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  1. looks like good races yesterday unfortunately my internet connection died during the first race so i dropped out. loved the replays though.
  2. Yes interesting field I thought I would try a car I have never used before and thanks to a few tips from @Erik I quite like it so will stick with it for Thursdays race. Any of the new guys please add me on Discord and Steam my steam id should be on this post Thanks
  3. Couldn’t agree more @milko is a challenger for the top next season. I am slowly getting more consistent and happy with last night as I had to use my Xbox one controller last night as didn’t have time to set up my wheel. Luckily I saw @SANtoOos and @mrben09 @milko coming as I came out of the pits so stopped at the end of the pit exit. I didn’t want to cause a mass pile up. Great fun as usual and pleased with my overall finish. Slow and steady like a tortoise
  4. Was great fun but I had a massive crash and totally killed my car no steering at all so couldn’t even limp back to the pits hence my early departure.
  5. Quick frame it!! It will not last long a 1 next to my name
  6. Great racing again last night had a decent little battle with @SweatyTravolta and @mrben09 (think I might have been responsible for a bit of contact at the hairpin Sorry Chaps). Race 2 I had a disaster of a first lap and hit the wall the car was constantly pulling right so 2 laps in the pits getting repaired. One day I will work out how to take that first corner
  7. @SweatyTravolta I was sure you two were gonna catch up with me and started to make mistakes as a result. Loved it though great fun! We are lucky to have a really good friendly group of racers. Fantastic stuff. Second the GT4 cars for a season at some stage too great to drive.
  8. @Count Buffalos Yes for some reason I just cant seem to get the grip right in the Aston. Any tips greatly appreciated I still think I overdrive the car too much.
  9. @Count Buffalos No worries my fault i think as I panicked a bit when i saw you two approaching and was trying to work out where i could let you both pass but lost grip when i touched the grass. No damage really done to me but I think I made you lose a place. Apologies I had an eventful race first few laps I was steady Eddy and got up to 9th but then lost server connection so reconnected and had a 2 and half minute penalty sitting in the pits. When I rejoined @willmill and I seemed to be taking turns to pass each other then make a mistake for a good few laps. Great fun though and s
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