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  1. I can't shake the feeling that this all looks more Xena Warrior Princess than Game of Thrones but may just be the way these BTS clips have been put together. Looking forward to it though, might even compel me to finally finish Blood and Wine, only 4 years after starting it. Possible spoilers of course.
  2. Yeah, my powerline knackers my DL speed but infinitely more reliable in keeping a connection than wi-fi and the ping is on a par. If I'm downloading anything to my PS4 I'll switch to wi-fi. I try to keep interference to a minimum and I usually play at night when the fam are all in bed so all phone chargers and dishwashers are all switched off and it usually holds it together. Every few weeks though it will just go through a spell of being massively shit (like, <1mb shit) for a few days and then it will randomly just fix itself. There must be some appliance in the house fucking it that I don't know about
  3. More compelling ping chat! Seems to have been rock solid for me since launch and my ping is all over the shop and varies from game to game. Ping test via wired laptop, I average out between 15-20. Kids playing Fortnite via wi-fi on a PS4 upstairs, around 20 feet away, they get 20-30. CoD on my PS4 connected wired via a Powerline adaptor and I usually get a sub 45 ping match (is there a way to see true ping on PS4?) I'm on Virgin with a 350mbps line and get anywhere between 45-250mb in practice. Never anywhere near 350 unless I run a direct test via the Nighthawk What this all means I have no idea except that the internet is a difficult fucker but I've not noticed any real lag in CoD but then I never notice in Destiny either and that uses P2P.
  4. Just binged the last half of Top Boy, utterly fantastic from start to finish. Compelling, bleak, heartbreaking and tense as fuck. Left open for more and I can't wait.
  5. Isn't this already a thing in South Korea? Called the Cinderella law it forbids kids under 16 playing between midnight and 6am. Think I read about it on the Bungie forums as they have to shut down their Destiny servers everyday. Mental.
  6. Where can you see your ping on PS4?
  7. My wife honestly believes the internet has a personal vendetta against her. 'Why are we paying Virgin for such shitty internet!!' she says as a website she is trying to browse to doesn't work whilst me and my two sons all play different online games all at the same time with sub 20ms pings
  8. How can you even see your ping on PS4? I've not noticed any lag but then I die every 5 seconds anyway so quite hard for me to tell either way.
  9. I just played my first few games of CoD since MW2 and I thought it was great fun. I put tons of hours in to the original CoD4 and this feels reminiscent. Obviously its been a long time and I've exclusively played Destiny for the last 5 years so my point of reference is long way from this but it felt like theres a pretty good tactical game here if you can get in the right team. Campaign looks fucking glorious too.
  10. Yeah, so have I, definitely seems more reliable than Polaris. For that quest, you need to get yourself in to the new momentum control mode. Weapon damage is ramped up and Jade Rabbit (and probably all scouts) is a 1-headshot kill. I just got 22 scout kills in 1 game! .....and then 27 in the next. Jade Rabbit is crazy good as the aim assist is 80 and you can just pick the bunny-hoppers off out of the air.
  11. Crucible is scout rifle city at the moment due to the Randy's Throwing Knife quest which needs 450 scout kills in PvP. Its a horrendous grind and you're so fucking sick of using scout rifles by the time you get it that you never want to see one ever again.
  12. Nothing spoilery here, just a great clip featuring some classic Scorsese dialogue. Can’t fucking wait. Stephen Graham too
  13. Also they are essential to do to stop your inventory, your postmaster and all your alts postmasters filling up with the fucking tokens which for some reason won't stack over 100 and can't be moved to your vault so just sit there triggering my OCD every time I log on.
  14. Your power level scales to a max of +20 of the recommended activity level so you’ll be effectively only be 420 anyway. Unless you really need to run it solo I would just go grab a couple of peeps off lfg.
  15. Pretty sure they said they were looking into that some time ago. Would be great though, I don't get on until late most nights due to fam stuff but would be a massive help to just pop my phone open at reset and load up the bounties for the evening. Manged to get Divinity last night after an epic raid session ending at 2am. Didn't get a chance to try it out , I just lay down on the sofa at the end and fell asleep. Looks like a beast though and overall the vex, Moon and raid weapons have all been pretty fun to use. The raid pulse is amazing and the Moon HC and sniper feel great particularly. Even though there is a lot of mumbling and whinnying on reddit (as always) about the lack of a vendor weapon reset, I'm not sure we really need one. I'm much fonder of a limited pool of new themed weapons and actually making them good and chasable rather than just dozens of new shard fodder weapons. I instashard 90% of Y2 weapons now and have done since about a month in to Forsaken.
  16. DIM and destinysets.com will show you what you have and what you have left to get. Why that isn't in the game I have no idea but honestly I would probably just use either of these anyway. DIM has a pretty good loadout optimiser too. Just started messing around with the armour mod system and whilst the elemental affinity is a layer of rng that just isn't necessary I am having a lot more fun with builds than I ever have before. Just specced myself out with max discipline mods, the void grenade damage mod from the artifact and the raid auto rifle with demolitionist and its raining void fusion grenades doing 25% extra weapon damage every time an enemy walks into it. Add in the enhanced nightmare armour mods and its making light work of the 950 nightmare hunt bosses. Really loving this expansion.
  17. Have gone up 11 power levels just knocking out IB bounties and quest this morning. Picked up clan engrams and crucible rankups too but that is mental. Ready for the 950 NF now.
  18. Oof, just sneaked in a first raid clear before reset. Just in time for tea! I think its a fantastic raid, much better than Crown and the final encounter is hectic but not silly. I could even see a flawless run being doable on this. Still not high enough power to do the legend nightfall though
  19. It's a hardware issue. I got a cheap 500gb external SSD and its night and day difference. Not quite the speeds of PC but somewhere in between.
  20. I might even go for Not Forgotten this season given just how forgiving Glory rank is now and also how enjoyable it is. Still too much heavy though. @Gorf King It's 'interesting' that after 5 fucking years of us asking for NF MM they add it in but also some mechanics that need some actual comms. Classic Bungo.
  21. Tried a Hero Nightfall last night and got completely flattened. There's 2 difficulties higher than that along with the same for the Nightmare strike thingies, there'll be plenty to challenge. Protip for a couple of extra powerful drops - if you're lucky enough to find a busy instance on the moon and you can drop all 3 of the gatelords that spawn and then kill the hydra before the time runs out you get 2 powerful drops
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