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  1. I need racing line on at the moment as I don’t know the tracks. Well, I’m probably okay around Interlagos and maybe Laguna Seca, but that’s about it.
  2. @DAQster, have sent you an FR. My PSN is stargiraffe.
  3. Hi @DAQster, welcome. I remember playing some Destiny with you many years ago in another life. I only picked up GT Sport a couple of weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it, even if I do get frustrated at my own incompetence.
  4. Thanks @marsh. Had a few goes in the Clio and tried Sardegna with the only qualifying car I had. For some reason I thought the Sport race section would be locked as I currently don’t have Plus, but this is clearly not the case. I’ll add you too if that’s okay?
  5. Parasite. Enjoyed it, but it was extremely predictable. Ending was a bit silly. 3/5.
  6. Thanks @jonathanhoey. Re-read your earlier post and you clearly state three different events, and whatever I picked only had two. Clearly not paying attention. I’ll have another look later.
  7. Went to do my first daily race time trial. Oh piss off it’s a rally. I haven’t done any rallying yet and I don’t have a qualifying car. Anyway, finished my next round of missions and my reward was a qualifying rally car. Had one go and set a time that will bother absolutely no one.
  8. Apologies for asking an undoubtedly dim question, but how do I do the daily race time trials? On another note, I’ve played some more of the campaign and had my first experience of a really aggressive AI driver. As I worked my way towards the front, I appeared to be dragging the car I’d just taken fourth from with me. Once in the lead, I created a small gap, which he soon closed and then drove straight into me on a tight corner and took the lead. Caught him up, passed him and two corners later he did the same thing. Cheating bastard AI.
  9. The top one in @Adrock’s post above. That’s quite beautiful.
  10. Those are excellent @beakbeak.
  11. Given up on a PS5 for the moment. I haven't really tried that hard to get one and at launch I decided to wait for three months when things would have settled down and it would be easier to get one. Well that hasn't happened yet. I'm just going to wait until I can walk into a shop and buy one, whenever that may be. I was lucky enough to get a Series X in late January and I'm extremely happy with that.
  12. Outbreak. This was terribly nineties. Funny, it screamed Harrison Ford as the leading man and Dustin Hoffman seemed a strange choice. Only when I googled afterwards did I find out that Ford had indeed been first choice. Utterly predictable with lots of very average performances. Donald Sutherland in particular is terrible. Two completely unsurprising plot twists out of five.
  13. I can't tonight, but intend to when I can.
  14. My little boy quite likes Love Monster, but the music is indeed very catchy. Bluey is coming to CBeebies. Saw a trailer the other day. Mine is obsessed with Go Jetters, Danger Mouse and Andy’s adventures.
  15. skondo

    Old Age Gamers

    I’m 49 and have been playing games since Combat on the Atari 2600. The proper wood effect six switch version. I don’t play anywhere near as much as I would like, but that’s partly due to having a four year old son - yes, we left having children rather late. I tend to play offline single player campaigns as my online experience, particularly with randoms, is that everyone’s an arsehole. I’m sure this isn’t true of the rllmuk community though.
  16. @Junker Thank you. Did some more driving lessons and missions and I’ve also started the campaign. Starting to get to grips with offline at least.
  17. I liked the Last Guardian reference in the Shadow of the Colossus remake and as has already been mentioned, Destiny in ODST, but I believe this has been removed now. Also the board games in The Last of Us.
  18. Hi McSpeed, my psn is Stargiraffe.
  19. Thanks Junker. Finished the beginner’s driving lessons and I’ve completed a few missions too. I also watched the etiquette videos as I wouldn’t want to “look bad” online. I haven’t been online with GT since GT5 prologue, so it’s been a while. Will definitely add some people.
  20. I miss House of Fools. BBC cancelled after two series. Such a shame as it was so ridiculously silly.
  21. Nearing the end of season one and I’ve enjoyed it when Jennifer Connolly is on screen, but otherwise it seems rather dull. Also fed up with the level one direction. Emotional bit - some slow motion, intense looks, music builds, more slow motion etc...Fight sequence - frantic music, screams of rage, blood spurts, slow motion, anguish, more screams, intense looks to camera...oh the humanity etc... Just want someone to start shouting ‘Fenton’ in the middle of all the kerfuffle.
  22. I have just bought this for £7.99. Only completed some of the driving school challenges so far, but I’m really enjoying it. Will try some online races shortly hopefully.
  23. Going back somewhat, but I loved The Fourth Protocol on the Spectrum.
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