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  1. I'm sure, as a previous Destiny player, you know about this but this will provide all the tools you need to know what to shard or keep. https://destinyitemmanager.com/
  2. The story, world-building and characters are all pretty much timelessly great. The jank could potentially come from the dated combat and UI but looks like they've made some big changes to try and mitigate that. The inventory management improvements look to have been well thought out. I worked out it's been 9 years since I did my trilogy playthrough (including reading all the novels) and it was one of the best gaming experiences ever and I was a bit worried that the memory will be tarnished if these aren't like I remember them in my head but I'm confident they are making enough unde
  3. Lovely little film about two old timers who play Division 2. I think that will probably be me. My gaming habits over the last couple of years, as I reach 50, have gravitated towards me just playing a couple of games, mostly Destiny and Division. It's comfort gaming and those two give me the best dose of mindless fun but with a bit of depth. I thought getting the latest consoles would reinvigorate my passion for all sorts of games and whilst they have to extent, I'm mostly just too tired to try and embark on a new 80 hour open world adventure. I'll probably
  4. One they did on the most recent raid too.
  5. Yeah, I've attempted flawless a couple of times and staying alive from the baddies is no problem. Not falling off stuff, not so much. This is also the longest in to a Season I've stayed around for a long time. Game just feels really fun at the moment. Managed to get the Grandmaster Nightfall done last night and was a great great feeling after a few failed attempts. I haven't done anything that difficult in Destiny since doing a blind raid, which was probably Last Wish. Loads of lovely loot on completion too. Think I got 2 exotics, 2 adept palindromes, 3 shards and abo
  6. Bah, think I'll give it a swerve then. Shame as it looks fucking great fun. Unfortunately regurgitated Fry's Fondant Cream all down my blouse is much less fun.
  7. I got a subsistence DMT for PvE and a moving target one for PvP. The stasis nerfs have made the Crucible slightly less horrible and with DMT, I'm actually enjoying myself and holding my own a bit more. I prefer the comp playlist for the slower pace as well, had a good little streak going earlier.
  8. I can definitely recommend getting the Dead Mans Tale catalyst done. Turns it into practically a hip-firing sniper rifle, it's ridiculous. More for PvP but as someone who is a massive coward in PVP, it's the perfect spam.
  9. As someone who also got highly nauseous playing Doom 2016, how does this compare puke-wise? I tried numerous times with various FOV settings but every time, I would end up flat on my back writhing around, reaching for a bucket. The gameplay I've seen of this looks like it has the same kind of motion and looks just as slick and roller-skatey.
  10. £5 each or £30 for all seven. https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-3-seven-deadly-sins/
  11. To keep you grinding innit. Outside of the GM Nightfalls, being maxed is a bit meaningless anyway so don't sweat it. Prime engrams and powerful rewards can still plug gaps if your RNG sucks but if you do want to try and get maxxed out you're probably better off jumping on to other characters and just doing their pinnacles. Chances are your third character will be the highest light by the time you do them all.
  12. Thank fuck the power level grind is being reduced next season. Not being able to play the content because I haven't been able to raid every week and do every pinnacle activity every week and then not been lucky with RNG when I have played is the biggest suck with Destiny. It's so draining to not just be able to play what I want, like Grandmaster NFs, because some arbitrary number is not big enough. It usually coincides with the artefact levelling requirements getting higher and higher and feeling more grindy. The seasonal challenges have been a good addition though and offer some b
  13. I'd say yes, the Atmos sound stage is much wider and warmer than the default. Go for the free trial and have a mess about with it. Only annoyance is the very slight audio processing delay but I've grown used to it. Yes, the volume thing is just an Xbox thing. I quite like it as I can hear my youngest and his mates calling each other names in Roblox.
  14. You're right, I just messed about with it and turning it off totally kills any kind of depth to the audio. Big improvements all round though using the Atmos settings there and curiously, removing some of the muddier bass through the EQ allows some of the bass boost punchiness to come through. I had a quick go at +5 and music was still clean but guns had a real guttural punch to them. Not really had a chance to fiddle properly but I do fear for my sanity a bit now with so many tweaks to be made.
  15. Yep. That's the thing, the description on the mods doesn't really explain things very well. Not uncommon for Bungie of course. The game changer is the solar splash mods. These are triggered by any weapon that causes a solar explosion. So Sunshot, Xenophage, any solar rockets with chain reaction.
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