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  1. Yeah, the boss difficulty spikes are pretty brutal. Me and the youngest breezed through the level but then got tonked to fuck by the purple fire dude. Good clean fun though and finally a good bit of couch coop for me and the kids that isn't Mario Kart. Even my wife might be able to cope with it.
  2. Fuuuuuuuuck, just finished S5. How am I meant to wait a year for this stuff?! Perfect TV and I think Kim may be the most complex character in a show ever. Brilliantly written but even more perfectly played. So layered and so much going on in every scene. With Lalo in their apartment, with Howard at the courthouse, with Jimmy in the hotel room and alone on her office she is just riveting to watch. The fuck am I supposed to watch now...?
  3. .and I'm not that bad. My red build was pretty tasty but it wasn't so much that I was dying all the time more things like the inch perfect precision grenade from 50 yards away when ours couldn't reach that far, the rushing elite bullet sponges and, best of all, the rogue agents with every skill active all with zero cool down just felt cheap to me. I did most in a team of 4 and the skill of other players was very inconsistent. Think I stopped when DARPA was the manhunt and it was just barmy how hard it was unless you had a very specific status effect load out. I need to revisit and see what TU 9.1 did as it calmed a lot of that shit down apparently.
  4. For £8 you've got an excellent campaign and a stack of fun even if you don't want to do all the grinding and endgame stuff. I stopped playing about a month in to WoNY because of the sheer amount of bullshit deaths I was having every time I played and the terrible bugs to so many of gear pieces and skills, was making it so hard to enjoy. My Bakers Dozen build was getting old and my explosive skill build felt weak sauce. TU 9.1 and 10 really seem to have sorted most of this though. The PTS for TU10 looks like it's introducing some great new brand sets and the exotics look great. Shame the new exotics seem to mostly be behind the raid, getting 8 people together is literally impossible. Never even managed to get myself an Eagle Bearer. TU10 Tank builds and full skill builds look mostly viable now and you can finally feel powerful again. WoNY campaign was great but in Heroic missions I just felt like a squishy idiot getting one-shotted by some dickhead in a leather waistcoat instead of the gadget-heavy super agent I was supposed to be. I was even getting downed by a guy with a metal pipe. I'll definitely be back for TU10 to finish the manhunt and try out the new skills etc. The shooting mechanics and atmosphere of the world are the best out there I think at least as far looter shooters go. Destiny will need to really pull something together for their September release to make me go back to it and I have just finished the Borderlands campaign which was fun but traversing the world just seems to be a bit of a chore. I'm on 1X though so may hit you up for some coop if that's OK. I'm in an active clan but seems to be a bit cliquey for the higher end stuff.
  5. Put first episode of White Lines on last night, wife and I both looked at each other at the end and went 'nah' Awful characters and dreadful acting. It might get better but life's too short.
  6. Started it on 1X last week and have been enjoying it a lot. I'm a sucker for a looter shooter and with the dire situations of Destiny and Division at the moment, I thought I'd try this to satisfy my shootyman needs and glad I did. It's more Borderlands but prettier, the classes and skill trees offer loads of variety and the guns are fun. Not sure I'll hammer the endgame much but the campaign is worth £15 I reckon. Paulando is right about the story and 'humour' though, it's shit but I never have a clue what's going on in any of these games, I just follow the waypoint and shoot stuff.
  7. After much Googling, I found the right knock-off Pong console my Dad brought home from work one day in 1978 (ish) First 'game' game was Gorf on Vic 20 Technically that belonged to my Dad though. I do remember him taking me down the game stall in the local shopping indoor market to spend my pocket money. My murky memory tells me it was this I came home with.
  8. HL2 is the first in a trilogy of games (bear with me...) that kept me close to sane during a particularly dark time in my life and rejuvenated my lost love of video games and so is a game very dear to my heart. I was 31 and had just had to move back home with my folks after a relationship breakdown. I was working fucking miles away from home doing half the M25 and then the Blackwall Tunnel every night, getting in, grunting at my parents, drinking 2 bottles of wine and passing out, waking up hungover, repeat. Then HL2 came out and I knew little about it but hooked up my PC that had been sitting doing nothing for months. I played it sitting on my bedroom floor using a coffee table for my M&K and the monitor sitting on top of 2 suitcases. Still one of the most memorable gaming experiences of my life, it was like nothing that has come before it. I stopped drinking because I wanted to be so immersed in the world. I too recently downloaded it on XB1X recently to give it another go, can’t wait. The other 2 games were RE4 and MGS3 which came out in quick succession after that Christmas. Best 6 months of gaming ever.
  9. Managed to get to the final moments of the ‘best’ ending with a flawless no quests failed and although I’m sure I didn’t 100% do every quest was pretty pleased, clearing the quest log, even getting the ‘collect ‘em all’ achievement. Then just as the final, touching, scene starts, boom, ‘quest failed’ for some poxy side quest I didn’t even see pop up about me catching a horse. Last auto save was over an hour ago before the last quest so it’s buggered. Aaaagh, the OCD is real..... Still bloody love it. on to blood and wine now to finally finish the game I started 5 years ago....
  10. Yeah, how he could have been so in love with someone so utterly fucking irritating is baffling. I'm with you though Capwn, I find it generally pretty sweet and low-key and the gags usually hit the target for me. Granny saying 'cunts' had me rolling but my bar is pretty low at the moment.
  11. Of course, it’s still fun but it’s also still an RPG video game where usually you would be rewarded with progression through XP that enables you to level up and add abilities. Obviously that still happens, but in a very stilted way and is a bit bizarre. Weird that you get a level 10 quest given to you on Skellige when the quest to even get to Skellige is level 16? Like I say, it’s not a dealbreaker as the story and script is impeccable but as an RPG fan, I would love to invest more time in my build and my ability tree but the rate at which you level can be so slow at certain points, it makes it all a bit redundant for a lot of the game. Likewise, the sheer amount of weapons I find that are worthless is disappointing because they don’t scale up with you. I would love to be able to pop open a chest and find an a amazing new weapon that I could chuck on that was better than what I have but that never happens and everything gets sold because I’m always running at a couple of levels higher than the game expects me to be rather than what I actually am.
  12. I know it's not bells and whistles PC ubergrafixxx! but replaying it on the 1X after the PS4 I just think it looks phenomenal. Wandering around Skellige, I can reach out and touch the foliage and the lighting is still just glorious as the sun sets. Can't wait to get to Toussaint, with or without the turquoise skies :p Someone said earlier in the thread that the visuals were showing their age and whilst I get what they mean, some of the textures and animation is pretty janky, but for me this game is like a piece of timeless music or film. It will always look amazing, it's just good art. I'm at currently at the 'overwhelmed' stage of the game where I've got quests coming out of my arse and a new one gets added every time I venture more than 100 yards from the main quest. I'm also remembering how shite the levelling is, I'm lvl 22 with only doing the odd side quest and the main quest is level 15 and I've multiple sidequests in the teens which means I'll get a meagre 1 xp for completing it. The enemy scaling is great but would be nice if the quests did the same. Still amazing though.
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