yes its a nice car but i do have trouble sometimes with grip on some tracks i can get it set up nice but others i just cannot seem to get it right
  4. Unfortunately I lost connection and couldnt get back reconnected. Roll on the next race hoefully that will be more successful
  5. Yes I should be there might not get a practice time on though busy at the moment
  6. Cheers for all the offers guys but I have a thrustmaster wheel I got off of Sharky but currently in the middle of a move so cannot use it but didnt want to miss out on racing so have reverted to a controller for a while until i can get the wheel set back up. Thanks all
  7. No mate not madness at all i did something very similar. It does mean that you have so many classic cheap games to play through though and with things like the steam workshop on most old titles there are mods to smooth some of the rough edges. Enjoy catching up.
  8. I had a nightmare evening unfortunately been busy so had no time to practice and for some reason no matter what i did to the setup on the Nissan I just couldn't get it too stop I could barely do a clean lap. So terrible qualifying way off the pace, The race started even worse got to the second corner and for some reason my controller seemed to disconnect and i hit the wall really hard this lead to 3.5 minutes in the pits and when I came out I was laps down. Will try and work out what my braking issue is over the weekend. Sorry if I got in anyones way
  9. I think I will go for this if it works well for you guys!
  10. Sorry guys I will not be able to make it tonight been a crazy week so haven't even set a lap time Enjoy
  11. Great fun as usual chaps wasn't sure I would last an hour and a half but got there in the end. Apologies to @Valver for blocking you at the chicane I misjudged how quickly you were catching me and couldnt move over quick enough.
  12. Great racing last night guys. Really enjoyed race 1 but race 2 I had a weird game freeze which resulted in a totalled car 3 mins needed for repairs so I didn’t rejoin. great replays again too @Valver in race ace one I did a fab overtake two cars spun in front of me and I weaved though kept me smiling for ages
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