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  1. @Fallows. Was it sealed when it arrived? Just wondered because mine wasn’t. To be fair, there were no obvious signs of use, but usually this type of thing is sealed.
  2. Indeed. I felt really bad about returning the Switch to this huge company that doesn't pay enough tax.
  3. I backed this. On the basis of what little I've played so far, I'd say I didn't choose wisely. It's not very good.
  4. I just returned mine to Amazon. Decided I couldn't justify £310.00 for a nicer screen. My Animal Crossing Switch is fine and while the difference is obvious when the units are side to side, when the OLED version isn't alongside, I quickly forget the benefit.
  5. OLED arrived today and the screen is gorgeous. I have restarted Dread.
  6. OLED Switch due to arrive from Amazon today. I might restart Dread.
  7. Joker. Expected more from this. Really didn’t tell much of a story at all. I kept expecting it to do something and then it finished. 2/5.
  8. Free Guy. Good fun, some nice references here and there, but I’m sure I missed loads of them. Nothing surprising and probably about half an hour too long. 3/5 John Carter. Enjoyed this more than I expected to. It’s fine and probably didn’t deserve to bomb at the box office the way it did. You can definitely see the budget on the screen. 3/5.
  9. skondo

    Free Guy

    I just watched this, thought it was good fun, if probably half an hour too long.
  10. Gaspard Augé perhaps?
  11. This is great fun, if a little empty. The visuals and story are putting a huge smile on my face.
  12. Didn't see the match, but always nice to read that the Hammers beat Man U.
  13. My aqua shift Series controller arrived on Sunday. It’s really rather lovely.
  14. Really love the new Baba Ali album.
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