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  1. Nobody Can't remember the last time I was so solidly entertained for 90 minutes straight. So much fun and unashamedly so. Enjoyed it way more than John Wick, mostly down to Odenkirk. Perfect casting and a great supporting cast. Am gonna watch this again tomorrow with my eldest. He's 13, he's gonna love it. You will too. 5/5
  2. What's the schedule? Is it 3 episodes tomorrow and then 1 a week? I never binge stuff but I might make a Friday night of it tomorrow if there's more than one. Edit: Nope, it's one a week from tomorrow
  3. It's even got it's own Game Pass trailer and I put it in the thread title when it's release date was announced.
  4. I should have probably said 'it's not Mac & Me' as it definitely didn't have any aliens in it. To be honest, it was close to 40 years ago I watched it so it could have been a dark-haired kid on a bike in a forest. I can barely remember my kids names so memory is likely to be hazy. I just have a very vivid image of myself on the sofa, sick and off school, in the house I lived in as a kid crying at this kid getting rescued by the school bully. I couldn't believe this amazing act of kindness and how everything was going to be OK now.
  5. 70s TV movie. Blonde kid in a wheelchair gets chased and falls down a well or hole in the desert and gets saved by the bully that chased him...or something. Classic school sick day movie. I think I might have cried.
  6. Just reached a certain point of no return and have opened up a whole load of map that I didn't realise was part of the game. Holy shit, there is a lot of game left. Not complaining, still utterly compelling stuff just hope it doesn't outstay its welcome. Considering I didn't actually manage to get to trust level 3 on any of the Northern camps just by doing the story and 'checklist' stuff, I'm assuming there are better weapons still to get now that I can't access the other camps. I only have 2 minor bugbears now about 20 hours in. 1. I can't increase the difficulty and now it's a bit of a cakewalk with very little threat from anywhere and I'm drowning in resources. The game probably warned me I couldn't change it but I stuck it on Normal when I started it last year probably not expecting to finish it. Compared to something like The Witcher 3 where you can ramp it right up as you level up and the environment stays threatening, its a real shame. Clearing out enemy camps could become a real chore if its just a duck shoot. 2. The pointless amount of XP you get from turning in bounties and animal skins. Turning in a few hundred after a few days and barely making a dent is a bit of a downer. Its a good job the world traversal is still pure joy.
  7. Suddenly very aware that they of course weren't actually Nazis at that point . In my defence, am listening to a podcast about Hitler at the moment and got my wars all mixed up. I was referring to scene in the burning town where the German soldiers just kept jumping out of every building but just kept missing him.
  8. 1917 (2019) Masterful on pretty much every technical level, cinematography, editing, set design and apart from 1 pretty ropey standout misstep, the CGI was very well done. Performances were great on the whole with some fun cameos. However, something was missing and I'm not sure what. It just felt like it should more gripping than it was and the intended emotional outpouring by the end didn't feel earned. The stormtrooper levels of weapon aiming from the German soldiers also took me out of it a bit. Enjoyed it on the whole though as I am a sucker for a war film. 3/5 Feat Street 1994 (2021) Passable throwback slasher flick. Fun but forgettable except for the bread slicer. 2.5/5 An Innocent Man (1989) B-movie classic from my video shop worker days. Cliched and daft but evocative of a definitive age of straight-to-video. 4/5
  9. Something weird is happening with this game. I'm actually looking forward to and am invested in cut scenes. It's not the best story in a videogame ever, not even close, but the more time you spend with the characters, the better the writing seems to get. I'm grabbing a beer instead of grabbing my phone when they pop up. Game still feels really good too. Bike is getting pimped out, got myself an LMG and even ticked off a couple of hordes. Just riding in to the mountains, pulling over and sniping a few freakers is incredibly satisfying.
  10. If I've read it right, the upgrade is to the Digital Deluxe version so I'm assuming you can sell the disc on afterwards? Wouldn't put it past Sony to put in some authentication in there but it sounds like it just converts it to the native PS5 digital edition.
  11. I wrote this earlier this year and can't believe what a load of shit it turned out to be or maybe I was in a bit of grumps that day. Since then, I turned 48 and I've pretty much ditched Destiny (for now at least, I'll be back I'm sure) but have so far this year completed Spider-Man, Last of Us 2, Dishonored, Ratchet and Clank, Sniper Elite 4 and am working through the brilliant Days Gone now . I've also got a stack of indie titles lined up for when I'm done thanks to this thread. Weirdly enough, the big factor was actually getting an OLED TV. Together with the new consoles, it's gaming nirvana and am enjoying my 80 hour open world adventures just fine.
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