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  1. Forza Motorsport 2. Loved the handling. The demo killed my 360, so once I had received a replacement from MS, I went out and bought FM2.
  2. Love this song so much. Wish The Cardigans were still going. Keep hearing this on 6music and it’s working its way into my head.
  3. Us. Really quite dull with some awful stereotypes. Had high hopes as I quite liked Get Out, but watching this felt like work. 2/5.
  4. Finished watching Them. Genuinely not sure what it was trying to do. Horror/mystery and racism. Production values were clearly sky high, but I didn’t get it. Was intrigued by the first few episodes, but it really didn’t know where to go and suffered from a completely unsatisfactory ending. Very disappointing.
  5. One Upon a Time in Hollywood. Brad and Leonardo were great and the world was perfectly realised. Shame it didn’t do more - 4 out of 5. The Descent. Really liked the beginning and set up, but then it turned into standard jump scare monster movie - 3 out of 5.
  6. Fable 2 was my favourite, just ignore James Corden.
  7. Debbie Harry, Susannah Hoffs and Tracy Tracy. A little later I really fell in love with Siouxsie.
  8. England were the second best team in the tournament, that’s pretty good. Unfortunately ended with three crap penalties. Saka’s and Sancho’s were both tame and Rashford’s was the worst, as you have to hit the target and he didn’t do that. Fuck all the detractors and all the negativity. England had a great tournament, but just weren’t the best.
  9. Still playing 3 right now and had an amusing incident yesterday. While looking for some back streets trying to escape the rozzers, I accidentally drove into Burke's vehicle salvage, so I looped around and came back out. The police on Burke's land triggered a defensive response from his men and this led to a full on fire fight that lasted about 20 minutes with me cowering behind a concrete barrier most of the time. It was complete carnage with civilians caught in the crossfire too. It was quite spectacular.
  10. I really enjoyed the first one, not that I got close to completing it. I remember really struggling with the handling in TDU2 and gave up having played under an hour I think.
  11. Haven’t watched any football matches for ages, but I’ve noticed that offside flags are being raised extremely late in this tournament. Has guidance changed at some point?
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