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  1. Watched season one ages ago and never got around to watching two, so I’ve watched two and three over the past couple of weeks. Absolutely loved it. Really like loads of characters, particularly Sam. I still like Bash too, but not too keen on the direction they are taking him. Seem to have rekindled my love for Alison Brie.
  2. Thanks @Paulando, ordered.
  3. My little bear is 2.5 now and his favourite is mushroom stroganoff. Really easy and lots of flavour.
  4. The obvious one for me is Bioshock followed by Halo 3 ODST.
  5. skondo

    Glastonbury 2019

    Didn’t see much a Glastonbury on tv this year as we were away on holiday. However I enjoyed some of The Cure, although they seemed strangely underwhelming for a headliner. Chemical Brothers were great and, as usual, Janelle Monae was phenomenal.
  6. I love so many of them, but I have real affection for Totoro and Kiki.
  7. Just finished watching this. Episode three didn’t really hold my attention, it seemed to drag, but episode four was brilliant tv. I too was seething Stoph and tears got me as well, complete wreck. I really don’t have the words to describe how appallingly these boys were treated.
  8. Two episodes watched. Not quite sure how I managed it without putting my foot through the tv. Rarely have I watched something that makes me both so sad and so angry.
  9. okay, because you said and oos again, I thought you missed out. Glad you didn’t.
  10. Just watching the Ashley episode. Is the Ashley song ripping off Head Like a Hole? ....apparently it’s a rework for Black Mirror. Was not aware of that.
  11. Did you get one or did you miss out @sofasurfer? Hasn’t appeared at Amazon or Nintendo store yet.
  12. Outer Worlds and Ori for me. 12 Minutes looks interesting.
  13. Well there you are. What a finish to season 3. I maintain that season 1 was poor and I only continued with it due to the positivity in this thread. Season 3 was phenomenal and I’m really excited for season 4. I love Drummer.
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