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  1. If your finishing were better in the first half and the bit of luck of the deflection hadn't happened it would have been very different, we only really play when we go one down or one up, you could see we hand the wind in our sails all of a sudden after the goal. I thought we both looked various shades of shite, and it's going to be a long season!
  2. The most 'Palace' 2nd half ever. Deflected goal to take the lead. Dominate for the majority of the second half. Have an opposition player sent off. All things that to most teams mean victory, not Palace, Hodgson in his wisdom brought on Benteke who pretty much fucked up everything that came his way, including a breakaway with Zaha that resulted in Wolves breaking up the other end and equalizing in the 93rd minute.
  3. Half-time at Selhurst park, in what has been a thoroughly dreadful game, Wolves edging it towards the end (one Guaita worldy save in there as well). Highlight of the first half for Palace fans was contuinaly shouting to the ref that the ball was off the line for Moutinho's corners (it wasn't) until the third one, when he came over to check and we all started taking the piss out the ref for believing us.
  4. I feel I must apologise for the state of the Arhur Waite stand and the godawful facilities in advance of your visit. If it gives you any comfort, we also stick our own fans in the same stand and (bar a small section of the main stand) the rest of the place is nearly as ropey, so it's nothing personal against away fans. We justify this as "it's a proper old school stadium" so I can only assume people in the old days liked overflowing urinals and fuck all space. You'll likely spank us no matter what your recent form, Palace scoring two goals they deserve is the first indi
  5. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    I like a song with a message, and I think this is a message we can all get behind!
  6. They couldn't use VAR for that, the ref had blown before the ball was struck so play was dead and there is no way the goal could have stood, the ref could have let play run and VAR review afterwards, so it's the ref rather than VAR that deserves your ire.
  7. Looks like that Karma has arrived sooner than expected... Can't wait to see Hodgson's minimisation of this shit show in the post match interview!
  8. The forum I linked to in the post above yours is your best bet as it's full of obsessives who have worked every angle imaginable in order to make their recipes as BIR authentic as possible, the prep work is key in making a good base sauce to build up from, some of the members posted some very useful videos and step by step pictures/instructions.
  9. That's a bit selective... I'll have you know we also massively fluked a win against Man U due some incredibly dubious reffing as well! The football gods karmic bite back off of those two games is going to be horrific, I reckon a home, 5-0 defeat to Brighton is on the cards.
  10. The more I listen to this guy the better he gets, the phone bit was great
  11. This is I think why the ref made the decision he did, it's the only thing I can see that even remotely makes any sense (it was a shite decision regardless, and undoubtedly Villa should have nicked a point). However it's important to think of the bigger picture here, my kids have seen Palace draw and win in the first two games at home, this will hopefully trick them into believeing that holding a Palace season ticket is a positive thing, and by the time they work it out they'll be in too deep to escape!
  12. VAR can't be used as the referee had blown his whistle prior to the ball being struck, so play was dead, the goal wasn't ever up for review.
  13. I'll reserve judgement for the highlights and replays (still on the train back), but I can believe it, he's fucked us over a couple of times before. Regardless Villa were really disappointing and pretty much played into our hnads in terms of how they set up against us, I'd be pointing the biggest finger at the managers tactics if I were you.
  14. Genuine "Wenger" from me, couldn't see it (season tickets up the other end), if you'd nicked a point it would have been robbery.
  15. Pre-game at Selhurst before the second home game of the season. Villa offered nothing, the fact that we only scored once makes me worried for the rest of the season given how much of the ball we had and the number of corners we got. Last minute Villa equaliser chalked off due to Grealish diving in the build up, cheers Grealish!
  16. I wasn't aware other teams were allowed to win in Fergie Time at Old Trafford!!!! A fair slice of luck in there for Palace, but dear god did we need a lucky game.
  17. Apparently Palace have offered Benteke a new contract... Pukki has scored more Premier League goals in 2 games than Big Ben has scored in 2 years. Even Darren Huckerby is mugging us off
  18. Completely forgot about this Frank Sidebottom story/song.
  19. It's like the start of an episode of Qunatum Leap, next up he'll step out and see that the only chance Palace have of winning is Benteke scoring... "Oh boy"
  20. Cahill will be joining us at Selhurst, seemed a bit confused by the shirt, maybe his agent had only told him someone had agreed his wage demands but not who...
  21. skadupuk

    Best New Music 2019

    "That kid from Stranger Things" has a band, they are surprisingly (given the histtoric actor/musican quality ratio) not too bad.
  22. Palace sign Jordan Ayew for £2.5m, that's £1.25m for every goal he scored last year in 25 appearances (one of which was against Grimsby), it's good value for a 4th choice striker/back-up winger, but isn't reasssuring anyone that there will be the much needed hige end striker and centre back we are despparate for. Talk of a £8m bid for perenial crock James McCarthy feels me with dread.
  23. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    This Tightwire track is tight
  24. It's Puma... Underclass is fair though.
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