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  1. Had a quick couple laps on the Spa leaderboard today. Is there a best car to use for that? Is it all about straight line speed? I normally bring out the 911 but it's so tail happy. Also, please feel free to add me to your friends list (I need more friends, so alone etc.). Would like to compare times and intend to try and make a Monday night race at some point in the near future!
  2. Had a quick couple of laps. I find it very hard to hook up the GR3 cars I actually have in my garage. Washing wide and snapping into oversteer on exit. Tried the dodge and my favoured F-type but both feel poor, 1min 35 with plenty of time on the table but no easy way to extract it. Noticed all the top times use the R8 but I prefer not to follow the herd! Will get and try the Corvette if it is suggested.
  3. It's rolled over to the new Daily hasn't it... doh! I hate Interlagos. Went to take a screenshot and noticed it had gone. Is there anyway to find the prior Daily and your associated time? I managed a 2.09.8XX in a Hyundai Genesis (gift car I think). I had previously been running low 10's in an Aston V8 and Corvette, but the little Genesis held a much tighter line despite a slight disadvantage on power and top speed. I was always at the mercy of faster cars in the races, especially the TT. In fact, I hit the 2.09.XXX a couple of times in races when pushing hard, the car was that easy to drive. Is this weeks competition going to be Daily_B? Feel free to add me T4RG4_77 Edit - Sorry if it sounds like I was trying to shout 'I'm faster'. Nothing further from the truth, I think the car choice helped me!
  4. Small world. Jon and I work for Motorsport Network :-) I've been following this thread for a while and still haven't had a chance to get into a race. Love catching up with the replays, great stuff. Maybe next week...
  5. Tuesday night GT Sport races! Hell yes... I'd like to get in on this.
  6. For what it's worth - the right setup on wheel and pedals is the right setup for *you*. Often I jump onto someone else's setup at work and I hate it! The brakes are too grabby, the steering far too sharp. I like everything to be much smoother, and much slower.
  7. All will be revealed. Soon-ish.
  8. Ha, I was looking at that today
  9. T4RG4

    Far Cry 3.

    I'm finding I play this in fairly short bursts (30mins here and there). It hasn't really captured me to be honest. Feel like I've done a lot of it before and I'm not at all fond of the story. But I hate most stories in games! So nothing new there. If anything this game excels when you just go out exploring. When you make your own 'game'. Still, I cannot wait to try the co-op missions. Having said that all that there are some undoubted high-points that make this game so easy to talk about. Rigging a hut to explode whilst under Ak-47 fire and then legging it out towards the river, along a jetty as a I realise I've seconds to escape before the thing goes off and whoosh... the base goes up in flames as I leap off the jetty and into the river. If I didn't know better I'd have said the game slowed at this precise moment in time, just as I noticed the crocodile waiting in the water below me... Yes, straight into his jaws. Rolling around underwater, stab the mother and then crawl to safety on the other side of the river to survey the carnage I've caused. Every time I get into the water I get nervous. Aqua Monsters, hate 'em.
  10. T4RG4

    Formula 1 2012

    I wasn't entirely sure myself so I checked, and this is the information I received... The settings on the d pad set the brakes to the following: · Front – 61/39 · Neutral – 57/43 · Rear – 51/49 The slider in the garage modifies the value set from the dpad by up to 10% plus or minus. That's applied at all times, so if you were to move the slider to the front fully you would get the following settings: · Front – 67/33 · Neutral – 62/38 · Rear – 56/44
  11. T4RG4

    Formula 1 2012

    Brake Bias question?
  12. T4RG4

    Formula 1 2012

    That is no longer the case in 2012... the system was changed, we found a way to fully simulate the AI cars at all times even if they are on the other side of the circuit. The main difference this year is their ability to manage their fuel loads, in response to certain situations (having a lead, trying to escape, trying to catch etc.)
  13. T4RG4

    Formula 1 2012

    Interesting post. If I can answer some of the questions that keep you up at night feel free to ask away. I may answer those I can get away with
  14. T4RG4

    F1 season 5 IS OVER!

    China is awesome this year! Singapore... now that's one I don't enjoy driving.
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