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  1. Didn't see the match, but always nice to read that the Hammers beat Man U.
  2. My aqua shift Series controller arrived on Sunday. It’s really rather lovely.
  3. Really love the new Baba Ali album.
  4. Picked up the new Baba Ali album yesterday. Really enjoying it, excellent stuff.
  5. I’m no burger aficionado, but we were at The Big Feastival today and I tried a Mother Flipper burger. Was very good, but not exceptional.
  6. We’re off to Feastival tomorrow, mainly so my little one can see Andy and the Odd Socks. Today was good fun. My little bear enjoyed seeing Andy and the Odd Socks and he liked Sophie Ellis Bextor too. Morcheeba were excellent.
  7. @Fry Crayola. Oh I see, I honestly can’t remember, but definitely possible. That would make sense, thank you.
  8. No, it's definitely changed. I decided to convert my Gold to Gamepass back in, maybe February, and I think it converted one year of gold to three months Gamepass. Today, one month of gold converts to one month of Gamepass. I wondered when the change happened. I didn't do the three year top up as I did it ages ago and stupidly cancelled Gamepass later. I can't use the offer twice. *I mean Gamepass Ultimate.
  9. Just upgraded to Gamepass. When did they start converting Gold to Gamepass at 1:1?
  10. @Festoon. I’ll give you permission to go ahead on Goldfrapp. I love, well, loved Goldfrapp for a long time. I still like them, but I’m not the fan I once was. I like Ooh La La, but it’s far from my favourite song.
  11. Drop Dead Gorgeous. 1999 mockumentary about a small Minnesota town beauty pageant. Great cast - Kirstie Alley, Allison Janney, Ellen Barkin, Amy Adams, the wonderful Sam McMurray and Adam West as…Adam West. Pretty good. Manages to offend and make you cringe. Despite never having been to the US, I always find interpretations of small town America enthralling as they’re always so damned odd. No exception here. The overall story is predictable, but there are a few surprises on the way. Allison Janney in particular, is wonderful. 4/5
  12. Definitely idiot gamer here: Alpha Protocol has a hacking/decryption mini game. Came to the first one, couldn’t work it out, read the manual which was no help whatsoever, tried again, nope. My frustration wasn’t so much that I couldn’t do it, just that I didn’t even know what to do. Gave up. Bayonetta. Didn’t realise you could mix potions/lollipops yourself until I was about 90% through the game. Every single one I consumed I had bought. Mass Effect first game way back. I had never played any form of RPG before this. Side missions, well they sound boring, why would I want to do that, I’m just going to do the story. Result, at least 50% of conversation options not available and the final battle was incredibly frustrating with underpowered Shepard and support.
  13. Still playing 3 and while I’m still enjoying some of it, it has outstayed its welcome. As usual for a Mafia game the world you play in is wonderful. It is however, too damned repetitive and too buggy. I cannot complete one racket because the bad guy refuses to appear. Every so often the game completely freezes for a few seconds. Today I was on an assassination mission and I got to the final door to the room the guy was hiding in and Lincoln refused to open the door. He just stood there stretching and looking around. I am looking forward to finishing this as I have been playing this too long. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the time played stat doesn’t seem to be supported by Mafia 3.
  14. Not retro, but similar to @matt0 comments concerning Gal Gun. On a recommendation I tried a Senran Kagura as it was good fun and ‘very funny’. I knew something wasn’t quite right when the envelope arrived from Marvellous Games with a small ink stamp of a pair of boobs on it. I think I played the game for about half an hour, maybe an hour. While there were some slightly amusing lines in some of the dialogue, it soon found it’s level with characters just talking about squeezing each other’s breasts and a rather bizarre ‘panty’ eating competition. All the characters looked incredibly young too. It was turned off and sold pretty quickly.
  15. Forza Motorsport 2. Loved the handling. The demo killed my 360, so once I had received a replacement from MS, I went out and bought FM2.
  16. Love this song so much. Wish The Cardigans were still going. Keep hearing this on 6music and it’s working its way into my head.
  17. Us. Really quite dull with some awful stereotypes. Had high hopes as I quite liked Get Out, but watching this felt like work. 2/5.
  18. Finished watching Them. Genuinely not sure what it was trying to do. Horror/mystery and racism. Production values were clearly sky high, but I didn’t get it. Was intrigued by the first few episodes, but it really didn’t know where to go and suffered from a completely unsatisfactory ending. Very disappointing.
  19. Love both of these.
  20. One Upon a Time in Hollywood. Brad and Leonardo were great and the world was perfectly realised. Shame it didn’t do more - 4 out of 5. The Descent. Really liked the beginning and set up, but then it turned into standard jump scare monster movie - 3 out of 5.
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