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  1. Ooh, got that last night, nice one, will give it a whirl.
  2. Luhtel is my bro right now, mainly for his invis ability. Thinking I should probably look to level up a ranged summon really. Any recommendations? I’ve got a choice of a couple of puppets from the magician guy at Rannis rise but I’m crippled with anxiety and indecision on which one to get.
  3. I use https://mapgenie.io/elden-ring for any tricksy stuff and they have a checklist. The rate at which items and bosses appear in this game, it's almost impossible to track but the map is pretty amazing for once you've rinsed an area. Can be fiddly on mobile due to sheer volume of info on the page but is lovely on a desktop.
  4. Yeah, I was there last night, the map didn’t show that area so I noped out. That whole area was horrible, was happy to get tae fuck.
  5. Was really happy to finally find my way to the seemingly inaccessible north east area of Liurnia. Then the madness, oh my god, the madness, fuck off, FUCK OFF, FUCK OOOOOOOOFFF /whimper
  6. shit, totally not prepared for this, give me a minute
  7. Just came across the ‘river area’, you know the one. It’s just like that other river area that completely blew my mind last week. What the fuck even is this game?
  8. There’s really only one thing that can act as a true antidote to the weeks of relentless oppressive despair of Elden Ring and that is running around as a Lego Boba Fett and twatting everything in sight.
  9. Evergaol Crucible Knight second phase. Where in the name of living fuck is the window to attack? He just never stops. I have him down to about an 8th of his health with 8 flasks and he just goes potty. I made a song about him. It goes “crucible knight is a cunt…” that’s about as far as I’ve got so far.
  10. Just thought I’d ‘finish’ up Mistwood area Stumbled upon and thought ooh nice, little secret area with some snazzy items. Then came across Sweet mother of God…
  11. just beat him, lol I went full mage for the Demons Souls remake and found it so laughably overpowered that I decided to go back to shield and sword for this and oh baby, do I wish I’d stuck to spells.
  12. 28 Thing is, whittling him down is fine but then the red glowy dickhead spams his frost bullshit or his ‘ooh, look at me I’m a little spinning fanny’ attack and it’s all over. Guess I should leave and come back but he’s got 30k of my runes down there.
  13. You know that Dark Souls rllmuk tradition of coming in to a thread and claiming a boss is an unbeatable cunt and then 5 minutes later you come back and say ‘just beat him, lol’? Well, that’s not me. I can’t do it. Maybe the most attempts at any Souls boss ever. He’s just a fucking shitty little invader. What am I going to do? Should I sell my Xbox? /sob
  14. That's cool, I like that there's no quest log quite a lot, it's refreshing that you just play the game and hope for the best. It's absolutely a certainty I will end up just looking them up though, my brain can't retain my kids names let alone some obtuse dialogue from an NPC I met a week ago. Taking notes would be fine, but I'll forget to do that too.
  15. When people say this game has quests, do you mean just NPCs giving nebulous hints at something somewhere in the game world and you just stumble across it at some point? I've met a certain NPC a couple of times now by accident and given him something that I had no idea I actually had or that he wanted. I'm assuming that is a 'quest'?
  16. Fringefolk Hero’s Grave is a colossal mountain of cunt isn’t it? Is the idea you grab the item and hightail the fuck out of there because the enemies just keep on coming and they’re all absolute nails.
  17. I found him last night in my first hour of play, purely by accident. A very helpful message nearby ensured I actually saw him. Thought it was one of the sheep talking at first. I made a note as to why he’s there too.
  18. Did my first big session on this last night. 3 hours just mooching about, getting my bearings. Got to a big gate fairly near the entrance but as tradition dictates, I went the complete opposite direction to the one the game told me to go. Might have something to do with not being able to beat the giant hairy dude beyond the gate but whatever. Ended up killing a Messed myself when the Run away!!! Decided to get to the southern tip of the map. Turns out it is not the southern tip at all. Fucking thing goes on for miles! Turned around and levelled up about 10 points. Ready to take on the hairy giant dude. Was distracted by a stone circle and what was clearly a boss summon. Was some teleporting dickhead called After about 10 attempts getting no more than a quarter of his health, I decided to call it a night, I was clearly under-levelled. One more try, this time I’ll ditch the shield and try the two-handed special move. Spanked the cunt into next week without using a single flask. This is going to be good. One question, I saw that there was a rllmuk community password. If I set that does it mean I only see other mukkers spirits in the game?
  19. Where does it say that, in the little tooltip when you extract? I probably have got anywhere near the cap yet but good to know.
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