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  1. Anybody having issues logging in? Keeps saying ‘Network status check failed’ - on XB
  2. Yes, it’ll cost you 6k per character for the whole set. I like the Hunter set but for those eyebrows, what were they thinking?
  3. Spoiler-free and written to be listened to rather than watched....apparently
  4. None of the Soulsborne games gave me too much of an issue but Sekiro's reliance on parrying was just too much and it was not fun in any way. This looks way more Souls than Sekiro so I'm hopeful they've got the balance right.
  5. @Thor Completing the campaign on Legendary drops a full set of 1520 blue armour so is a guaranteed entry to the raid. I don’t have the time of inclination to go day 1 raiding any more so not a massive deal but it does cut down on the pointless grinding to level.
  6. That weapon is bananas and very fun. I've not taken it off since I got it and it has been great in the campaign. It's long range, it's up close and it gives you an overshield! The ability to just stab a thrawl in the face if you get caught short reloading is a gamechanger. Quick PSA I assumed the additional void grenades were unlocked as part of the campaign but no, apparently there is a needlessly obtuse task of going to visit Ikora who then just gives them to you for some glimmer.
  7. Yeah, they're way more handy at this stage too. Usually with a new Destiny campaign I just chuck on the highest blue armour that drops but Legendary requires a few upgrades of my masterworked armour to get me safely through. The mission with the cunt throwing all the fire at you was definitely made a little easier being able to chuck on some solar resist mods.
  8. I was tempted to go Warlock as their Void 3.0 seems more fun but kind of glad I didn't as going invis and running away has been indispensable for a few of the fights so far.
  9. Yeah, Reddit is saying something similar for PS5 Honestly think it looks phenomenal on XBSX. Deep blacks but not crushed like it has been for a couple years now. Just did a campaign mission that is mostly underground in darkness and it was incredible. Mars and the first few missions are quite washed out but think it was a stylistic choice as travelling to some of the previous “where the fuck am I?” crushed blackspots like Scarlet Keep strike and Drifters little area in the tower are now bright and vibrant but not washed out at all. I’m on a CX with Dolby Vision with 800 nits and 30 midpoint in-game settings. Can’t believe it’s taken them this long to add a player scaled hard mode. The campaign on legendary is so far absolutely cracking. The boss of the mission I mentioned was nerve-jangling sweaty palm Destiny at its best.
  10. They’ve only gone and fixed the bloody HDR. Looks amazing, I can actually see stuff now. Can’t get stuck in just yet but going to put big boy pants on and try Legendary later.
  11. Mate, you mean 25 hour hours! I love From games, Bloodborne is a top 3 forever game and for DS3, I stayed up until midnight and then played until sunrise. This just looks like pure gaming bliss but it has the worst timing ever and I can’t do two games of this type at the same time. I’m just too time poor and Miyazaki deserves my full attention. I’ve preordered it too but just so I can feel the menu atmos. I know Destiny is the inferior game and I should be on this right away but no, I’m down on my knees cradling Bungie’s balls whilst I work the shaft, as usual.
  12. You picked a good week to discover them. Lake of Shadows is, by quite a big margin, the easiest GM NF. I’ve run it about 15 times this week with randoms and died a handful of times. It’s a quick to run with a boss you can burn. Good loot this week too with Hung Jury and Hothead. If you’d discovered them when it was another strike, looking at you The Corrupted, it might be a different story. That is the complete opposite of fun as a GM.
  13. Gambit changes sound great actually. They seem to have given it some attention finally. Just need more maps though to make a it truly fresh experience. Surely they can skim a bit of that Sony money off now and get some talent on new maps. Overall, Witch Queen is looking like a bit of chonk of an expansion. I'm sure I'll tap out in a few weeks after I reach the 'kill 50 vex on the EDZ' style quests but really looking forward to a ton of new stuff to do for however long it entertains me.
  14. Downloading now. Footage in the trailer looked lovely and was captured on consoles apparently. Sweet.
  15. For those who have played, do the UI and skill tree changes look better?
  16. Genuinely one of my favourite lines in comedy film history. I still mutter it myself whenever I have a headache.
  17. They said on the earnings call late last year that it would include 'changes to the games systems'. I've not played it so can't really comment with any great insight but sounds similar to when they updated the UI and streamlined a some of the inventory and ability trees and all that jazz on Witcher 3.
  18. SkillUp likens the step up in quality from H:ZD to this as similar to Mass Effects 1 and 2. OK then...
  19. Rllmuk I'm serious, you guys do all the hard work for me.
  20. Vaughn used to run a pretty regularly monthly schedule on Saga and then take a couple of months break to allow Staples to catch up when there is a natural break in the storyline. I quite liked that approach as opposed to having this stuttering release schedule. You knew where you stood. Hopefully they'll do it this way again.
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