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  1. Palace will have 2,000 tickets available for the game against Spurs to distribute amongst the 12,000 (of 20,000) season ticket holders who renewed.


    After that fucking awful show against a dreadful Newcastle team (performance) they'll struggle to get more than 500 interested.


    Can't wait for Hoddgson's customary bland post game analysis "I thought we were unlucky..." funny how unlucky we've been for the last 3 years Roy.

  2. 16 minutes ago, dr_manhattan^ said:


    If you don't expect a Chelsea player to be a bellend you deserve what you get.


    To be fair, both Loftus-Cheek and Batshuayi were/are model professionals (when at Palace)

  3. 1 minute ago, bradigor said:

    Wow, that offside looked bollocks 


    Even discounting my bias, it's at least consistent with every other shit decision, unfortunately I think all teams will get decisions like that (Palace have had one) and we just have to hope it evens out.

  4. 56 minutes ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

    Palace unlucky with the offsides, still well in this. 


    46th minute before our first shot on target (from 20 yards out) tells you everything you need to know about our current capability.

  5. Wolves v Palace tonight, hope you Wolves boys enjoy the most possession (and probably goals) you will see this season!


    I know "it's a results business" but I hate watching us sit back and do nothing for 90 minutes and preying that Zaha is having a good day, the less said about the pass completion % the better.  



  6. Dreadful Palace performance, lucky to come away with a point, Hodgson's anti-football works 60% of the time but his continued lack of a plan B for when the game doesn't suit it is the reason some of the Palace faithful are losing a bit of faith.

  7. Palace have been shit as well, if we'd deserved a goal Brighton might feel (slightly) less hard done by, but before the penalty they were all over us.


    Thing is, whilst you'll always take the points gladly there's no joy in winning a game this way, derby or not.




  8. 49 minutes ago, Naysonymous said:

    Transport links are definitely a thing when it comes to rivalries, places have more cultural ties if it's easy to move between them. I've always felt that because the Brighton to London railway is such an incredibly busy line and that Croydon is a major stop on the line then Brighton & Hove and Crystal Palace are on each others radars just because of their increased visibility to each other when people are going about their day to day business.    


    Nah, it goes back to a load of silliness in the 60's (rivals for Div 3 South promotion, and some aggro at the games) and a number of events at games escalate matters from there, involving on and off pitch elements.


    The interesting thing is that (barring any changes/promotions in recent years) Palace are/were Brighton's next closest league team geographically speaking.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Gotters said:

    well its not a derby is it


    We had exactly the same debate in last years' thread, it's pointless and tedious.


    Call it a "rivalry" if it makes you feel better, it's long lasting and intense and matters to us, what other fans consider it matters fuck all.   

  10. 2 minutes ago, Gotters said:

    ah, the magic of the 46miles 1h drive apart 'derby'




    We are 46 miles apart?


    You learn something new every day, if only someone had brought that up every single time we play.....


  11. 1 hour ago, DirkCrisis said:

    M23 derby day! I appreciate there are only 2 members in this thread who have an interest.


    I guess we know Zaha will score but other than that I don't know which way it'll go. Probably 1-1 with Maupay giving us an early lead which we squander to a set piece 3 minutes later. Trossard to hit the woodwork at least 3 times.


    Morning  :bye:


    Tedious 0-0 with 98% of possession being in the midfield until the 95th minute, then a last gasp winner for your boys via lumped Sakho clearance that rebounds in off the back of Dunk's head.   


    Today most of all I'm missing going to games with my two eldest, nothing like the live derby day atmosphere for getting the adrenaline going (and indoctrinating them so they don't get influenced by their mates to support a good team)

  12. 7 minutes ago, Smoothy said:

    I don't get it. Those £15 PPV games are for games that isn't covered under the Sky Sports or BT Sport sub at all. So if there wasn't a pandemic it wouldn't be screened at all.


    Yes some people would have paid a season ticket already but that's an argument between them and the club, not to do with the broadcaster? The clubs should be refunding the cash or allowing season ticket holders to view their games for free?


    That said, £15 is a fair bit of cash though, you'd think they'd make it very cheap or for free.


    It's even worse if you support a "lesser" team like Palace, where your games are shown on Sky/BT less often, so you'd end up paying for more £15 matches than the fans of the 'big' clubs. 


    Based on  the below (from the last "normal" season), a Southampton fan with Sky/BT also has to pay for 30 games/£450 to watch every game vs 9 games/£135 for a Liverpool fan.


    All clubs are guaranteed income for minimum number of games, but that doesn't actually mean they get to be shown at least that many times.


    Most-Televised in 2018/19 season:)

    Liverpool                        29     TV income: £33.5m
    Manchester United         27    TV income: £31.2m
    Man City                         26    TV income: £30.1m

    Tottenham                     26    TV income: £30.1m
    Chelsea                         25    TV income: £29m
    Arsenal                         25    TV income: £29m
    Newcastle United         19    TV income: £22.3m
    Everton                         18    TV income: £21.2m
    West Ham                     16    TV income: £19m
    Wolves                            15    TV income: £17.9m
    Leicester City                 15    TV income: £17.9m
    Fulham                         13    TV income: £15.7m
    Brighton                         13    TV income: £15.7m
    Crystal Palace             12    TV income: £14.6m
    Cardiff City                     12    TV income: £14.6m
    Burnley                         11    TV income: £13.5m
    Watford                         10    TV income: £12.3m
    Bournemouth                 8    TV income: £12.3m
    Southampton                 8    TV income: £12.3m
    Huddersfield                    8    TV Income: £12.3m

  13. 11 hours ago, Gotters said:


    This was from a good stats article on the Athletic back in March, so the data is a little out of date - goals prevented is interesting as it looks at the quality of shots faced (it uses expected goals on target which factors in not just where the shot taken from, which is xG, but things like defender position and quality of contact made with ball) and subtracts how many goals actually conceded - its a way of getting some nuance beyond save %, which is quite a crude measure and doesn't take into account how the team is defending as a whole. In short is a goalie costing you goals or stopping them being conceded. 


    Pope is slightly better than Pickford here but nothing stellar - Henderson is the one that really needs to get some game time and not be sat on the bench I think. 




    Vincent Guaita is an exceptional keeper, I have no idea how he get's overlooked by bigger teams/hasn't been stolen from us (yet)


    I can only assume that his odd insistence on always wearing a short sleeved top is a distraction from his skills.

  14. 1 hour ago, wev said:

    Are Arsenal still hovering around Zaha?


    Can't see it, the money we want for him (and have stood firm on) buys a much younger player, with better potential for resale/growth.


    He's 27 now, and he signed a 5 year contract at an incredibly healthy wage, £130k a week if the stories are true, so combine the age/fee/wages and he's not that appealing an option.


    I think he was short sighted, and shouldn't have signed the contract if he wanted a move.

  15. Batshuayi back at Palace, not a permanent solution but we need a striker asap (have done for the last 4 years) so I'll take it, hoping for a couple more new faces before the window shuts, but fuck knows (given our limited ability to get deals over the line)  



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