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  1. Palace holds on for a 2-0. They sat back for the second half, which was a mistake given it was a complete change (and they dominated the first half by being on the front foot). Wolves really didn't do much, very odd set up by them first half and then waiting unti the 55th minute to make any changes lost them time. We were the better team overall (should have had more first half) so a fair reult I think.
  2. Palace running rampant, Wolves pretty poor, we should have had another 1 at least but given our recent poor form in front of goal I'll take a 2-0 lead. Michael Olise is the bargain of the century at £8 million.
  3. Palace looking good at Wolves, Mateta is raw but seems to find the goal. We've done nothing but give away leads all season, so I'm debating sticking a tenner on a Wolves equaliser straight away.
  4. At it again, you'd think they'd at least let some of the dust settle: https://www.caughtoffside.com/2022/03/03/new-european-super-league-launched-today/ Ten clubs will be launching a new attempt at the European Super League later today, according to reports. Not all the names involved last time are being mentioned this time, with just ten teams seemingly behind this revamped project, which would also bring slightly different rules from the closed-shop format that failed so spectacularly last year. Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool are the Premier League sides involved, though Arsenal and Tottenham’s names have not been mentioned on this occasion. Elsewhere, we would also see Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid from La Liga, as well as Serie A trio Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan.
  5. New Wet Leg No signs of the quality slipping.
  6. That is outrageous, beyond a farce...
  7. Taylore needs a knockout or nothing
  8. Palace were dull as fuck today, 3 games now where (bar one worldie from Zaha) we've looked like we could play for 4 days without scoring. Zaha seems like he might be a spent force, for a while now he's started to have negative effect on the attack (slows things down, then loses the ball immediately), and we have alternative options now, noone can work out why he's still getting picked at the moment. Biggest difference today was Chelsea's (multi-millions driven) ability to pull a bit of quality out the bag.
  9. I watched it on a dodgy stream. It had your boys nicking a late goal all over so I'll take the point but Palace worry me at the moment, we dominated the possession everywhere but the final third and have fornthe second game in a row have wasted an opportunity to use that possession to generate 3 points. Our run in isn't great, I'm thinking we've done enough to avoid getting too worried, but we need to start scoring goals again.
  10. More points thrown away by Palace, we were dreadful first half but completely overwhelmed them second half, we still lack the ability to kill games off.
  11. And then takes the worlds worst penalty...
  12. Zaha's been dreadful. Then bangs in a worldie.
  13. Fucking Palace 40 seconds in, 2 Norwich players, 6 Palace players, 1-0 Norwich. Pukki just stopped running, and all the Palace players carried on. *sighs*
  14. And the Hartlepool fans just booed the taking of the knee. So fuck em...
  15. Hartlepool fans in fine voice, hoping for a bit of good natured back and forth. I was today years old when I learned that Carlisle get battered, everywhere they go.
  16. The 'Monkey Hangers' are in town today. Should be fun (albeit a potential banana skin), whole ground has sold out and Hartlepool are bringing down 5,000. 10 quid for adults and 5 for kids/oldies, exactly the way it should be for this kind of game.
  17. You're Tonbridge way aren't you? I was at the Forum 2 or 3 times a week from 14 until I went to uni, went a few times when I got back but most of the gang had scattered by that point. It was always one of the last stops on the 'toilet circuit' before a band became a bit more famous (more than a few examples of TW Forum one week, first appearance on Top of the Pops a week later) I've occasionally popped in for stuff there, but it makes me feel old.
  18. Is that the Forum? *pines for lost youth*
  19. As far as I can tell they just caught the right wind (we probably aren't the right age to understand how this happens with social media), the main singer used to do solo stuff for a few years so isn't completely new to industry, but there's footage of them playing in 2018 to 3 men and a dog on the Isle of White so it would be interesting to understand how they were pushed up if they were, as their growth seems organic at face value. "in indie terms" is an odd phrase though, what does that even mean these days given the massive sea change in how people digest media? I'd argue that there's never been a better time for bands to be able to connect with an audience. It's not like the good old days when I found new punk bands from free CDs that came with poorly written and produced fanzines *shakes fist at cloud*
  20. No, you are just minimising it "Millions of people do it" And victim blaming "Exacerbated by the two children not wearing seatbelts" There have been years and years of "Don't drive in the morning if you've been drunk the night before" information and ads out there, and if you are blowing over the limit when driving in the morning it's not like you had a glass and a half the night before and just got unucky. I'm sure if it was your kids who died you'd be as forgiving.
  21. In defence of Palace fans, as far as anyone can work out he wasn't really a Palace fan and was a local, coked up 'day tripper' as United were in town. We don't love Cantona, but most agree the bloke getting kicked was a cunt. I still find it odd though that some teams still come down and sing Cantona songs, no one really cares about the event and it's quite baffling.
  22. I'm sure when you are slap bang in the middle of it, you either ignore the suggestion or don't want to believe it (who would want to believe that their achivements are in any way tarnished) It's almost as having a different perspective and/or experience can change the way you see and interpret things...how novel.
  23. TAA was up there as well, I'm surprised they were allowed to stay there.
  24. Can only imagine he'd say the same if the situation was reversed... Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool penalty: "I didn't see it. VAR thought it was a penalty that's why it went to the screens. I'm not sure why people are talking about it." He's admitted he's not even seen a replay.
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