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  1. Bounced off this a little while ago, not because I didn't enjoy it, it just didn't grab me at the time. However, recently I continued from where I'd abandoned it and I'm really loving it. I'm not terribly good at it, but I'm enjoying my time in my Esky V1 and Esky V2. I even enjoy the free roam, just listening to the great music and finding the collectables. I noticed that 'a company' is making a physical edition which is rather lovely, but overpriced of course.
  2. I can't say completed, but I've played as much as I want of Match Point Tennis. It plays quite a good game of tennis and the bare bones presentation does mean you don't have to wade through pages of menus. The career structure is what you'd expect. I created a female character as I expected to play best of three sets, which is exactly what happens other than in qualifying where you play one set and then in Grand Slams where rather strangely you play best of five. I struggled with the aiming to begin with, it's not as intuitive as Virtua Tennis, but once you grasp it, it plays really nicely. The character models are appalling and none of the big names are present. Some of them bear absolutely no resemblance to the real tennis person. Tim Henman is quite hilarious. Overall 3/5.
  3. Trying the six month Apple TV trial on PS5 and decided to try this. Only seen three episodes, but it’s quite wonderful.
  4. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It's one of my favourite films. Just brilliant. 5/5.
  5. Shattered Glass. Hayden Christensen is Stephen Glass a writer for New Republic magazine, who seems to find lots of interesting stories. Saw this many years ago, spotted it on Prime and fancied watching again. Feels like quite a light take on this true story and doesn’t feel terribly dramatic 3/5.
  6. Tenet. Quite enjoyable, but I did need to rewind a few times and there were some ‘hang on a minute’ moments. Robert Pattinson was excellent. 4/5.
  7. Thor: Love and Thunder. Was okay. As SeanR says above, not enough of Christian Bale. Music irritated the hell out of me though. 3/5.
  8. Very disappointed that Bones didn’t sing any of his lines.
  9. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Magnificent film. 5/5.
  10. If I get my ears syringed, can I ‘unhear’ that?
  11. Just watched the first two episodes and really enjoyed it. Definitely intrigued.
  12. Finished this series now and my comments above remain. I did think the last episode, despite some good moments, was extremely weak. More Earn, Darius and Paperboi please.
  13. Struggling a little with this series, generally due to this episodes outside of the timeline I know and love, however otherwise this is superb. ”So, is this your first time apologising for white people?” Also, I love Darius more and more.
  14. I started this on Series X recently and I’m really enjoying it. The beginning was slightly odd as I couldn’t help but try to play it as a cover shooter as you’re quite weak and underpowered. However, there’s no snap to cover or shoulder swap for aiming, so initially I don’t think it plays well. As you get stronger, then the game improves and I didn’t feel the need to try and play it as a cover shooter. It’s also rather gorgeous to look at. I loved the mission to find the phone.
  15. I wish there had been an Indie in Southampton, but I can’t recall ever seeing one.
  16. I remember being very happy with finding a PS2 copy of Ico in the Salisbury branch and a used copy of Rez in one of the many branches of Game that were once in Southampton. I liked Gamestation in Southampton. Bought my 360 there, my PS3, 3DS. However I do remember one guy getting my game disc for me (Resident Evil 5 I think it was), as he was trying to put it into the box he dropped it, then trod on it, picked it up, wiped it across his jeans and then put it in the box. I hated Game’s old price match trade in policy. I remember arguing with a manager/assistant manager as he stated the price match had to be the same day, but the Game website didn’t say this, it stated within 24 hours, so I’d do my CEX price match the night before and go in early the following day. Had to show them the t’s and c’s from their website.
  17. Didn’t get three. It does have a particular look though.
  18. £20.00? £30.00 more like. It is not worth it. At least an art book is better than some plastic tat.
  19. Love Katy J Pearson. Catchy tunes and such a great voice. The owner at my local indie was mortified when I went in to collect the indie exclusive vinyl of her previous album and he’d forgotten to order it for me.
  20. I know limited or collector’s editions are overpriced, but for what you get with this one, the price seems astonishingly high. Is it me? (Grumpy old man who loves CE’s, but is saving money for little bear’s (son’s) future). He is my little bear and that will never change.
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