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  1. Cardboard purge continues: Lorenzo Il Magnifico - £30 Heaven and Ale (German, but no text and English rules printout included) - £25 Agricola - All Creatures Big and Small (small dent in the corner of the box but everything is pristine) - £12.50 Pending to Alexlotl Fresco Big Box (unpunched!) - £40 Everything is in excellent condition, all prices include p+p, etc etc etc.
  2. It does mean I tend to get up and do other stuff whilst I'm cruising to a destination. Only a matter of time before I return to the PC and find I've been interdicted and blown to shit.
  3. I'm tempted to make my way over there but I would last about 30 seconds in my unengineered python. Should get started on the engineering grind I guess. Some good changes have come in since o picked this back up a week or so back. Mining is far more enjoyable and lucrative now, and supercruise assist is a godsend.
  4. Games for sale! Die Tavernen Im Tiefan Thal - german edition, but no text on the cards and english rules included - £25 Sold to frumious Riverboat - £25 Sold to jonnyalpha Minerva (Deluxe edition) - £20 The Climbers - £17 Sold to jonnyalpha All in excellent condition. Prices include P+P.
  6. I'm going to buy this purely on the basis of this thread title. Well played, sir. Well played.
  7. A few bits up for sale...
  8. I'm just praying that it doesn't get cancelled before reaching a conclusion. I still haven't come to terms with Counterpart.
  9. Fudge

    The Division 2

    Is there a PC clan for mukkers?
  10. Games for sale, who will buy my lovely games for sale? All prices include postage. Altiplano : The Traveller expansion - brand new and sealed - £15 Alchemists - Kings Golem expansion - brand new and sealed - £15 Glass Road - german language edition but easy to understand - £15 Pending sale to cavalcade Alien Frontiers - 4th edition with some small expansions - £25 Snowdonia - £30
  11. Fudge

    Battlefield V

    Managed to get to the top of the scoreboard as a medic. Zero kills.
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