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  1. Palace sign Jordan Ayew for £2.5m, that's £1.25m for every goal he scored last year in 25 appearances (one of which was against Grimsby), it's good value for a 4th choice striker/back-up winger, but isn't reasssuring anyone that there will be the much needed hige end striker and centre back we are despparate for. Talk of a £8m bid for perenial crock James McCarthy feels me with dread.
  2. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    This Tightwire track is tight
  3. It's Puma... Underclass is fair though.
  4. Big fan of the new Palace away kit
  5. It's not clever humour, but there's something I love about Kunt andthe gang:
  6. Big Heath addressig some Youtube comments
  7. skadupuk


    It's difficult to describe, very unique, sweet like cola but not quite as overpowering and makes a very caramel-esque drink with the rum without being as sickly as that sounds, if you've ever had sugar cane juice in Asia it'll taste familiar. It's good, but doesn't beat cola/lime, ginger beer or coconut water for me but was a very nice change (I wouldn't splash out if it's expensive, I got it on a deal) Re. the Dark N Stormy, cocktail ratio is 60ml rum to 100ml ginger beer and lime juice (10ml-ish), I like it a little too much so tend to do different strengths depending on how many
  8. skadupuk


    Zacapa 23 is £37.99 on Amazon, that's a cracking price for a very drinkable rum. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ron-Zacapa-Centenario-Rum-70cl/dp/B0046EP7NQ?ref_=Oct_DLandingS_PC_dc9b93d5_1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE
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    Ginger Beer (cloudy, Old Jamaice is good) with dark rum. Coconut water is nice with a decent golden rum. Also, tried this the other day and it worked really well.
  10. I've bitten the bullet an bought a couple of season tickets for Palace next season, will rotate the eldest (8) and middle son (5) probably with the eldest doing at least 2/3 to reflect his greater interest/being better age for it. They now get to see me be really angry and miserable surrounded by many other angry and miserable people, which is an upgrade on me ranting at a laptop every week,14 goals in the first 18 games last season what the hell am I doing to them... On the plus side, Morley's before every game!
  11. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    Really enjoying the album by Korean youngsters Drinking Boys and Girls Choir, skate punk that's very much like early Hi-Standard.
  12. Random Youtube recommended video, never heard of him before seeing this (some great lines in his Westwood session)
  13. skadupuk


    There's a bog difference between sipping rums and mixing rums, so it depends on what you've tried. Like most things it's personal taste, so it's not for everyone but I'd argue that a decent rum is just as complex and interesting as a whisky/whiskey.
  14. Am I the only one who cares about the fate of Ser Pounce?
  15. Palace scored 26% of their home goals (for this season) in todays match, 14 goals in 18 games before today...
  16. Took the middle son to Palace v Bournemouth, his only other game had been the home defeat to Brighton earlier in the season so he was due one. Cracking game to watch, and could have been 6 - 6 bit both teams wasted some chances, bu luckily ended 5-3 Palace. Best moment of the game was Zaha throwing a bit of a tantrum after a tussle where he gave away a free kick and getting booked, the Bournemouth fans started singing "He's gonna cry in a minute" to which he cupped his ears to them, afterwards Bournemouth's free kick was cleared to Zaha, he sprinted the length of the pi
  17. Anyone listening to the new album? It's really resonating with me and whilst they've always worn their Paul Simon influences on their sleeve, they've really upped the ante (in a good way) for this outing.
  18. Weirdly you would be better playinng Palace away, our home form has us 19th in the table but our away form 6th, 14 goals scored at home (of which I think 8 have been penalties) in 17 games but 29 goals in 18 games away. This is because we only play effectively against teams that attack us (we are incredibly good at soaking up pressure and counter attacking), stick a load of men behind the ball and hand us the lions share of possession and we don't know what to do with the ball and fail consisetently to break down a defence. In short,park the bus and nick a goal on the b
  19. By who? All we ever hear is people saying he's overated, moaning about his diving, saying he'd ever make it a at top club. I can't think of the last time I read much effusive about him before the latest transfer talk. Palace fans are quite realistic about his capabilities as a player, but he's still one ofthe most salable assets we have and is our "big fish in a small pond" that skill-wise stands a head and a shoulder above the standard of most of our players, in Palace-land we only get to see a couple of players of his calibre come through per-decade, it's a big deal f
  20. Zaha get's the headlines, but Wan-Bissaka has been the standout this season, he's had countless world class wingers in his pocket. We'll likely lose him in the summer for a healthy fee and whilst selling him to raise cash to build the team is probably the better option over Zaha it'll be a shame to lose such a talent. Looking forward to having a nose at Arsenal Fans TV later!
  21. There's no conflict whatsoever, however many own goals it takes to send them down! That said, we've been so shit of late that even with us trying I'd expect a Cardiff win.
  22. They've done an NPR Tiny Desk concert, including Longtime Sunshine, a track that was meant to close Pinkerton and a reminder of just how good even their discarded output was back then. A version was included on the Pinkerton special edition.
  23. Took the eldest to Palace v Huddersfield, he seems to be a talisman for producing god awful games of football that we somehow manage to win. Good luck Huddersfield fans for next year, fair play to sp many of them for making the effort to come down, hopefully they'll get to see the traditional winning run that already relegated teams seem to go on.
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