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  1. I've dropped over a request too. I joined and then dropped out over the summer when I was playing on PS4 again but I'm definitely back on Xbox now.
  2. Not really sure how I feel about this. Lollipop is a nice touch though
  3. Good news on the coming tramsmog system Transmog It uses your entire collection to pull from not just what's in your inventory so you can empty out that vault. Don't think its coming until a later season but will finally be able to get some fashion going. Whole load of much-needed progression and currency changes coming too TWAB
  4. Have they announced any kind of back button or paddle attachment for the pad yet? Thepad looks great but as a mainly Destiny player used to the back paddle of the XB Elite controller, I feel like I'd have to relearn how to play it with face buttons. Using paddles for running and jumping in a shooter completely transforms them for me, speaking personally as a cackhanded div. Surely they have to sort a super-duper expensive higher end pad for this gen? All the fancy tech they have in there with added mappable buttons and whatnot would be a game changer.
  5. Great, time for another argument with my two boys as I try fruitlessly to get them to watch the best action adventure movie ever made whilst they insist that Raiders is shit because it is old and the 'graphics' aren't very good. Pair of clueless little cunts.
  6. Yes please. Bloody love me some Narcos. Assumed the next chapter would be the rise of El Chapo. End of last season alluded to as much.
  7. Did the same with the standard pad and the elite 2. Pads fine though, theres no latency on the screen it's the extra sound processing.
  8. I've always had horrendous audio delay on the One X Dolby setting. For Destiny 2 and the difference between the default sound and then to Windows Sonic and then to Dolby is a big step change in the delay from trigger pull to the gun sound, it was very noticeable the first time I played it after coming from PS4. I've stuck with windows sonic as the the Atmos was too distracting. Just me?
  9. Before you do that, you can also go and get blue armour out of your collections until you hit the soft cap which will jump you up a fair bit first.
  10. Yeah, it does look remarkably similar in that it has some 'Hunts' which will likely be copies of the nightmare hunts which were pretty much ignored past the first few months of Shadowkeep. I'm sure there are secrets but for those expecting Forsaken levels of content, I reckon will be disappointed. Rumour only spoiler I'm looking forward to messing about with the new energy and subclass and exploring new (and old) environment but I lost interest about 6 weeks after Shadowkeep and bounced in and out over the year and this will likely be the same and I really thin
  11. When have Bungie ever actually finished a storyline? It's all just loose ends. The return of the Stranger in this looks like this is just going back to the 'don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain' from D1. I give up in trying to understand it all to be honest and just enjoy shooting all the baddies with my gun.
  12. Have a wee before you start or check this guy out for a a less punchable posh boy accent https://www.youtube.com/c/MyelinGames/videos
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