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  1. I’m going through my second campaign for my Warlock on easy and it is laughable how easy it is. I’m basically just going through all the weapons that I need to attune for the deepsight stuff as I haven’t really done any of that. It doesn’t tell you how much you already have of the materials that you extract so I’m just randomly picking one of them as I go. Sure it will all be fine Its making me use a good variety of weapons though.
  2. Nah, just kill the tanks, shoot the explodey things, punch the psions, shoot the mans. I did hear someone compare it to Presage on a podcast or something so was expecting to have to wing it but honestly, it's nothing like Presage. It's basically a strike.
  3. The Hakke weapon perk that does extra damage to vehicles is way more potent than you might expect. Can't remember the name of the rocket launcher but it fucked up the tank. Honestly though, for those quick missions, I just jump in an LFG group via the Bungie app. It takes about 10 minutes with very little in the way of mechanics.
  4. Yeah, my wife said it was a shame that my 10 year old couldn't have gone with me and I just shook my head. The violence was pretty brutal and it was ponderous at times and whilst I was fine with it, he would have been bored out of his skull. The completely random 'fucking' from Trevor out of Eastenders took me by surprise as well.
  5. Yeah, a cheat sheet with the symbols on popped up in the clan Discord on Saturday night. I immediately sighed and have the same reaction as Nate really. I hated all the symbol matching stuff from Last Wish. Will probably pop in to take a look at some point but probably won't be able to play enough for them to become muscle memory callouts like the Oracles at Atheon. There's six of those, and they are front, middle, back, left or right. I'm more familiar with those terms.
  6. Just sitting in an imax waiting for this. Quick question, is there a mid or post credits scene? My arse will no doubt have gone to sleep by the end anyway so may as well hang around if so.
  7. Hunters are probably the best fun they’ve ever been. Going to zip through the campaign on Warlock next, expecting that to be equally as fun. Bungie have absolutely nailed this expansion. Every new bit of new content is great. Crafting is the only bit of meh for me but sure that will all work itself out once I’m inevitably drowning in mats.
  8. Ah man, Bungie you’re killing me. Ascendant Alloy from Rahool appears to be bugged and I can’t pick up a new one, says my weekly limit is reached. Dafuq?!
  9. Hopefully that's just the bug that makes you always invis and essentially unkillable as opposed to the general power of the suppressing glaive mod. It is still a bit OP but fuck me it's fun and we know Bungie can sometimes not like fun quite as much as we do.
  10. 3 and I did exactly the bloody same as @Nobuo's Organ Probably just wait until tomorrow and get my, incredibly generous of you Bungie, one a week from Rahool.
  11. There is save points mid mission. They are shit at telling you this of course but I believe any rally flag is a checkpoint.
  12. Weapon crafting is a bit weird and not what I expected. 'Unlocking' the enhanced traits doesn't actually unlock them. If you insert it and then come back to reshape it and then decide to go back to the original trait you have you pay all over again, including an ascendant alloy which is rare as shit. I thought the whole point was that you would unlock everything for the weapon and it became 'your' weapon that you could hone to perfection? How you can you do that if you can't experiment with it? I've used my Glaive pretty exclusively since WQ dropped and it is now lvl 16 and can't really do anything with at as I have 2 alloys. There about a dozen weapons to craft, I am in no danger of getting anywhere close to levelling them all up even if I had 100 of those alloy wotsits (but I can't anyway because I can only hold 10 at a time ). Bungie continue to be tone deaf as to what constitutes a fun grind for normal people and put these arbitrary currency gates in the for the lunatics who live their life inside the game. It's fine, WQ is still amazing and Throneworld is the best new location since D2 launched but just a shame something that was one of the core features is likely to be something I largely ignore.
  13. Oof, that is lovely. Would have liked more vocal though, I'm such a sucker for dreamy 90s vocal house.
  14. Community: Hunters have no utility with Void 3.0!!! Hunters: Alright, it’s a glitch but running around with the Glaive and the suppression mod is pretty close.
  15. My bad, I thought Pledge was referring to a step on the final boss which I won’t spoil. I genuinely loved the fight you are referring to though, thought it was great fun. Make sure you have some solar resist mods on, helps a lot.
  16. Loved that fight. Hated that fight. Just kept getting wrecked. Gally had to come out for that one. Just unlocked the mod that suppresses enemies when you damage them with the Glaive. Ridiculous stabby stabby fun in Gambit particularly. Stab the mini-bosses once and they are blinded and weakened. Then when they die you go invisible. Profit! Think this might be the best Destiny has ever been and if it’s the protracted development then I’m more than happy with them keeping a 15-18 months lead time for the big expansions.
  17. Legendary campaign has been ace but fuuuuuuck me this last mission is a slog. Just fucking die and let me go to bed… edit PSA - Campaign has checkpoints!
  18. Yeah, there’s a few of us over in the technical and specs thread having the same issue.
  19. Yay! Sorry, was feeling like it just me. I was on Destiny for 3 hours before I booted this up last night without a hitch. I’m on Wi-Fi but it’s always rock solid. Think I’ll try a reinstall later as a last gasp.
  20. Nope, hasn't worked since I booted it up. Reset console, wired it up, reset wifi password, tried it all. Assumed it was just the servers were overloaded but seems to be a very localised issue. Localised to me mainly.
  21. https://en.bandainamcoent.eu/elden-ring/news/message-about-some-performance-issues-elden-ring I still can't get online at all, I just get an immediate 'Failed Network Test' - I kinda wanna play it online. No idea what the MS refund policy is but if it's not working as intended....
  22. Has anybody actually managed to get online on XB yet or is everyone just playing offline? I've had constant 'Network check failed' all day and last night...are From Soft so scared of my l33t invAsi0N sk1llz!?
  23. Pretty much. It's included on the LG OLEDs so a lot of folks on here will have it. I had no idea about the loading times on XBSX this guy mentions, it's very weird.
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