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  1. The RT looks like a noticeable upscale even just in a YouTube video. I just don’t think I can do 30 frames sadly. Will wait for the PS6 upgrade.
  2. Albert Finney version is on Prime. Get it watched, will always be the best Scrooge.
  3. Anybody seen the extended version? It’s a tenner now on streaming and apparently it has more in it, which I’d happily pay a few extra quid for. I’m nearing the end of full MCU rewatch incorporating all the ones I’ve missed over the last couple of years so thought I’d get this lined up as it’s not on D+ yet.
  4. Yeah, it’s semantics but they put out a load of free ‘DLC’ that came out shortly after launch and was a few side quests, outfits, armour sets and erm, some haircuts. The expansions actually came out as physical discs with a couple of full decks of Gwent cards. They’re lovely things. Have tried to get my wife to have a game with me a few times but she just looks at me with a combination of bitterness, regret and contempt.
  5. HoS is relatively short but B&W is another 30-40 hours. Totally worth it though and depending on how long it's been since you played the main game, with the upgraded visuals and mechanics, it'll feel more like a sequel. Yes, HoS integrated in to the main game if you have it installed and you can start it very early if you so wish. A quest appears in your log marked as HoS and you can go off and do that if you like if you are high enough level. It does have some dialogue changes and stuff if you do it before the end but nothing to worry about. It takes place in Novigrad and Oxenfurt so you can still do other side quests and stuff from the main game if you like. B&W likewise appears quite early as a quest you can go off and do but it takes you to a completely new area and definitely works better as a post game adventure. Everything is very clearly signposted as DLC quests so they can just sit there until you're ready.
  6. Yep, it's the whole package. ...and it's the perfect time to get on the case with the DLC. Hearts of Stone in particular is just a perfect 10-15 hours revisit back to the world. Blood & Wine is no slouch either and is an entirely new area so feels different enough after spending so long in the main areas.
  7. Update has cross-save, could you not just pick up on Steam where you left off on XB? I'm assuming it will work on historical saves, not just new ones? They said it works the same as Cyberpunk so maybe someone else can confirm.
  8. Not a huge amount revealed there. 4K/60 and RT modes of course, photo mode and some 'improved gameplay'. All looks very nice and for a free update on a nearly 8 year old game, can't complain. Any excuse to play it again and this will likely be the best the console versions will ever be so yeah, roll on 14th.
  9. Fired this up on Xbox SX yesterday as I was curious as to my progress on the last plyathrough that I left about a year ago and oh man, the music kicks in, the atmosphere, the scenery, everything, it's like coming home. Nothing else like it in gaming (....except maybe Skyrim). I'm going to start again aren't I?
  10. Just had to go and get myself some petrol in the next village so I could blast the bastard in the car for a few miles. The bassline for Flat Iron gets me right here... /points at nut sack I can't believe 'Machines' is 10 years old!
  11. New Enei album is ridiculous.
  12. Spidey 1 was late 2018, 5 months after God of War. I suspect it’ll be Christmas next year so over 5 years, plus yeah, Insomniac is some kind of magical game dev dimension. Can’t bloody wait either way.
  13. Not watching this trailer, its an instawatch based on the first film and that cast.
  14. The recentish Spurrier 12 issue run back under Vertigo was actually really good, felt like old school Vertigo JC. DC clearly want to just keep him in the superhero fold now. Shame but there are so many Hellblazer stories to go back to. Many of them I haven’t read since original publication.
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