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  1. Good stuff. See you both at approx. 9:45pm.
  2. Anyone around tonight after the football?
  3. Hi guys, When does the league start? Cc: @SaintM @tomakasatnav Thanks, Graham
  4. Never mind the game play mate. If you look above you’ll see I’ve raised some very important concerns regarding the extended visuals during pack openings. Once my concerns have been fully addressed by the wider forum then you can get your voice/opinions heard. Thanks in advance.
  5. The new journey when opening packs is very fucking annoying. All the way through those stupid fucking doors to get hit with some 73 rated shit cunt.
  6. Anyone around tonight? 8pm onwards...
  7. The league was never going to work without at least trying to drive up numbers outside of our own folder, which we’ve done with a decent bit of success previously. The starting numbers were too small. We needed a contingency plan/backup numbers for when Jamin and a few others inevitably decided they didn’t like the game... See you all next year.
  8. It would be ideal if we could get @SaintM back in charge and the websites up and running again. I’m not sure how much the load can be shared from a website point of view but a technical assistant to lessen the load might be a good idea. Also, I’m sure there would be a few willing helpers from an admin/steering group point of view. The numbers look decent so far but ideally we’re wanting as close to 60 as possible. Perhaps we could look at the wider forum, Twitter and Facebook again? Or even stuff as simple as everyone trying to get at least one other person
  9. Jamin my dog is dead, mate. Show some respect, please.
  10. Ditch this spreadsheet carry on and get the websites back up and running, Saint. The official and traditional approach is the way forward. Happy to get involved in trying to drive up numbers ahead of FIFA19, it would be good if we could get close to historical numbers again. We’ve still got the Twitter and Facebook accounts there too which should help.
  11. Happy to get involved to try and help drive up numbers ahead of FIFA 19 too...
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