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  1. Catch up due to the cancelled games when her royalness shuffled off?
  2. Gallagher scoring the winner for Chelsea against Palace was a given. I've not seen the VAR/red card video, it looked dodgy live but have heard mixed thoughts.
  3. My favourite bit is Collins pointing at the ball as if (even if he'd managed to get a touch on it) it would mitigate the kung fu kick on Grealish
  4. Brighton v Palace was cancelled due to the train strikes, which are now not happening, no one can really work out why it's still cancelled as there's been enough time for it to be reinstated (was only cancelled a day or two before the queen shuffled off) No Palace games until October and it'll be nearly a full calendar month since the previous one.
  5. Nah, the goal he scored tonight will keep him desirable. Would be a big loss IF he goes, but goes for nothing in the summer (and can't see him playing his socks off post January with no contract protecting him from an injury).
  6. Zaha summing things up perfectly.
  7. Absolutely fuming, what the fuck Viera was thinking making massive changes to a team dominating, completely changing the formation I don't fucking know.
  8. The BBC are setting the scene for the Palace v Brentford game tonight: "This could become the first fixture in English top-flight history in which the first three encounters end goalless."
  9. I'd suspected that the UK market was being cheated with underwhelming chill flavoured crisps and these Tunisian Doritos are proof, theh have an actual chilli kick that lingers, very good (as are the other spicy crisps out here)
  10. 2 nil up away at City within 20 (ish) minutes didn't make me comfortable, too much time for them to turn it on and much as I love what Viera's done it's daft to suggest there isn't a significant gap in quality and that this was one we could park the bus and hold out. Wanted to lump on a city win at half time but I'm in Tunisia and my betting app is blocked.
  11. 1 and 2, 8 and 9 Joshua
  12. Yep, the momentum was lost before it began. I have it 6-4 Usyk AJ needs an enormous 2 rounds.
  13. Fucckkkkk What a round for AJ
  14. 5-3 Usyk, with AJ taking round 8 by being a but more useful. AJ needs to really lean in to this fight to stand a chance.
  15. What was that free kick routine at the end all about, at 3-1 down and 3 men over the ball doing fakes and then poorly laying it off vs pumping it into the box with everyone in there. I was fuming on Villa fans behalf.
  16. Villa singing thr praises of VAR in the first half, less so in the second half. (Not seen the handball for the penalty, but by all accounts a bit of a shit decision)
  17. Having watched the replay though, it was his second go at it as he dashed his head at Anderson once and missed, Anderson gave him a shove and he dashed his head at him again. It was a shit headbutt, but I'mnot sure what the hell else he was aiming for?
  18. Decent point there, could have gone either way towards the end. Looking forward to the universe repaying us with a 4-0 loss at home to Villa Saturday.
  19. Nailed on to happen after that red
  20. Are we? Wish someone would have told me when we conceded all those late goals last season after dominating, and got stitched up by the ref with that (Liverpool) penalty at Selhurst.
  21. Can't see us seeing this one out, but quite funny for now.
  22. This last ten minutes (for a neutral) has been fantastic.
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