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  1. Anything with overpriced American houses being sold by overtanned American models is great news. Means my wife will have something to watch and I can fuck off and play videogames.
  2. Yeah, I wasn't really paying too much attention to it other than it looked very silly and fun and I just assumed it was a sit on the sofa laughing at each other game but no, it's It's a Knockout crossed with a battle royale. Still looks fun though and my own fault for making assumptions.
  3. Does Fall Guys have local co-op/comp? Looks like the perfect antidote to boring rainy summer holiday afternoons with the kids.
  4. Noob question: I wanna pick this up for my boys birthday. I've finally relented as all his mates are playing it online. Is the £9.99 version I can pick up from cdkeys the same as the one on the Epic store? https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/grand-theft-auto-v-5-gta-5-premium-online-edition-rockstar-social-club-pc I.e. - he can add Epic friends and play exactly the same game via the rockstar launcher as the Epic launcher? (Fucking PC complicatedness!!) Ta!
  5. Fear City is up and is pretty great so far. Stories of the New York mafia in the 70s recounted by hilariously stereotypical old timer New York gangsters all with a disco soundtrack.
  6. Am I missing something or is there only options for closed captioned English subtitles on certain titles? Started watching Caliphate last night and the [indistinct chatter] and [foreboding music] every 5 minutes pretty much ruins it for me. Obviously they should have CC options but standard subs should be in there too.
  7. Not sure I could have got through 2020 without Idles. They are indescribably brilliant.
  8. Never played a Watch Dogs game but was intrigued by the idea of finally getting a 1:1 version of London to mess about it in. A city that I actually know intimately up there on the screen, albeit a futuristic version of it. Watched some of the footage and immediately it all just looks so dry and boring. Then I saw that fateful tutorial tooltip 'press O for silent takedown' I'm just not sure I have the energy to play any more huge sprawling open world game anymore with the same shoot/stealth/drive mechanics just because oooooh, ray-tracing. Next gen is not enticing at all yet.
  9. This is the most rllmuk thread ever. This is a great and unique show, everybody go and watch it now.
  10. This really doesn't work at all but the accidental title made me lol https://rave.dj/LCICyi99_BAXmw
  11. The first in what I hope will be a series of the finest drum n bass monsters and 80s electro pop. https://rave.dj/RduCsvQO-66TQg Dillinja and Howard Jones
  12. Please tell me you didn't write that post on a mobile device. Makes my thumbs hurt just thinking about it.
  13. Looks fucking bananas and there's no way this isn't getting played on a Series X.
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