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  1. Ooh, forgot about that, saw that a while ago, The Joker in it is one scary motherfucker. Makes me think Adrian Brody would make a good big-screen Joker if they decide to bring him back, all thin and spindly with a massive schnozz...
  2. Yeah, I remember...it was Wembley Stadium in the UK if I my frazzled brain remember rightly, along with Faith No More ??(I might just be making this up now ) Never really liked GnR though although I did read a funny story once where Trent R phoned up Axl Rose and he had the new Pet Shop Boys album on in the background and Axl was going absolutely mental saying it was the best thing he'd ever heard.
  3. Not for me, I thank Depeche Mode and Ministry
  4. I was at the legendary first ever NIN gig in London at the Astoria in 95 (I think - maybe earlier) and it still stands as the best gig I've ever been to and I saw ALOT of gigs througout the 90's. Personally, I think the Broken EP as always the one that got me going the most Incidentally, wasn't Trent supposed to doing the music for Doom 3 - or did I dream it?
  5. I'm kind of glad that Friends is coming to a close and I consider myself to be a huge fan. As someone just entering their 30's I'm seeing my friends drift away to start families and all that nonsense and the idea that these 6 people could spend their 30's in a coffee shop is just a little out of touch and I'm glad the cast and creators have realised this. The 'Joey' spinoff has potential but I'm not holding out much hope of a classic that Friends has become. The magic of Friends is the spark that all the actors get from each other and the success of Joey will depend on a supporting cast from heaven to match it. I've loved every minute of Friends over the last 10 years, even the so-called crap series and they will live forever in my DVD collection. I'll never tire of Ross saying 'Vulva' or Joey wondering if he 'could BE wearing any more clothes' Great little montage of calssic moments for you to get all misty eyed over http://www.nbc.com/nbc/Friends/video/video...ale_42804.shtml Also, the full cast will be on the Jay Leno show on the 6th - which I think is on FTN on satelitte in the UK the day after, so look for it from Friday. Personally, I'm grabbing the final episode DVD from Play - it's only a tenner and its got a gag reel
  6. ...and the childrens parents, a child psychologist, members of the software association and probably more I've forgotten about. Who elses opinion would you have liked to have heard? Henry fuckin' Kissinger??? Likewise, why would you get so angry at the lawyers and Haiti guy that you'd want to smash the TV in? OK, it's very annoying but I think they came off looking like complete dicksplashes - he burst into song for fucks sakes!! The overall feeling I got from the show was that Scotland should be proud of Rockstars contribution to the industry and that American lawyers are not the fizziest of drinks in the fridge, so to speak. I honestly believe I watched a well-balanced informative and above all entertaining show. BTW - I've never seen Frontline Scotland before, I'm English and live in London. So I don't know what their rep' is like
  7. Ikaruga - c'mon people, admit it, it's just plain silly....
  8. I can't see it anywhere here http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbctwo/listings/index...=41532&x=17&y=5
  9. I just wish they'd STOP SHOUTING and doing that kind of pointy-hand thing that they do You know:- "We'll be right back after this (POINTY HAND THING) break" or "Check out the latest (POINTY HAND THING) xbox releases" The games guru does seem to be having fun though, the other day some kid asked for a cheat and he said "Why the hell do you want to buy a game and then cheat" and didn't bother answering the poor lad
  10. One of only two games that have ever given me motion sickness
  11. Ah, but I cunningly removed the hyphen thereby turning it into a single word, entirely different thing. Anyway, my dads uncles dog-breeders milkmans gynaecologist knows someone in music and they said that you have to give me a meeeeeeeelion dollaz
  12. The ending of a chinese film called "The Road Home", which is pretty beautiful all the way through, just broke my heart in two like it was made from meringue
  13. what about "Selfeverythinged"
  14. Plenty of platforming goodness there - especially with R&C3 being online, should be a top laugh Killzone smells a bit of Emperors New Clothes to me, the design looks lovely and gritty but I think I'll be all fps'ed out from my PC by the time it comes out. Hmm, we shall see Ace Combat 4 was promising and with a bit more feeling of speed and danger added, #5 would be an interesting prospect
  15. *tries desperately to think of tuna related joke* Erm, oh yeah... Is that the one which stars Tuna Thurman?? *bows* I'll get me coat
  16. Add the two Maximo games to your list - awesome fun (albeit not as platformy as R&C & J&K) with frustration levels perfectly pitched. Something i don't think Jak II got quite right, the 'can't be arsed ' factor has kicked in twice now and I am still only about halfway through after having started it before Christmas
  17. Also:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/cgi-perl/whatson/sear...eyword=nintendo
  18. looks like just a load of bug fixes as opposed to any performance improvements. Not even any mention of the problems people are having with UT2K4. Think I'll wait for the Omegas
  19. My favourite has to be the slipcased Ico - all rather lovely and whimsical
  20. OMG - thats fuckin genius
  21. KartoffelKopf


    You forgot the best part of that whole sentence, it went:- "I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!" Completely hatstand - I wonder what the Japanese version version of that was??
  22. Never have I heard a better recommendation for a game. What other animals can you set fire to? Wouldn't mind torching a badger...
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