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  1. They came pretty close to making it big ( signed to Sony, well known music management team who gave them a £70k advance, supported D12 at Brixton, on MTV TRL mugging off Dave Berry) Watch the doc and it all makes sense.
  2. Excellent documentary about the two lads from Dundee that blagged their way to a record deal with Sony by pretending to be yanks. Anyone else seen it? Link below (it's on iplayer) http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03cxf8y/Storyville_20132014_The_Great_Hip_Hop_Hoax/
  3. This again. Perfect for a lazy, post lunch, Sunday afternoon.
  4. This (it's pretty awesome stuff):
  5. http://www.scorchio.co.uk/snyders-buffalo-wing-pretzel-pieces-p-1367.html Out of stock at the moment, but I usually get them from these guys as part of a general "chilli stuff" order (highly recommended site, I have used them loads)
  6. The Jalapeno ones are pretty good (available in Waitrose)
  7. The Longpigs at the Tunbridge Wells Forum at some point in 1995. It kicked off my love of live music. I basically lived at the Forum every weekend until I went to university in 1998.
  8. These: and especially these: Great hangover cures (washed down with a Mars milk drink).
  9. Two irritating twats for the price of one (and I'm not talking about the tree)
  10. Right in the middle of the fucking road..........
  11. Looking like autumn ("fall") on Channel 5 http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/news/a487257/stephen-kings-under-the-dome-to-air-on-channel-5-in-the-uk.html
  12. I'm all for freedom of expression but this is just madness!
  13. Bodean's in Tower Hill provided my dinner tonight (well half my dinner, Mrs Skadupuk and I shared a Boss Hog Platter). I now have the meat sweats and can barely move but would gladly have a go at eating it again.
  14. Thank you. Will give it a crack when I get back from holiday.
  15. The one with the annoying student girl and her fucking "vintage dress" and her little shit eating nodding mate makes me want to put my fist through the screen.
  16. I agree it all looks lovely, but if I came round for dinner and the salad to curly fry ratio was like that I would have to kill you.
  17. I was freaked out the other day, went in to the local branch of CEX and they had an absolutely stunning petite blonde girl behind the counter. Took me a while to realise she worked their and hadn't been traded in by one of the local chav's against a grade B iPad.
  18. "Only joking, I love it!" And I would love it if you were struck by lightning you sniveling little shitbag!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzKKGxKM1z4
  19. Tonights mob look like a day release from a Norfolk borstal. I keep expecting banjos to start twanging in the background.
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