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  1. Yep, everyone should get on this, it's great. Incidentally, Shoesmith isn't a new character. It's based on the character from The Magician which Scott Ryan wrote, starred in and directed in 2005. It's a kind of fake documentary that follows Shoesmith as he goes about his day to day criminal activities. I've not seen it but looks worth a watch and seems to lean more on the black comedy elements. It got good reviews. It's on Amazon Video but you'll need to stump up the princely sum of £3.49 to rent it.
  2. Gorf finally got to level 16 with Xur and celebrated with a litre of whiskey. The correct answer is, of course, Empyreal Whinny.
  3. @Jerec you around from about 10ish for a crack at it? 9 might be a bit early but maybe 9.30 depending on the disappearance of my wife and children to their beds
  4. @Quest Came here to mention Archipel too. Some great stuff on there. The 2-part Dreamcast doc is wonderful.
  5. Same ritual as every year. Christmas Eve with stilton, oat cakes, a bottle of red and the 1970 musical version of Scrooge with Albert Finney. Have watched it every year for as long as I can remember. Then when that’s finished and the wine has made me all melancholic, I’ll start on the YouTube compilations of idents and continuity from Christmas TV in the 80s and get all nostalgic about Christmases gone by and happier, more innocent times. Then I’ll open another bottle of red.
  6. Nice one, can't remember if we are already xb chums already, will chuck an invite over either way. Yes, am getting the bug too. Had 'sorry, used the wrong jump' on my screen for most of the night.
  7. I can run it with you mate. Might not be until the weekend as it's all about Halo for the next few days but dungeon looks fun. I'm on Xbox for the foreseeable, I'm not double-dipping any more, but will add you as a Bungie chum. Love that the horse noises are just a bloke doing a not very good impression of a horse.
  8. Yeah, I go through......phases (and like to put on the the Skyrim soundtrack if I can't sleep)
  9. I don't really do 'runs' to be honest mate. I jump on the first LFG I see doing Atheon CP, rip through it in 5 minutes (provided they're not idiots) and jump off again. Thing is, Bungie have locked this gun behind a ridiculous level of RNG so most people are just doing the same now and have done it dozens of times. Even just as I'm writing this post I'm wondering if I can be arsed anymore. Nerf is incoming anyway.
  10. Some guy I was on with last night was on 67! Obviously I’m only running Atheon CP at this point, with a load of other sad cunts who see some weird value in ‘owning’ a digital weapon in a game I barely play anymore, but if I had to do a whole raid? 67 times? Nah, that shit is broken.
  11. My allotted 20 minutes of Destiny a week complete with attempt 44 of VoG and still no Vex. This is just plain abuse at this point right?
  12. Kermode’s already ruined it as it couldn’t possibly live up to the level of excitement he had for it. Or maybe it could, I’m looking forward to it nonetheless. Speaking of going in cold…… New Order @ZOK kindly recommend this for me yesterday and so thought, why not, never heard of it but worth a punt. Turns out it is one of the most brutal and distressing films I’ve seen in quite some time. I mean, I read the blurb and wasn’t exactly expecting the Lego Movie but fuck me… I liked it though. Veered a bit too close to exploitation and some heavy-handedness on occasion but ultimately it was well done with a couple of sympathetic leads and some great performances. 3.5/5
  13. At this stage, I would just wait for the next-gen update. Just a hunch but I suspect it will come with extra content and possibly some adjustments to the UI and systems. They did a similar thing with W3 and fuck only knows they’ve had an extra 18 months by the time it comes out (Feb/Marchish time). Think they know this needs to be special. By all means pick it up now though as it’s pretty cheap. Update is free when it comes.
  14. Swampy levels where you are poisoned and need to stand on a dry bit for a while or eat some kind of plant to take the poison effect away. Yes, I’m looking at you From Soft.
  15. thanks for this heads-up. There’s loads on MUBI I want to see. Like….. Censor 4/5 A companion piece of sorts to the equally compelling St Maud. Where that was an exploration of loneliness, this does the same with grief. Fantastic central performance from Niamh Algar who is quickly turning in to a real star. A beautifully sleazy turn from Michael Smiley too and the 80s set design is a real nostalgia hit. Recommended. ….and Anette and High Life which I haven’t seen yet and then Petite Maman is on there in Feb so can catch that too.
  16. Yeah, I loved the music. A somnambulant drone that really evoked a sense of dread. Soon as I started twatting things with my sword, the jank was real.
  17. Yep, I’m definitely interested in this, particularly after listening to Adam Buxton’s podcast with Patrick Radden Keefe who also wrote a book on the Opioid crisis. I just not had a chance to catch it yet and will likely end up waiting to binge it.
  18. Fiesta was fun for a few rounds last night. Completely unbalanced but thats OK, it swings back and forth, but when you get the hammer and a sniper.....oh baby! I've barely had a chance to play with some of the power weapons like the sniper and it was fun to just try them out in a competitive game. Just taking out a weakened banshee with a single snipe feels good.
  19. It’s Aldi Souls based on the half hour I gave it. The combat felt janky to me, none of the grace of a From game. It has a weird dodge/roll mechanic assigned to the same button and it was all very….green. The hardening mechanic was interesting and the music was a foreboding drone that I really dug. I fancied something to fill the void until Elden Ring gets here but just made me miss the real thing even more. I’ll give it another go but I may just play Demons Souls again.
  20. Can I get a shout out for the way you instantly go in to a sprint when you respawn? Such a great little touch. That’s all.
  21. I’ve watched a couple of episodes and it’s intriguing and fun in all the ways Korean horror usually is. But…. the demons just look so naff. Like CGI test footage from Ed Norton’s Hulk movie. Will keep watching though, it’s still lots of fun and VERY violent.
  22. Are all modes crossplay? Generally doing OK against seemingly well-matched opponents with a rock solid ping but then eveyr few games I'm encountering some lunatic with pin-point headshot accuracy which just screams PC player. I know ranked just says 'crossplay' with no option to change but I can't see an option to restrict to XB in settings. Still loving this by the way. Ridiculous fun.
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