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  1. I thought JJ Abrams had something in dev with HBO? Or has that been ditched? EDIT - let me just Google that for myself. Abrams out, Reeves in. https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a41255529/jj-abrams-constantine-show-axed-keanu-reeves-sequel-movie-announced/
  2. It was all produced by MJ. Like I say, it was the only one out of 12 or so images that produced a recognisable ‘Monty’ I then ran that eighth one through the ‘Remaster’ option which adds the —test and —creative prompts and I got the final version. Seems it was pure luck though as I’ve tried to do it again with a ‘baby Batman’ thing and I just couldn’t get it to pull out a name at all.
  3. Did a Pixar style poster for my son of our dog. Many attempts at getting the name right as it was mixing up 'border terrier' and 'monty' and getting things like 'morrierr' and even 'mqnty' and some with no text at all, got there in the end though and pretty good match (Disney+Pixar style movie poster of border terrier called monty + Pixar animated movie poster, unreal engine, Cinematic lighting, 3D graphics rendering, Ambient Occlusion,) Actual dog
  4. I've become a little obsessed with Midjourney over the last couple of days. I'm wrestling with the ethics of it as a lover of art and the fact that I'm just typing random bollocks in my computer and for a few minutes feeling like I've created something profound (something I have never done). I haven't of course, it's just a computer following my command but I do find it fascinating and worrying in equal measure. Here are some of my efforts. futuristic blade runner city, rainydark storm, bright lighting, neon signs, contrast, robot spaceship, horror, sci-fi --ar 16:9 --uplight interior scientist labatory by H.R. Giger, dark lighting, pipes, alien forms, computer components, volumetric lighting, debris, wires, high resolution, 8k, human body --ar 16:9 scottish castle in a fantasy world in the middle of a medieval battle + illustration --ar 16:9 the last days of planet earth, desolate dystopian landscape, god rays, broken, epic, hyper realistic :: --ar 16:9 the true meaning of consciousness, epic, emotional, hyper realistic :: --ar 16:9 then I thought I'd try some song lyrics all i ever wanted, all i ever needed is here in my arms --ar 16:9 i got sunshine on a cloudy day when its cold outside i got the month of may --ar 16:9
  5. I doubt it will be as wince-inducing as S1 but I’d like to see some lightness introduced. The Netflix stuff was clearly Miller influenced along with the Bendis/Maleev run but more recent DD runs have seen Murdock get to grips more with some of his demons. Although if it’s going to be a straight adaptation of Born Again, yeah, it’s gonna be to him suffering all over again Poor Matt
  6. Bryan K Vaughn can’t catch a break. I really hope they never try and make Saga.
  7. Was it really too much to ask to get the lineup that was Ghost Rider, Red Hulk, The Punisher, Elektra and Venom? Yeah, probably was actually given the rights headaches that would have meant but we have characters that are mainly really good at…….punching things? In fairness, the cast is really good and interesting director, I’m looking forward to it.
  8. What. The actual fuck. Did I just watch? I’m a comics fan first but I mostly love the MCU and genuinely enjoyed Ragnarok for all its comedy leanings. This though, is toss. Hemsworth (or maybe it’s all Waititi) has turned Thor into a full-on buffoon. It feels like Waititi has nothing but contempt for the whole thing. Bale was great but he is the only redeeming thing out of the whole exercise. I’ve been watching them all in order again to coincide with Marvel Calls and watched Winter Soldier last night. This film is barely a clagnut on Steve Rogers arse. @Thor don’t diss IM3, it’s a masterpiece compared to this. Way better than I remember. Downey Jr drips with charisma Hemsworth can only dream of.
  9. Pretty comprehensive new player guide here (not story related, just mechanics and content) from the lunatics at Reddit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q07M8zBUj1yMab4YJjv6aV5QO7hNRuALvxR7xwLXIVs/edit It's a problem any live service has and honestly, most games do just leave it to the communities to cater for. Division and Borderlands are both games I've tried to jump back into and have been baffled and left pretty quickly. You shouldn't HAVE to watch a ton of YouTube videos or read a 100 page guide but it's the nature of the type of game and they are community driven at the end of the day. Destiny is the only game I 'follow'. When I'm not on a break, I watch videos, listen to podcasts etc. I don't do that when I play a single-player game.
  10. Character design is horrific. So disappointed, am well up for a good Bat-based adventure but fuck no, this looks like ass.
  11. You don’t really hear him on the studio stuff though do you? He’s only there to ruin the songs when they play live. Never mind bring back Alan, bring back the tape machine for gigs. I’d like to see someone with a warmer electronic sound come on board to produce, definitely somebody less rawk!! Someone like Royksopp or Apparat.
  12. OK, maybe I was wrong, but anyway look at Martin’s rack upon rack of kit behind him. Mental.
  13. The crème de la crème of 90s boy band brilliance, exploring the often neglected intersection between glistening sweaty torsos and I.T. They just can’t fail and apparently they are looking for females but they also like to ‘swing’. The roller skates give off a whiff of Andrew Lloyd-Webber. All the ingredients are there and did I mention they just can’t fail.
  14. There are ‘Deluxe’ Editions which collect 2 TPBS each and are hardcover. I have a stack of Absolute editions but don’t think I’ve ever actually read one from start to finish. They weigh a ton. I’m pretty much exclusively digital now anyway. iPad screen makes everything look fantastic.
  15. Yeah, all new TPB printings and digital versions have the new colouring. Well, it’s not that new anymore. Think it’s at least a decade old now.
  16. I’ve not had a chance to watch any of it yet (on bloody holiday innit!) but I find it very hard to believe that Neil Gaiman, one of the finest fantasy authors this country has ever produced, the man who has spent the last 35 years creating these incredible stories and tales, a man who has a literary brain the size of Venus has somehow….missed the point? OK then. I get that it meant a lot to you, did to me too and there’s every chance I’ll be disappointed as I’ve spent the best part of my adult life imagining what it would be like but I think it will be my problem, not Gaiman’s.
  17. Returnal - Still haven't even beaten the first boss. When I'm playing it, it's phenomenal, the setting, the audio, the action, everything, but then I die and I'm sad so I turn it off.
  18. I think I read that she was meant to be an updated version of the original Johanna rather than any kind of female version of John, so she's meant to be a bit posh with aristocratic links and doing exorcisms for the royal family.
  19. Genuinely giddy with excitement for this now after watching the Gaiman video and the Comic Con panel. I'm pretty numb now to the endless adaptations of my favourite comics characters and series. Some turn out to be great (Watchmen), some are just OK (Preacher) and some..... not so much (Y The Last Man) but they generally pass me by as I like the comics first and foremost, the medium is what made them special. This though, this looks phenomenal. Maybe my favourite ever series and it looks like they've nailed it for the screen. The production values look insane and fucking hell, that cast! The clip of Death offering to take that man's hand genuinely had me welling up, beautiful stuff.
  20. Yeah, those late 80s Batman and Detective runs were the fuel of my Batman obsession at that time. Very fond memories of Shadow of the Bat too, first appearances of Zsasz and Jeremiah Arkham etc and the Lobo run, daft as fuck but I loved it. RIP
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