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  1. I haven't got it yet but have read that an update is already available for download on Xbox live (you are talking abotu xbox right? )
  2. Why don't you just list every game being released in the next year EXCEPT the one you're talking about and we'll do the rest - That way, you haven't actually mentioned the title at all
  3. You mean like this lot? Chavs
  4. You're joking right? The combat was the last straw that made me delete my save game and stick the thing on Ebay, it was just awful. Coupled with the shocking framerate, I thought it was just unplayable. The first time I used the shotgun, the screen froze and there was no sound, the screen juddered and I was dead - and this is on Xbox! Then came the excruciating gameplay, I loved the first one on PC but I'm just too old and grouchy to fanny about doing errands for hours on end just to end up receiving - ooooooohh- 300 credits! I don't remember the first one being so tedious, I think the fact that the locations are so much smaller in this one makes it feel like a corridor shooter when it so clearly isn't one
  5. Metal Gear Solid: I stab ya two times on the main street ya kna' and I steal your wallet at the same time *kisses teeth* or Metal Gear Solid: And The Solidettes
  6. Ok, so it's not marketing in the traditional sense and I certainly wouldn't call it 'advertising' but can you honestly think of a single game that has been able to do the same thing since. If I was working in Marketing for Nintendo at the time and someone said 'hey, whats the most effective and profitable way to promote our product, shall we do some groovy TV ads or what?', I would have said 'no fellas, just stick Tetris in as a freebie and it will sell itself'. The original plan for GB was to market it to a totally different audience to those that had already bought a NES, the 'young boys' market was saturated enough. They wanted girls, young adults and Mums. When Tetris came along, it was the perfect tool to entice those people. Obviously, press and broadcast ads came along with that but word of mouth was the greatest promoter they had. I was working in games retail at the time of the Tetris release and the bundling of software was handled very differently back then. These days bundles are ten a penny and you can pretty much get any game you want when you buy hardware. Back then, bundled games were picked with miliatary precision by the manufacturer and the idea to include Tetris as standard when you bought a GB was a stroke of genius. The game sold the hardware on pretty much all counts and I can tell you that the decision to bundle it would most definitely have been handled by the product and marketing department at Nintendo. Nowadays, special offers and bundles certainly do come under the retail marketing departments remit, I've worked in retail marketing for about 10 years now and the games industry has changed a great deal in that time.
  7. By bundling it with the hardware ....
  8. Albeit a friend with one of the most annoying voices on the Planet - watched the Deus Ex review from there last night and I wanted to stab chopsticks into my ears But no, if you can get over that, they're very useful seeing the game in motion as they chat
  9. Likewise with The Sims - I'd imagine if you add up all the Expansion packs you're gonna be talking 20milllion+ sales
  10. I take your point, but I think you could say that about anything that's popular - If nobody knows about it then nobody is going to buy it. It's all about the marketing at the end of the day - Nintendo knew they were on to a killer product and so marketed it accordingly.
  11. I doubt it, Tetris appealed to everyone - I remeber my mum getting very heated with it one day - she doesn't even know who Mario is
  12. This has always been my biggest fear about this game. I just don't have the time or patience to deal with super rock-hard games anymore - Ikaruga?....forget about it, was back with GAME within the day I like a challenge - but it needs to be fun
  13. I think its more a case of if Mario hadn't come with the NES would the NES have sold as amny
  14. It's easy to forget just what a ridiculous phenomenon Nintendo and Mario were in the late eighties. Anybody who's ever read 'Game Over' by David Sheff will know just what sort of impact it had in the US and Japan
  15. Did a quick Google and this is the first thing that appeared - Don't know how accurate it is, but looks fairly kosher to me:- 1) Super Mario Bros. (NES) - 40 Million 2) Tetris (Game Boy) - 33 Million 3) Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) 18 Million 4) Super Mario World (SNES) - 17 Million 5) Super Mario Land (Game Boy) - 14 Million 6) Super Mario 64 (N64) - 11 Million 7) The Sims (PC) - 10 Million Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) - 10 Million 9) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2) - 8.5 Million 10) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (PS1) - 8 Million 11) GoldenEye (N64) - 8 Million 12) Donkey Kong Country (SNES) - 8 Million 13) Super Mario Kart (SNES) - 8 Million 14) Pokemon Red/Blue (Game Boy) - 8 Million 15) Half-Life (PC) - 8 Million 16) Tomb Raider II (PS1) - 8 Million 17) Final Fantasy VII (PS1) - 7.8 Million 18) Myst (PC) - 7 Million 19) Gran Turismo 3 (PS2) - 7 Million 20) Dragon Warrior VII (PS1) - 6 Million
  16. From what I understand - The UK 2 DVD version has the tutorials on it as well. The game on one disc the videos on the other - I may be wrong but I don't see any reason why they wouldn't release this in Europe. OK, so you don't get a metal box and the headset - but come on....£17.99!!!!
  17. Loved it myself, loads of nods and winks to the superhero genre and I personally love the sedate pace of all shammalangadingdong's films. Only thing that spoilt if was the fact that sammy lj's character was jailed, I would have preferred a kind of '.....is still at large' type thing
  18. If Bizarre Creations are reading this...Please scrub up the London circuits from PGR and make them downloadable....pleeeease.....pretty please with cream cheese etc...
  19. Excellent nights viewing and not too proud to say "ooh, geek heaven" Seriously, intelligently put together and the Tetris prog played out like some Cold War thriller On a slightly less serious note - that 15 year old girl playing The Sims....I'm old enough to be her Dad, but hubba hubba nonetheless!!
  20. I don't own a video - Haven't had one for about 4 years.. Anyway - the repeats for both are here:- Tetris Prog Trigger Happy
  21. Typical, the first night in weeks that I'm out on the piss and there is something good on the telly Big buggery fuckbollock!!!
  22. Call me an old woofter, but the thought of a repeat of the incandescent rage i experienced with the first Maximo was not something I was looking forward to, but if the 2nd is a bit more forgiving I'll deffo pick it up 'cos when Maximo was fun it really was excellent fun.
  23. Yoyu mean Edin-berg right?
  24. Had all the same problems that swamped TR:AOD - utterly frustrating control mechanics that make you say to yourself 'you know what, lifes too short - I think I'll go play Rez' It was lovely to look at but the on-foot sections were just hilariously bad and the lack of any sort of map was just plain annoying (the car indicator idea was clever but just didn't work)
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