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  1. Wow, dumbstruck DM meant so much to me. Still do. He was never going to be my favourite member but this is a gut punch. Met him once, along with Martin, at a Nitzer Ebb gig back in the early 90s. Seemed like a good bloke and was happy to hang out and chat with fans. Only 60 too. RIP
  2. I mean, if you wanna go deep, you can go deep.... https://www.ishtar-collective.net/timeline Although this timeline does seem to stop about a year ago even though the site is still being updated with lore entries. You should be fine though. In 7 years and over 3000 hours, I've never had a fucking scooby what's going on.
  3. Just did a search for Marilyn Manson to find a comparison photo but looks like The Independent beat me to it.
  4. Skyburners is getting all the buffs but still can't see it being used Increased ADS projectile speed to 9999 (i.e., this projectile is now hitscan) Both ADS and hip-fire are now 150 RPM Hip-fire projectile no longer tracks, but arcs similar to a Grenade Launcher and has a larger detonation size than ADS The hip-fire detonation also applies a burn to targets The bonus range from the Masterwork has been rolled into the base stats of the weapon The Masterwork now grants bonus reload speed instead. Has the highest Airborne Effectiveness stat of any weapon in the game (35)
  5. Champions used to be fun, I think it's just fatigue with them and the way Bungie just add them to certain activities just to make them harder. The problem with then having to use a specific weapon type means that the weapon that is clearly the best in its class ends up being the only weapon you use. Last season it was the Funnelweb which was fun, until suddenly it wasn't but you had to keep using an SMG because artifact mods. The baffling thing is that they already have a precedent set for being able to use multiple weapon types for the same task in the VoG with the Oracle Disruptor mods. All the weapons are bucketed in to rapid, precision or aggressive and you use pretty much anything you want. Up close? Use an SMG, Far away? Get your sniper out or you can use a trace rifle or LMG if you fancy. Yes, this is brilliant news, ridiculously fun weapon.
  6. I'll pop on to see what's new but until they ditch Champions, restrictive artifact mods and the endless power grind I just can't really get excited about new content. Apparently Trace rifles are finally making an appearance in the artifact which will make a nice change but the thought of being locked in to them again for the whole season if you want to do any of the fun and challenging content, because difficulty=champions, just makes me not want to even bother trying.
  7. You got 17 hours to spare? Then watch Destiny 2 lunatic, Esoterickk do every boss in Elden Ring (and every other Fromsoft game!) without taking any damage. Complete madlad.
  8. I must have got insanely lucky with her on my original run as I did her on my second go (with my mimic obviously, I'm not a masochist) and I was wondering why everyone was struggling. Since then though have spent a fair bit of time trying to help out others, I say 'trying' as 8 out of every 10 attempts ends with either the host or me dying to her hilariously bullshit moveset that I somehow lucked out of seeing when I fought her. That triple slash nonsense where she picks on you or the ghosty glidey thing she does or best of all, the blood rot instadeath. It's all good clean fun It must be her health pool when there is 2, sometimes 3, players in there. The extra time it takes means she has more time to spam all that crap. I would definitely recommend just summoning ashes as opposed to players as her health pool won't increase..... and use bleed.
  9. Nah, it’s a pretty basic objective mode. Clear the rooms, diffuse the bomb, shoot the mans, get to da chopper, extract etc Fired this up today, after about a year since I last played and spent half an hour emptying my stash so I could actually play the thing. Played 2 rounds and it was all full again and I had no idea if any of it was any good so just turned it off. To me it felt almost identical to the Skyscraper mode they did last time. There’s a another level of proficiency levelling which is like 1% of something you can allocate to something or other the more you play. Not very exciting. There is nowhere near enough here to bring back a lapsed player, it’s purely for the hardcore who just want to keep playing The Division. I guess, given the lengthy delay, its really all they are trying to achieve with it. Just keep the devotees invested until they make another one. Maybe. Oh and the frame rate on the XBSX was all over the place on some the Countdown levels. Don’t remember that ever being a thing with Div2
  10. Having just rediscovered my love of Star Wars (thanks to Disney+, watching the entire series with my 9 year old and the Lego SW game) after a couple of decades in the post-prequel wilderness , I thought I’d pop in here to get some insight in to where to go to get more of the good stuff. I can only say wow, thanks so much to @Darren and @Boothjan for their Herculean recommendation efforts over the last few years. I’ve ordered the first couple of Marvel collections of Star Wars and Darth Vader comics, Lost Stars novel (hard to get!) and the novelisations of Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker. Films I enjoyed but enjoyed but felt there was clearly loads of story missing. Reading your reviews it looks like these will fill some gaps. Got a list of other stuff to try, particularly the Rogue One tie-ins as that is easily the best SW film since ESB. Amazed at how much is out there. I’m giddy with excitement for the Obi-wan series. Think I’m just about ready to forgive George after all these years.
  11. I’ve been playing some snack-sized bits of Lego Star Wars but it’s just a distraction at best compared to ER. Mostly I’ve been catching up some TV and going to bed a bit earlier every night. Couple more weeks of chill time I reckon and then I start Cyberpunk.
  12. The summoning is glitchy as fuck particularly in the later areas as I think players are just getting summoned instantly but lvl 150 is about right for there so you should be fine, check you haven't got a password set as that can fuck it up too.
  13. Don't forget you can summon anywhere there is a summon pool, not just for bosses. I too was getting a bit weary on the run to the GD and so thought I'd summon a couple jolly co-operators to help me clear out areas I'd already done a few times and ended up breezing threw some of the areas I hadn't reached and it's just as much fun, in my opinion, to spend some time running through with other players. We ended up taking down the Godskin Duo together which again, was great fun and was clearly designed with co-op in mind. I probably would have summoned my mimic there anyway. None of my coops that I summoned were overpowered and it still felt dangerous but obviously less frustrating. Fun is the key, not frustration.
  14. Star Wars has gone through a bit of a renaissance in our house recently after my 9 year old finally caved and watched the original trilogy with me. He’a now a fan after so many failed attempts. My fandom has been reignited as a result after years of indifference since the prequels killed it for me. Disney+ shows are the best stuff they’ve done for years, even watching all the animated stuff for the first time …. Anyway….had another hour or so this afternoon and feel like the best way to play this is whizz through the story missions and then come back and take your time exploring in free play? Got distracted with a few side missions but then hit a dead end. Han Solo with a lamp shade in his head was another proper lol.
  15. With my 6 weeks wallowing in the despair and desolation of Elden Ring now over, I’ve started this. 1 hour in to New Hope and I have laughed out loud three times. Feels good and is the perfect antidote. Obi-wan with the family KFC bucket absolutely ruined me.
  16. Yeah, I was the same and put it off until they added the save option. Had a few goes, started to get my head round it, then Elden Ring came out..... I will play this properly one day.
  17. It's got a FromSoft style save. Suspend (Quit) the game from the menu and when you load back up you resume from that point and the save is lost.
  18. Finished. 155 hours. Level 175. 6 weeks of my life, pretty much obsessed with this game, now over. I do think it was time to say goodbye in all fairness. My favourite part of the experience was definitely the first 60 or so hours. The sense of wonder and awe and adventure of Limgrave, Stormveil and the Lake gave way to a slight sense of repetition towards the end with yet another catacombs or cave and some truly fucking annoying bosses. Despite the standard FromSoft genius level design of the later areas like Haligtree and Farum Azula, the cranking up enemy toughness started to tire me out and felt like I rushed them a little bit. That's my only complaint though. This is a quite staggering achievement in games, in entertainment and in art. Will stay with me for quite some time and will easily be GotY and sits in my top 5 of all time. Maybe I'll potter about for a bit one-twatting everything, I've got a few markers to investigate that I put down weeks ago, a couple of great runes I haven't activated and will try some of the boos weapons. I will likely put off an NG+ until the DLC appears and just go play something bright, breezy and easy.
  19. That's reminded me. What does upgrading the seals actually do to the incantations? I've gone full Dex/Arc build and just had the bare minimum in Faith just to cover myself for clearing the status effects. If I started to stack some stones on my seal, does it buff things like swarm of flies or bloodflame blade or is that more dependent on the Faith points? Does it make your resistance to status effects more effective if you use the status clearing spells?
  20. That’s par for the course for From though, why you’d think to use a random item you may or may not have picked up from a merchant halfway across the map about 30 hours ago. I just looked it up after I did it and there’s also an Ash of War apparently that masks your footsteps but there’s just so much bloody stuff to go through you’ll never think to use that one. I love that there is room for variety of play styles but crikey, there is enough ashes, summons, weapons and items to fill 3 games. Thankfully From balanced out the bullshit in that area by keeping the torches lit even if you die. My last go was a mad dash across the rooftops to the last one. Consecrated Snowfield was maybe the least fun area so far for me, redeemed only by the dropping of the Nights Cavalry set, in which I look the absolute dogs bollocks. On to Haligtree now.
  21. Oh my god, this area in the consecrated snowfield where you have to light the candles.
  22. ha, met that motherfucker already. He owes me a cool quarter mil’
  23. Fire Giant down first time. Woohoo! I was lead to believe he was an absolute rock hard arsehole but he was a bit of twat. Just arrived at Consecrated with my Rivers of Blood up to +10, nice selection of fully levelled spirit summons and Arcane and Dex up to 60 each (with the help of some talismans and armour). Feel like it's the final push to the end now.
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