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  1. Great fun as usual chaps wasn't sure I would last an hour and a half but got there in the end. Apologies to @Valver for blocking you at the chicane I misjudged how quickly you were catching me and couldnt move over quick enough.
  2. Great racing last night guys. Really enjoyed race 1 but race 2 I had a weird game freeze which resulted in a totalled car 3 mins needed for repairs so I didn’t rejoin. great replays again too @Valver in race ace one I did a fab overtake two cars spun in front of me and I weaved though kept me smiling for ages
  3. Well I got off to a bad start accidentally jumped the start and had to start from the pits with a 30 second delay
  4. Good fun that chaps my first racing ever with manual gears
  5. great question meers i cant work it out either
  6. @milko it was all good and clean mate. I agree though really cool when we were side by side
  7. Yes I would be up for hotlaps and TT's too
  8. Apologies for missing the race slight mishap and ended up in A & E for the evening.
  9. Signed up and invite received. I am Paul but everyone calls me Pabs
  10. You are always all welcome at the back of the grid chaps
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