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  1. I can't forgive very videogame I've tried to play in the last month (approx 6 - including GTA:SA and Zelda:WW) for not being as good as RE4 and subsequently making me take them out and watch DVD's instead
  2. This is gonna sound silly, 'cos its kind of the whole point of the game, buts it SO BLOODY DARK! I've spent at least 95% of the first two levels with night vision on and what with the new fish-eye thing they've added it doesn't make it that pretty. Does it get any, erm, lighter?
  3. It's Street Fighting Man by the Stones only shit
  4. or a little later also, LOTS of good memories from a great time in my life
  5. SPANISH - ENGLISH 1."Te voy a matar" - "Im going to kill you!" 2."No dejes que escape de la isla -"Dont let him get away from island vivo" alive" 3."Mira!... esta herido" - "Look! he is hurt" 4."Ahi esta!" - "There he is" 5."Morir es vivir" - "To die is to live" 6."Gojedlo!" - "Grab him!" 7."Detras de ti, imbecil!" - "Behind, you imbecil!" 8."Te coji!" - "Gotcha!" or "I **** you" 9."Muere, muere...." - "Die, die...." 10."Sera mejor que empiezes a rezar" - "You Better start praying" 11."Basta hijo de ****" - "Stop you son of *****" 12."Matenlo!" - "Kill HIM!" 13."Muerete!" - "DIE!" 14."Te voy a romper en pedazos" - "I'll breack you in to pieces" 15."Un forastero!" - "A foreigner!" or "A stranger!" 16."Cerebro, cerebro, cerebro" - "Brain, brain, brain" 17."Es hora de aplastar(lo)" - "Is time to crush (crush him)" 18."Mi**da" - "Poo" 19."Puedes correr pero no resistir" - "You might run but wont resist" 20."Te voy hacer picadillo" - "I'll make you mincemeat" 21."Sos cerdo" - "You are a pig" 22."Donde estas?!" - "Where are you?!" 23."Esta en la trampa!" - "She/He's in the trap" 24."Dale!" - "Hit him!"
  6. Have patience my friend... I'm just up to the first level in Chapter 5 and the sheer amount of ammo I'm having to unload is soul destroying. You het 5 shotgun shells, turn a corner and they've all gone. Utter bedlam with guts and brain-splatter everywhere SPOILER The bulldozer bit is nuts!! They just keep on coming....
  7. 16.30 - Walk into Gamestation and pick up RE4 16.31 - Take to counter and pay for game. man behind counter says "Its a bit fuckin good" 17.00 - Have dinner and wait for the sun to go down 'cos my rooms to bright to play a survival horror game in the day time 18.00 - Boot up Gamecube 18.01 - Have a thought "Can't be as good as Snake Eater - thats the best game EVA!!!1" 01.55 (yes, thats 8 hours later) - Decide to share my thoughts with RLLMUK 01.57 - Share my thoughts with RLLMUK It's perfect guys, just plain fuckin perfect
  8. Well, finally beat it last night and I have to agree, it is quite sublimely brilliant. The Bond-style theme tune knocked me for six when it first happened and I listened to it every night before I started my session (beat that saddoes ) There are just so many touches that make you smile and gawp in amazement throughout the whole game from the "Yes, Raiden was a bit of a bender wasn't he" references to the R1 bits with The Sorrow and his crazy placards, his face had me in stitches. Yes, sometimes your finger was hovering over the X-button during the cut-scenes but mostly it just meant it was time for another glass of wine and to sit back and enjoy this videogame world. Reading through this thread has just shown me how much I've missed. Throwing food for the dogs...., doh, never even thought of that, I just wanted to blow their cute little furry heads clean off. My top tip? Spoilers!! When you are in a the cell, go into the viewer and spin Snake round about 10 times. When you go back to the game he throws up and the guard (who is Johnny Sasaki from MGS1's grandad!!) opens the door....cue escape! This is pretty cool too... http://www.konamijpn.com/products/mgs3/english/secret.php
  9. Just off the top of my head. Garden State 21 Grams Motorcycle Diaries Dead Mans Shoes Saw Station Agent Collateral Super Size Me Napoleon Dynamite Not all necessarily to everybody's tastes but all are without doubt engaging, original and clearly created with real heart and passion. The same passion that you can see from Raimi in Spiderman 2. I don't care if the story comes from somewhere else, you just need to be able to spot a filmakers integrity and if the film is made right that shouldn't be too hard
  10. Hey, great post Vemsie and having agreed with everything you've said there I don't have an awful lot to add suffice to say that Batman, Fountain and History of Violence have me the most, erm, hard
  11. The bit in About Schmidt were Schmidt is talking (in voiceover) about how his wife makes him sit on the the toilet 'like a girl' even when he has to pee had me laughing like a drain. Awesome film.
  12. EA Hockey '98 on the megadrive used to make me self-harm. PES3 was given to a friend as a christmas present as soon as I was deemed a threat to society every time Bulgaria beat France (which was EVERY time) Nowadays, a fag in the garden or maybe a wank do the trick
  13. Can't be arsed to read through 15 pages so not sure if this is already known but if you are having trouble on the end boss, you could always try what this guy did... Sort of spoiler, from IGN Boards (and read about it elsewhere) Kojima, you crazy 'nana!
  14. aaargh - I'm about halfway through replaying MGS2, thought I'd have it licked by now. How can I sit there and play it whilst #3 is sitting next to the telly coaxing me with it's taunts of '..you want me, you want me, play me like the bitch-whore that I am', ahem. Actually, thinking about it I could probably finish it off in 20 minutes if I skip all the cut scenes
  15. They give you slightly different opening scenes. Apparently if you select "I like MGS2" Snake starts with a Raiden mask. That Kojima, crazier than a box of frogs...
  16. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...8174537183&rd=1 Looks kosher May be a promo... You should pick up the Piggyback guide - beautifully produced book. Good for your second run through for all those secrets and easter eggs...
  17. Nah, they'd much rather watch a film, something like, say, Amelie? Yes, I have also heard the "The Bravery, the most exciting sound of 2005" ad on the radio. However, it was right after the "Rufus Wainwright, the most important artist of his generation" one, so you shouldn't belive everything (or indeed, anything) you hear
  18. Bollox to you m8, I was down the front at the Astoria for their first ever UK gig in '92. I've still got the bruises....look..... *points to elbow* and I still can't find anywhere with tickets, I'm always 5 minutes too late EDIT:- My g/f just said it was probably 1991 - fuck it, whatever, I cant remember, I feel really old!
  19. Yoy don't need a fuck-off sword and a girls haircut to be an effective baddie. All you need to be is made of squares and run very fast
  20. Heh, never seen that before, it 's suite fun
  21. No Way!! Ron Livingston is a legend. Plus it features Gary Cole in prime sleazy boss mode Mystery Men is a bit hit and miss but Bill Macy always make anything he is in watchable
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