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  1. For solo players survivability is really important but when you're playing in a matchmade group, reviving is much easier so you don't need the medical skills as much. You can see what skills other players have in the UI so I tend to mix it up if everyone has a revive hive. What you're looking for is synergy with weapon talents. If you pick up an AR with 'deals extra damage to bleeding enemies' use the stinger hive. Obviously you can't use the revive hive at the same time so use the chem launcher which heals you or the repair drone. Likewise, use the flame turret if you have 'extra damage to burning enemies' or seeker mine to 'extra explosive damage'. The'extra damage' can be anywhere between 30% and 50% so it makes a big difference. Currently high skill power builds seem to be built around the seeker mine which are seriously powerful but a lot of the armour and weapon talents are getting changed for the expansion although there are also some new skills coming and new skill tier system which should make skill builds more interesting
  2. Pretty sure MS have teased XBL cross-save already haven't they?
  3. Do Heart of Stone before you finish the main game. If you are are off to Isle of Mists, I would say you could probably go and do HoS now and then go back to the main quest as you are kind of on the home straight. Then do B&W after you've finished the main game as it's an entirely new area and significantly longer than HoS.
  4. Bah, fuck... Yep, responsible for so many life-changing moments. I have incredible vivid memories of listening to Smokebelch in my friends bedroom with him just freaking out about how good it was. That same friend recently tracked down the Boys Own vinyl box set for my birthday a couple of years ago. His work with Mondays and the Primals was part of the soundtrack to the best years of my life. I really feel a bit blue now
  5. Excellent. Thanks for the spoiler for the film in going to watch tomorrow.
  6. Plus they need to get it in before end of Ubiosft FY2019 Been reading up on a lot more detail and an interesting tidbit is the introduction of a Global difficulty setting where you can set the entire open world to one of the higher difficulties like heroic or legendary. They went on to say that at the highest difficulty the AI is designed to never miss a clear headshot. Should make it horrifyingly tense...or just horrifyingly not fun, we'll see.
  7. It is absolutely playable fully solo but personally I found it more fun when matchmaking in the missions. The matchmaking is well integrated. You can start the mission and the game will continue to invite players in the background so you aren't waiting around for people. There's never any chat needed or anything, the missions are pretty straightforward. The number of enemies scales with more people and it also means you can get a rez if you die which makes it much less frustrating. At higher difficulties, you'll definitely need to matchmake though.
  8. New missions, gear changes and all that look great but really hope they have some decent replayable game modes up their sleeve for the season passes. Underground, resistance, survival, incursions were all great in Div1 and offered some variety in the endgame. This just looks like more missions and then do them over and over again. No mention of the raid either so presumably they are holding stuff back. Will no doubt pick it up, environments look beautiful and the Coney Island gameplay (available tomorrow!) coming through now also looks fantastic.
  9. Yeah, Ep 3 is in Coney Island, that's all been announced and is a free update. This is the Year 2 paid expansion that will come a few weeks later. Typically, It's already been leaked ahead of tonight anyway. It's called Warlords of New York and is a £40 job with what looks like a seasonal pass on top. https://www.vg247.com/2020/02/11/division-2-warlords-new-york-expansion-release-date-leaks-official-stream-watch/
  10. I've been dipping in and out of this again over the last few months and have been enjoying it but I hadn't played it since the summer last year so was a fair bit of new content to get through. This looks to confirm that it's going back to NYC (there is some co-ordinates in there for City Hall) and maybe some focus on Hunters finally? Youtubers who have seen the game are getting all excited. Even various rumours that Div2 is 'merging' (!) with Div1. That bit sounds like bollocks to me but either way it could be interesting going back (as long as its snowing!) and with the RPG and gear changes coming, this could be worth picking up.
  11. Weirdly, it's been showing at The Light in Cambridge since release. Is that considered an indie venue then?
  12. Just finished it up tonight and yeah, same thing happened... This game never ceases to amaze. Went off and did a bit of wandering after finishing up the Bloody Baron quest. Came across an abandoned farm estate and who should be there but me old mate Letho the Kingslayer! Was an hour long diversion and properly brilliant to get something so substantial and new on this play through. This game is just a staggering achievement.
  13. Console sign shortcut - left and right on the D-pad whilst holding block (only works during combat obviously) and you can see the different signs selected in the top left.
  14. Nah, they are mostly just mats and shit weapons. You've probably got enough cash and all that stuff now anyway. I do think they went way over the top with the Skellige stuff. No need for all of it. Also, monster nests and bandit camps are one thing but having to venture out in to the water was just a bit tedious.
  15. I'm replaying on the GotY version and I thought it was odd that the first HoS quest appears as soon as you get to Velen. I assumed it was a bug as its Lvl32 or something but maybe CDPR put it there as a hint to do it as soon as you hit level? I'll definitely do it that way on this playthrough. Can't wait, I think it's narrative is superior to a most of the main quest.
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