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  1. I saw them in Brighton at 16 at my first non-local gig (small festival), as someone whose taste veered towards punk and hardvmcore, I would always find space on my mini disc for them.



  2. Despite the worst refereeing we've had at Selhurst this season (and we've had some diabolical performances from the men in black) we took 3 points.


    No idea how that Watford team beat Liverpool, they were all over the shop passing-wise and didn't have any bite about them, Palace weren't outstanding either but for once 3 points we absolutely deserved.

  3. Palace v Watford today, I'm expecting a loss, they've been a bit of a bogey team for us and love a bit of rotational fouling on Zaha (which leads to tantrums and cards for him).


    I fucking hate Troy Deeney...

  4. 1 hour ago, neoELITE said:

    Liverpool aren't ever going to win again. :lol:


    1 hour ago, neoELITE said:

    I think Bournemouth are in for a hammering now.


    0 for 2


    Which still leaves you as a better pundit than Shearer! 

  5. 33 minutes ago, Kieran said:

    As night follows day a defeat follows a victory. Easily the worst first half I have had to endure at Hillsborough for a long time. 3-0 down and utterly outclassed by Derby who had movement, control and tactical awareness while we just ran around like headlines chickens gifting them goals. I am running out of patience with Monk.


    How's Wickham getting on? 


    He looked like he needed to get up to match fitness at Palace, but we were still a bit surprised that we sent him out given our limited striking options and he was integral to two goals in his first two games back.

  6. 1 hour ago, DirkCrisis said:

    Crushingly disappointing. So many shots on target. Although I can't believe that early Benteke miss and the Zaha open goal fail right at the end. hI think we need someone a bit more collected in front of goal. Hoping McAllister has something of that if we allow him to ever play.


    Palace's defence was mostly pretty solid though.


    Hodgson has produced the best drilled defence we've  had (in my lifetime), but by god we are dull to watch since we've lost the counter attacking flair we had a couple of seasons ago.


    You were by far the better value team in terms of deserving the points, by that was some god awful finishing, some very odd choices of where and how to hit the ball.


    Your upcoming home fixtures don't look too great for picking up points, but I think there are at least 3 worse teams than you and you'll survive.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Stopharage said:

    What about Crawley? 


    Historically, Palace/Brighton started in the 60's and gained momentum in the 70's


    It in part relates to both teams going for promotion from Division 3 South one season.

  8. 23 minutes ago, DirkCrisis said:

    I’m not 100% convinced with Potter’s selection (why Murray on the bench again) but to add an extra dimension to an already weird tie a bunch of Bayer Leverkusen fans are over to support us.


    Zaha will annoyingly score.


    Murray will come on and score, it's a given.


    Best way to beat us is to sit back and let us come at you, we can't unpick a defence to save our lives, if you come at us we'll soak it up and hit you on the break (it's plan A B C and D)

  9. It's one of the two biggest games of the season today. 


    That's right big 6 fans it's the M23 derby!(though the M23 is shut in a couple of places so may be the A22 derby today)


    I don't know why I get in any way worked up for this game, we haven't bothered showing up the last 3 times and recent performances have been less than  encouraging, Brighton aren't having a good time either so I'm going for 0-0 with a Palace goal chalked off by VAR in the  88th minute.


    Might even just skip the game altogether and just watch this video on loop ("Ohhhh Andy Johnson's magic...")



  10. Roy Hodgson - "I need 4 or 5 players in the window and better quality than frees and loans can give you"


    Palace - "Here's Cenk Tosun on loan, and once he's injured and can't play the next match against host parent club, let's send another first team striker on loan"


    As for today's game we literally gifted Sheffield United the points, they weren't up to much (hadn't even had a shot on target when our keeper dropped it in his own net) and similar to several teams we have played this season were there for the taking if we could only score some goals, which we can't (22 goals in 25 league games now!)


    Our final run in isn't the greatest, hoping we pick some points up in the next month or so to calm the devil on my shoulder that is insisting we are going down.

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