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  1. Bugger. I've gone and bought it now. £6.85 at Simply Games.
  2. I’m with @Mr. Gerbik on this one. Absolutely love the first one, despite starting it numerous times due to losing interest after the first mission. I bought it off the shelf without really knowing what it was, I just liked the sound of it from the blurb on the back of the box. I had never played any form of RPG before, so initially I thought it was a little clunky and the combat wasn’t terribly engaging. I think I expected a shooter like Halo or Gears. However, on my third or fourth attempt I persevered and was ultimately rewarded with one of my favourite games ever, even though I didn’t really do any side missions. I hadn’t played an RPG before so didn’t quite get levelling up. As a consequence, by the time I reached the final battle, I wasn’t really strong enough, so I remember it being very challenging. On my second play through I did everything, which simply confirmed my love for the game. Particularly fell in love with the detail including the brands and logos of the different weapon and armour manufacturers. Gorgeous electronic soundtrack too. I also enjoyed ME2, but I didn’t have the same love as for ME1. I hated the levelling up as it was oversimplified and the detail of ME1 was lacking. As for ME3, I gave up fairly early on as it simply didn’t hold my interest.
  3. Thanks for responses @Popo and @CheekyLee.
  4. This is my first Animal Crossing and although I’ve been playing almost every day, it’s only been for 30 mins or so each time. Please can someone tell me where I can get a slingshot from? I’ve checked Nook shopping, asked Timmy and I don’t have any DIY instructions for one either.
  5. Don’t know if this counts as a guilty pleasure, but I love Class with Andrew McCarthy and Rob Lowe. Utterly predictable, but great fun.
  6. Well I loved this. Soundtrack is a little off sometimes and one particular battle wasn’t as epic as it should have been, but it’s the best Star Wars for a while.
  7. I enjoyed the first two episodes of The Mandalorian. Only two negatives are the soundtrack which feels kind of cheap and one particular battle, which was nowhere near as epic as it should have been. Looking forward to the third chapter.
  8. Yay! Just arrived, game and three badges courtesy of the Nintendo store. Cancelled my console preorder a couple of weeks ago, which I regret slightly, but I couldn't be bothered with transferring everything to a new console and then selling the old one. I don't play Switch enough to justify two consoles. It does look like a gorgeous machine though
  9. My copy should arrive from Nintendo store today. It has been despatched, so here’s hoping.
  10. I've always considered myself to be fairly terrible at games, I enjoy them a lot, but I'm just not very good at them. Every so often a game comes along that I love so much, I keep playing it, so I get better. Sensible Soccer on the Amiga for example. None of my friends who played games regularly could beat me. Another friend, J, who had never played it bizarrely beat me 4-1. Clearly a fluke, so we played again. Nope, beat me 3-1. I just couldn't cope with how he played the game. I had a reasonable idea of how to pass, where to shoot from etc...and he played it like pinball. I think I beat him once. I was completely perplexed. I didn't play games much during the PS2/XBox/GC era, but played a lot more on PS3 and 360. Some games I considered myself to be pretty good at and I had completed some relatively tough games like Ninja Gaiden/2 and Bayonetta. I particularly loved Uncharted and had completed all three PS3 games on crushing. Generally I had started playing games on hard as my default setting. Okay, so perhaps I'm not as bad as I thought. Move forward to PS4 and Bloodborne. Nope. Cannot do it and don't have the patience. I don't think I even made it to the first boss. Also played Nioh. Was intrigued due to my love of the Ninja Gaiden games, however I was concerned about the difficulty. While playing the opening section I realised I had nothing to worry about as I completed it relatively easily and hardly took any damage. Right, I've got this. After this, the game starts 'proper' after you get out of a little rowing boat if memory serves correctly. Didn't make it out of that first village. Despite my hopes, I am terrible at games. Crushed.
  11. This does look incredible. I've never played the original Half Life, but have played 2 and the following episodes. Absolutely loved it. Sadly I don't have a PC capable of running this and I only have PSVR. Looks like I'll be watching this rather than playing it, something I've never done before. I do get the second tranche of my bonus in April, hmmm........
  12. This place is strange. Got a negative ‘tag’??? because I didn’t like something.
  13. Am really struggling with this series. Can’t recall an episode I’ve enjoyed.
  14. Still love One Dove’s Morning Dove White. Sublime production and Dot’s beautiful voice.
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