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  1. Looks like a cracking little documentary about the US wheelchair rugby (or 'Murderball') team Trailer looks good.... http://www.apple.com/trailers/independent/murderball/ .....and picking up some great reviews http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/murderball/
  2. You never the US Fawlty Towers then? Yikes, that was hideous
  3. Bah, 'The Vulture' bums that track in the gob
  4. That Lucky Old Sun - Ray Charles It's all Stevie, Marvin, Otis and Ray for me today. Need something to make me smile
  5. The bit that always makes me fall off the sofa is Reece Shearsmith (from League of Gents) as the Robot Wars guy and they're having the argument in the park and he says "well, I ne'er fort o' dat" You have to see it really, doesn't come across in a post, dead funny tho' also.. "EWOKS? Jar Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like fuckin' SHAFT!!" I think the thing that I latched onto with Spaced was the fact that when it first started I was working in a comic shop, I had bleached blond hair, I used to go everywhere on skateboard and I used to spend every night in my pokey flat (a flat that I lived in after breaking up with my girl) playing Tomb Raider and smoking weed - Tim was ME!!! Plus it was funny as fuck
  6. Wow, if thats the reason you don't like it then you really need to start exploring alternative career avenues Its supposed to be relief for people who work in offices. As if to say 'its OK, it's supposed to be shit at work, don't feel bad, just come and laugh at us, at least your boss isn't this much of a cunt' The Office is simply sublime and is without a doubt my desert island DVD (provided 4 disc box sets are eligible of course ). I've tried to explain to people who don't get it just why it's so unique but I just can't. I know why but the words just don't come out. Blimey, threads for The Office and Spaced on the same day..... quick where was that Seinfeld thread, see if we can make it a hatrick
  7. Good point. I adored this film (see my posts from what seems like weeks ago) but my ONLY reservation about possible sequels is just how some Gothams more colorful members of the Rogues Gallery will fit in against the 'grounded in reality' tone of Gotham. I'm not saying Nolan couldn't pull it off and I'm dead excited to see what he can do but the incarnations of Ra's and Scarecrow in this film were much more subdued than their comicbook counterparts. As he says in the interview, Nolan wanted Ra's to be more of a Bond villain than a comic book villain For these two villains, the toning down worked really well. A Worzel Gummidge style scarecrow (a la comics) would indeed have been laughable but you just can't tone down The Joker can you? You need to green hair, you need the contorted smile, the pointy nose, the bleached skin, the bony frame...Hmm, we shall see and after BB, I have faith in the creative team For that reason, I think Two Face would work really well. A truly tragic character who is basically a guy scarred down one side of his face. The fascination of Two Face is his obsession with duality and that of course ties in really well with the Wayne/Batman aspect. Lady Shiva I like too for the reasons mentioned. Also,Clayface is another fave villain of mine and, again, is basically a tragically scarred and tormented figure with no over the top theatrics involved. And no , Dent wasn't in BB but they have made space for him in the next one as if you remember, the DA gets clobbered on the back of the head and promptly disappears, presumed dead.
  8. Is this a download exclusive? Can't see it to buy anywhere Although, I think I was at this gig and it was indeed beeeerrrrilliant but I'd rather a DVD tbh
  9. Great news! Lots of the usual Martin Gore-type song titles there with lots of talk of Sin, Pain and Suffering etc. Although I hear Dave has penned three tracks for this album. First time since Vince Clarke left that a DM album hasn't been all Gore Nice to hear there are some copies doing the rounds. I used to work for Mute's publishing company and will look up some old chums to see if they can help me out with that. BTW Stebie, I see they've announced the 02/04 gig now..
  10. ← Totally agree with you there. We could see that Miles was emotionally stunted and somewhat of a loner but that part just totally baffled me and I was pondering the reasoning for putting it in there long after it had finished. Beautiful film though, made me feel warm and fuzzy without wanting to throw up everywhere.
  11. So, rented this from Blockies on Saturday (don't think it's out to buy yet) and really loved it. Totally agree with all the comparisons made but it definitely had it's own feel and I can only reiterate whats been said about Bale, the guy was terrifyingly thin, punctuated by the fact that I saw Batman Begins again just a couple of days before and my missus turned to me at one point and commented on just how 'ripped' he was. 'Well fucking fit' could possibly have been another phrase she used. In this though, he's just a skeleton. Some thoughts on the plot - Mega spoilers
  12. You can listen to a very interesting interview with Nolan here: http://www.kcrw.com/cgi-bin/db/kcrw.pl?sho...tmplt_type=show It's a great interview and he talks specifically about his filming of the fight scenes amongst other stuff. Lasts about half an hour
  13. Can't believe nobody's mentioned Evil Deads 1 & 2... ! (have they )Campbell and Raimi's rapport is pure genius. Campbell's utterly sarchastic 'wooo, that was scary' has me in fits Phoenix Nights and The Office are also great fun. Two comedians (Kay and Gervais) with the most infectious laughs ever just taking the piss out of themselves. From a film geeks point of view. I liked Fight Club and the Star Wars ones.
  14. He definitely had some kind of martial arts and stealth training, whether it specifically Ninja I'm not so sure and they were called League Of Assassins in the comics
  15. Someone on the DC Comics forum suggested Christian Bale First and last time I''m going over there
  16. Alan Cumming has been mentioned too now !! Not sure I'd be able to erase the memory of that awful gay flight attendant thing he did on BBC2 Bettany sounds like a good choice, he was a proper nutter in Gangster No.1
  17. Bah, just caved and ordered the First 3 series for the princely sum of £18.97 (amazon) Been on my shopping list for months but never found the willpower to spend over £30, but at under 20 sovs, it would just be rude not to
  18. Did you notice the bit where he ordered the cab and said "how much to the bottom of Ninja Hill, just by the rare blue flowers mate?" I'm sure it was in there
  19. Just like that Star Wars film where the droids 'just happen' to land on the planet where Luke Skywalker lives, what kind of fucked up shit is that???
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