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  1. Pam & Tommy is up. 3 episodes now, new one every Wednesday. Looks like good fun. Likeable cast and a good hit of nostalgia.
  2. Destiny isn't really complicated, you shoot the mans, you gets the loots. I totally get being intimidated by such a long running game that but I think it would be nigh on impossible to guide a player through every nuance of a game that has been evolving for 4, 5, 6 or more years. Every weapon that has been introduced, where to obtain it, how best to level your character, how to build craft, the story and lore, there's just so much and it the main reason people love these games, but they are inherently driven by communities and the expectation is you need to put in a bit of effort. It's half the fun when I come back from a regular Destiny hiatus and check out a few podcasts, videos and reddit posts and all the stuff I missed all starts to make sense. I do understand though that the Destiny new player experience needs work, it's a common complaint. But I don't really see anything better with other GaaS games I've dipped in to. GTA, ESO, Division, Warframe, they all just take the stabilisers off early and expect you to seek out the information you need. Oh and Destiny is very much a Dad's game, I turn 50 next year and was part of a clan last year where the average age was 52. There is nothing more old fogey than Destiny*. * - except maybe Flight Sim
  3. Titans? Fucking annoying shields every 10 seconds? Yeah, I can definitely see that being a thing.
  4. Witch Queen is Day 1, Elden Ring Day 3 or 4...maybe. HZD will get played but no hurry on that one. I'm actually looking forward to the Cyberpunk next-gen patch more than anything else. Obviously it's CDPR so no guarantee it will hit it's expected window but if that appears some time in Feb/early March that will be a several hundred hours of gameplay across three games. Possibly see me through the rest of the year.
  5. The Vision series he did for Marvel is really great and his new Human Target, another 12 issue run, is getting good reviews. He excels at his offbeat takes on obscure characters. Case in point being his Batman run in the main series, which consists mainly of Bruce Wayne trying to bang Catwoman, was less successful.
  6. True but can we agree Johnny Lawrence kicking the sea during the Rocky montage in S4 is the best bit of TV ever?
  7. I can't really answer your question as I haven't properly played CP yet (waiting for Series X version) but if I remember rightly, Witcher 3 became a lot more fixed after the patch which revamped the UI and fixed a ton of bugs. That came out about a year after launch. It was over 5 years ago now though and I can barely remember my children's names so somebody can probably correct me. CDPR have said that the next patch coming in Q1 this year (so, nowish) is big and will come with the next gen update as well as 'system level improvements' for 'systems that are general to the game'. No idea what that means, could be a rebalance of skills or a UI overhaul or whatever, who knows. You'd really hope that the delay to the update is mainly due to some big changes as well as them wanting to test the ever-loving shit out of it. They can't really afford afford another catastrophic release of anything.
  8. Been leaving my phone in the other room when I’m watching stuff lately to stop myself getting distracted. Massive relief when I could go and find out where I knew the lead actor dude from. He was Grandmaster Flash from The Get Down! Enjoyed the first episode a lot. I’m in.
  9. Should keep everyone busy until Witch Queen is out. I’ve been a very on/off Destiny player the last couple of years and I’ve got about 20k mats. Christ knows what the hardcore must have sitting in their vault.
  10. I just did a nightfall with someone who was level 1715. 56 bonus power. Absolute madlad.
  11. I didn’t mind the first season of this, thought it was quite sweet and I hadn’t jumped on the Gervais hate train. Didn’t really get on with the second season, felt like was milking the pain and the nastiness was turned up a notch. This third season is just unwatchable. The scenes in the cafe with the baby and the one in the pub just made me angry. Won’t be watching any more. Couple more things, ‘Cunt’ should always be used sparingly, used only to emphasise true hatred. He’s overused it way too much here. The other main thing that’s always baffled me is how he could have loved such an irritating woman so much. The relationship depicted in the home movies is one of a pair of deeply annoying cunts.
  12. Junior is one of my favourite albums but yeah , Senior was a disappointing follow up. Inevitable End was a cracking send off though, loved it. Loads of great stuff in The Lost Tapes too, they’re incredible producers. Their cover of Depeche Mode’s Ice Machine remains a classic. Will give the new stuff a listen.
  13. Exactly my experience this week after finally giving this a go after owning this since launch. First 2 hours of exploration were incredible. Love the environment, audio is immense and the mystery was gripping. Managing the combat fine, (remapping dash is essential), got 4 parasites, a pretty nasty weapon that seemed to shock enemies with a damage over time making it seemingly quite easy. Got to the boss, got the first two phases down without being hit and then, predictably enough, he cunted me with a teleportation move and wiped me out. I’m not sure roguelike mechanics are my thing. The complete stripping of all my stuff just makes me angry. Did another 3 or 4 runs after that getting seemingly harder and harder enemies, shitter and shitter weapons and I’m just getting more frustrated. Got to the boss a couple more times but with barely any health and with a shitty pistol. I love Souls games so don’t mind a challenge but wondering if the technical excellence of this game will be enough for me to keep going. I can see why it’s so adored and when it was going well I did adore it but I may just be too old to cope with the stress of losing
  14. You'd actually equip a weapon without a gold border? The fuck is wrong with you? The general response from Bungie is very 'don't panic, captain mainwaring' as they have changes to weapon perks coming too which may negate the bad news. ie - not having the orb generation perk on the weapon means that can be used for something else. Classic terrible Bungie communication though, if they'd just said that in the TWAB they'd have cooled off the reddit lunatics before they'd even managed to get their pitchforks out.
  15. Latest (as of CDPR investor call Nov 2021) is that they are on track for Q1 2022 for CP2077 next gen and Q2 2022 for Witcher 3 next gen upgrade. I am absolutely and wholeheartedly confident that they will meet these dates. I only say this because of course it will come out the same week as Elden Ring, which is already coming out the same week as Witch Queen and I'll have 3 x 100 hour games all vying for my attention. First world problems are here again.
  16. Best thing I saw on Mubi recently was Limbo. Beautiful film. Hilarious, moving and thought-provoking. Censor, New Order and Annette are also excellent. Thanks for this. I've been using the Amazon app as I got a special deal on that but that's coming to an end soon. The Mubi app is way better for discovering new stuff.
  17. The USP on this (apart from being amazing) is that the whole thing is around 12 hours in total. It's not even the length of S1 of The Wire.
  18. Limbo (Mubi) Wow, this floored me. A beautiful and poetic little film about a bunch of refugees on a remote Scottish Island waiting for news on whether they have been accepted for asylum. Hilarious at times and deeply moving at others, this is one of the best of the year for me with some breathtaking cinematography set against the bleakness about the refugee experience in the UK today. It never felt like it had an agenda though, it’s a small, character-driven, bittersweet tale and even though my defences have been a little lowered this week with C***D, this fully choked me up at the end and will stay with me for quite some time. 5/5 PSA - make sure you turn the subs on for at least the parts where Omar phones his family. Watching on the Prime app, these didn’t automatically turn on.
  19. I’m down with the ‘rona so I’m having a 90s classic VHS thriller day to match the crappily authentic VHS quality of the 10 year old telly I have in my ‘cell’. In the Line of Fire. EASTWOOD! Grizzled secret service vet Clint hunting down crazed loon John Malkovich before he kills the President. Great chemistry between the leads and some endearingly shit 90s tech. “Keep him on the line, we need to trace the call” …4 hours later. Crazy to think Clint was 63 when this came out. 4/5 A Few Good Men NICHOLSON! Hyperactive Tom Cruise can’t handle the truth in classic Sorkin-scripted courtroom drama. Riveting stuff but you can tell Sorkin hasn’t quite mastered his craft. The shouty monologues can go on a bit. 4.5/5 Cape Fear. DE NIRO! Do I misremember this getting so-so reviews on its original release? Fuck knows how, this is masterful stuff. ‘That’ scene still utterly skin crawling. 5/5 They really don’t make ‘em like they used to.
  20. Yep, everyone should get on this, it's great. Incidentally, Shoesmith isn't a new character. It's based on the character from The Magician which Scott Ryan wrote, starred in and directed in 2005. It's a kind of fake documentary that follows Shoesmith as he goes about his day to day criminal activities. I've not seen it but looks worth a watch and seems to lean more on the black comedy elements. It got good reviews. It's on Amazon Video but you'll need to stump up the princely sum of £3.49 to rent it.
  21. Gorf finally got to level 16 with Xur and celebrated with a litre of whiskey. The correct answer is, of course, Empyreal Whinny.
  22. @Jerec you around from about 10ish for a crack at it? 9 might be a bit early but maybe 9.30 depending on the disappearance of my wife and children to their beds
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