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  1. Zaha never played in a competitive fixture, so there were no barriers to him switching.
  2. I felt bad for relegating Roy, but also grateful for his departure from Palace when, in a game Watford had no other option but to win and with them a goal down and a man down, Roy took off a centre back and replaced him with...a centre back.
  3. I'm also miffed that Palace aren't allowed to wear a badge commemorating their (long forgotten 3rd cup) Zenith Data Sytems cup win from 1991, an equally pointless achievement. (4-1 vs Everton at Wembley, my first trip there)
  4. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    I'd forgotten what a great tune this is:
  5. They didn't look desperate for a win though, we did nothing of note other than a couple of half chances, but they managed to do even less that. Still, I'll have a comiseratoty beer on the way home (it's like a celebratory beer...well that's it really, I like a beer on the way home)
  6. We always get stitched up with shit refs. A dull game regardless, fuck all to offer the neutral, unless something interesting happens in the second half I'd be on the phone to Sky for a refund.
  7. We can only dream of such excitement, after the shit fest at your gaff, I can't see this bring a classic. Your fans are quite lively tonight though, might be some decent banter for a change.
  8. He's a center back not a midfielder. That's one of our worst performances this season, no argument on the outcome, but Chelsea hardly set the pitch aflame with their dazzling skills.
  9. Hard to argue that they made a bad decision to not come so far.
  10. At Wembley teaching the kids that disappointment doesn't have to be cheap. I'm just drinking the World's Greatest Pint of Budweiser, at least I assume it is, being it was £6 fucking 85...
  11. The live version of All My Favourite Songs....with guitars I think it's a better song personally, has a Blue album vibe.
  12. Got to feel sorry for Schmeichel there, but hard to argue that Soyuncu's encroachment didn't affect the follow up given he cleared it.
  13. Palace seem to have next weeks semi-final on their mind. Two decent goals by Leiecester, but defintely some weak defending playing it's part (particularly the second). On the up side I was going to take my middle son up for an away day but skipped it due to the costs for next week.
  14. We've worked out that the walk to Thornton Heath is the same as to Selhurst from where we are (Main Stand) and hardly anyone heads there, so now go up there and get on an empty train before the bulk of people jump on at Selhurst. There's also shops to buy cheap lager on the way!
  15. I've had worse Monday nights... Celebrating in style!
  16. Last game against (possibly) Scotland or Wales where points are likely to be critical for at least one team? Best Tuesday night takings ever for pubs in the relevent nations I reckon.
  17. Picked up my FA Cup Semi-Final tickets today for Palace v Chelsea, logged on late so in the upper tiers (but this might be better with the kids). Will be nice for them to experience disappointment on this scale, a good life lesson for being a Palace fan in that even when it feels like things are going well it's fleeting at best. But even so, we are playing the "poor us having our bloodmoney taken away" gang so...
  18. He was £6m (rising to 8), he's an outrageous bargain at that price.
  19. After being shite (really shite) for 20 minutes, Palace have pulled their fingers out. Fantastic second goal and build up. Couldn't go today for family reasons, hoping we can see this out and I can take my two eldest to their first Wembley experience.
  20. An actual Palace player in the England squad! Two if we are allowed to count Gallacher! As a traditional Palace pessimist, I look forward to losing Guehi in the summer for a good fee, and wasting the money on a formerly decent but now elderly and/or injured replacement on stupid wages.
  21. I think it's as simple as a quotable catchy first song that just hit the right note at the right time. The ability for something to spread far and wide when it catches is just one of those modern things that I (in my old age) don't try and understand. *shuffles off to watch Nyan Cat video*
  22. 5 singles in (including the last one I posted) A lot (including on this thread) suspicion about how they have blown up so quickly, but the quality of output is very decent all the way through so I'mremaining optimistic for the full album.
  23. No, they can't have him back. They can have a lend of Benteke if they want.
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