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  1. 1 hour ago, wev said:

    Are Arsenal still hovering around Zaha?


    Can't see it, the money we want for him (and have stood firm on) buys a much younger player, with better potential for resale/growth.


    He's 27 now, and he signed a 5 year contract at an incredibly healthy wage, £130k a week if the stories are true, so combine the age/fee/wages and he's not that appealing an option.


    I think he was short sighted, and shouldn't have signed the contract if he wanted a move.

  2. Batshuayi back at Palace, not a permanent solution but we need a striker asap (have done for the last 4 years) so I'll take it, hoping for a couple more new faces before the window shuts, but fuck knows (given our limited ability to get deals over the line)  



  3. Palace have royally fucked up the season ticket options for next year (even more galling given so many other teams have put together fair/reasonable options):


    1. Buy your ticket and pay in full up front for the season (excluding first 2 games where there are 100% no fans). Games will be assigned by ballot whilst capacity remains below the total number of ST holders. Receive a pro-rata refund for every game you don't get to at the END OF THE SEASON.


    2. If you are shielding (even though, officially it's not required/a thing now), pay £200 (£100 junior) to save your seat for next year, but you have to supply medical evidence to the box office of your shielding requirement.


    3. Give up your seat.


    Oh, and you've got 11 days to decide or that's it, your ticket is gone.


    You can create bubbles to sit with the people who you want to, but only if everyone's season ticket is bought in the same transaction (and it's a right fucker to setup on the online account).


    I have no idea how it ever got signed off, I can only assume a Brighton fan infiltrated the Sales and Marketing department.


    The less said about sending some random person in the box office confidential medical information the better!


  4. 3 hours ago, LowCostMonkey said:


    OMG, these are genuinely amazing! I've only ever had them once, years ago and could never find them again. I've been trying to find them ever since, like a fat greasy gollum trying to find his precious crisps. Thanks for the B&M heads up!




    £16.50 for 24 on Amazon.

  5. Whyte just got knocked the hell out by Povetkin, all that waiting for a title shot and it's gone in the blink of an eye, he looked pretty solid in the round before as well.

  6. 1 hour ago, Retroid said:

    That is some dodgy acting in the trailer. Not way this will be good.


    That was a mock concept trailer, a project made by an amateur film maker/fan in 2019 and they've taken that concept and are planning to develop it into an actual series, the series itself hasn't been produced yet.

  7. 25 minutes ago, Plissken said:

    Actually, it looks more French than GB.


    But all are absolutely fucking awful.  And I say that as someone who thinks Palace usually do good strips - that away sash particularly. Sorry @skadupuk that's a relegation kit, and deservedly so.


    I'm resigned to relegation this year anyway, at least it's not going to tarnish an otherwise great kit.


    This years away was a thing of beauty:


  8. Still (always) pessimistic about Palace right now...


    Unless we buy a significant number of new, talented, younger players it'll be a combined bore and shitfest.


    Hopefully Zaha's (likely) exit will force the board's hand and we'll be buying some fresh attacking players, that way Hodgson may be motivated to have a more interesting tactic than "pass it to Zaha and he might make something happen" 


    Brighton going down with us (us 2nd bottom, them bottom) is my measure of success this season. 



  9. 8 hours ago, Kzo said:


    Picked up a few Faith and New World in Tesco the other week. Really loved them both, especially Faith. Will definitely be ordering more of their stuff!


    They can be pricey, but their specials, one offs and collaborations have on the whole been excellent.


    I really got into them (as a brewery) during lock down and reckon I spent everything I saved on train fares from WFH on buying beer online from them, I recently signed up to one of their subscription boxes (after being on the waiting list for a bit).

  10. 9 hours ago, DirkCrisis said:

    It would be huge for Palace if he left but would they let him go for less than their valuation? I think there’s more value in retaining him than having a load of cash but if he’s being disruptive then maybe it would be best to at least get some sort of fee out of him.


    Is Hodgson leaving? Are they trying to get Dyche to replace him?


    He's eating a huge chunk of the wage bill, and is the main asset we have to fund a rebuild, he's contributed nowhere near as much as he should have for the season.


    We have the oldest squad in the league, and its been on the whole a very poor season for everyone involved, I think Hodgson has been hamstrung with the lack of investment and has worked a miracle this year (albeit a boring miracle), so I see him being in place for the last year of his contract next year.


    Why the fuck Dyche would want to come to us I have mo idea, he doesn't strike me as a man that would be excited by the draw of 'that there London' which is all we really have over Burnley.

  11. Roy Hodgson calls out Zaha for his half-arsed efforts post-lockdown:




    "It's obviously affected him because his form in the last few weeks has really been quite poor considering what he is capable of doing," Hodgson said.

    "It's a dilemma for the club and a dilemma for him if he is so set on leaving. If he feels he just does not want to be with us any more, that would be sad.

    "We still like him very much; we can't make him like us. This is a situation that only he and the club can sort out. I don't have an answer."


    Hodgson (aside from stupid red cards etc.) always shields his players, this is incredibly unusual, suggests (what a lot of Palace fans have suspected) that Zaha has been having a sulk this season as we refused to sell for below our valuation.


    His performances all through this year have been sub-par and it's undoubtedly caused issues (given he's our main creative outlet), he's almost certainly out the door this transfer window and it'll be a sad end to his tenure with us.

  12. 1 minute ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

    Best chance is a jammy win for Palace. 


    Pfft, much as I'd enjoy shitting on Spurs season, you'd be more likely to cheer up your afternoon by lumping a tenner on Spurs winning by 3.

  13. 20 minutes ago, Monkeyspill said:

    They actually sell a couple in Morrisons. I’ve tried “Vermont Sessions,” which was a Brewdog collaboration. I’ve gone off Brewdog a bit, but that beer was pretty nice.


    I don’t mind heavy/strong IPAs but don’t think I’d go for the 10%+ IPAs I was getting from Weird Beard again. 7% is about my limit now unless it’s a fancy Trappist beer.



    7.2%, and for my money the best core beer I've tried from  a craft brewery.

  14. I love Northern Monk, the heavier end (% wise) of their IPA range (Faith and Heathen) and their speciality beers are tough to beat, they do loads of collaborations as well.




    Their collaborations and specials are a bit pricey, but really enjoyable, the core range is reasonably priced so I tend to mostly chuck those in and add a couple of unique ones (I'm now subscribed to their fortnightly box, but there's a waiting list for that)

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