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  1. Have a feeling you might need to warp away and then back again for the doors to open after you've done the actions above. Might be wrong but seem to remember wandering around for ages before remembering there is often a 'turning it off and on again' aspect to triggering some of the quests.
  2. I’m using every cheesy easy mode strategy I can get my hands on for the tougher bosses. The real pull of the game for me is the exploration. It’s an adventure and the boss battles work best, for me anyway, when they are of a moderate difficulty at the end of a few hours exploring. Any more than 3 or 4 attempts and I start to get frustrated. That’s not a good feeling to have when indulging your favourite hobby. I’m toying with the idea of having an extended break but more because of the sheer intense mood of dread that permeates my life when I’m playing it. It’s still easily going to be my Goty. The only issue is that the games waiting for me are Cyberpunk, Returnal and Tsushima. None of them are a quick distraction.
  3. It’s interesting reading the different speeds at which people are playing this and I’m curious if this affects your enjoyment but is also a great indication of the freedom the game gives you? @HarryBizzle 40 hours to get to the Altus Plateau? That seems really quick. I’m 94 hours and have only just reached it. Did you go to all the ‘secret’ underground areas? They all seem to open up before Altus. @RabMyself Lvl 130 after 90 hours? I’m averaging about 1 level per hour so I’m low 90s. Don’t think I’ve lost many runes, maybe a couple of levels on the way. Pretty mad that you’ve been able to do that. Did you farm? I’d love this game to get a patch to add a BotW style map overlay to show where you’ve been. Would be fascinating to see peoples journeys.
  4. I think I know what you mean. It’s been a bit of an obsession for me these last couple of weeks, but it’s nebulous feeling of overwhelming oppression and dread might actually be too much considering it’s size. Don’t think it would be an unhealthy choice to just go play something else for a bit, particularly as it’s difficulty for me has ratcheted up a notch and it’s been a cycle of contempt and elation the last couple of days as I hit walls and then stagger through them. I’ve been mostly doing all underground areas too and that hasn’t helped. I really feel I need to physically get outside and breathe. I genuinely think it’s a masterpiece and the feelings it evokes are testament to its place as a piece of art. However, I’m 90 hours in and I think I could conceivably come back and do from Altus Plateau (where I’m now at) as a kind of pretend sequel in a few weeks. I’m not going to though, I think I like the pain.
  5. Not a single one. I was spamming RB so hard I didn’t even stop for the critical.
  6. New levels of hilarity tonight. Alecto. Fucks sake From, what are you thinking? After yet another Ulcerated Tree asshole and constant rot in LoR. Easily the least enjoyable evening I’ve had in quite a while. The sense of relief coming out of LoR on to ‘that’ area was palpable, especially after spanking the great boss there on my first go, but then….another constantly spinning, unblockable, never ending attacking, looking for the millisecond to attack enemy. Bloody love this game but the balance is so off the chart sometimes. edit:
  7. Beautiful morning, thought I’d start the day with a bit Baleful Shadow down by the lake of rot.
  8. Did all that last night. It’s fine, it’s pretty well signposted. At least, for a From game. It all flows after you kill Radahn so go do that if you haven’t already. Just make sure you go see Ranni regularly.
  9. Real succession of utter shitstain enemies over the last couple of nights that is souring my enjoyment. Keep hitting walls and feels like the exploration, the fun part of the game, had been stymied by awful spammy bullshit enemies. Last night was the crucible knight (regular enemy cunt version) and the Gargoyles, tonight is the fat fuck on the bridge to the Liurnia divine tower. Get him down fine and then he does that roll attack which I don’t seem to be able to dodge and it’s a one hit kill. Its cobblers. edit: he just rolled himself off the bridge twat
  10. Oh man, that’s disappointing, but understandable. You would hope it was almost done but given they hadn’t planned on this coming back to them I suspect it will be canned or delayed for a long time. I will finish this game one day.
  11. Yeah, I’m totally going to spend 2 hours on it tonight getting vexed rather than exploring the rest of Nokron.
  12. Indeed. After 80 hours, they are my first Seinfeld.gif, fuck this, fight. Just can’t even do one of the fuckers with my spirit in tow. Waited around for a co-op sign for a bit and managed to drag in some crazy powerful mage dude and we just just about did one of them but then he just got one-shot into oblivion. Gonna give up for now and come back much later I think.
  13. The Valiant Gargoyles are really good fun aren’t they? Particularly like the bit where they randomly spit poison at you because fighting two of the cunts at the same time is just not fun enough on it’s own.
  14. I’m back in! Saved where I was fortunately.
  15. Ooh, got that last night, nice one, will give it a whirl.
  16. Luhtel is my bro right now, mainly for his invis ability. Thinking I should probably look to level up a ranged summon really. Any recommendations? I’ve got a choice of a couple of puppets from the magician guy at Rannis rise but I’m crippled with anxiety and indecision on which one to get.
  17. I use https://mapgenie.io/elden-ring for any tricksy stuff and they have a checklist. The rate at which items and bosses appear in this game, it's almost impossible to track but the map is pretty amazing for once you've rinsed an area. Can be fiddly on mobile due to sheer volume of info on the page but is lovely on a desktop.
  18. Yeah, I was there last night, the map didn’t show that area so I noped out. That whole area was horrible, was happy to get tae fuck.
  19. Was really happy to finally find my way to the seemingly inaccessible north east area of Liurnia. Then the madness, oh my god, the madness, fuck off, FUCK OFF, FUCK OOOOOOOOFFF /whimper
  20. shit, totally not prepared for this, give me a minute
  21. Just came across the ‘river area’, you know the one. It’s just like that other river area that completely blew my mind last week. What the fuck even is this game?
  22. There’s really only one thing that can act as a true antidote to the weeks of relentless oppressive despair of Elden Ring and that is running around as a Lego Boba Fett and twatting everything in sight.
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