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  1. So Palace have reverted to being shite again. It's both frustrating and reassuringly comforting. Hopefully it will bring back some of the reality of where we should expect to be as a club (given our resources and infrastructure) as some of our fans were getting a bit delusional about where we should expect to finish. Injuries have really shown that whilst better than last year, we have nowhere near the depth of quality in our squad to break out of the mid-lower area of the league.
  2. Gary Lineker´s Superstar Soccer I had it on my Spectrum +3
  3. The geordies have been using Pardew as a scapegoat for the failings of the club for years (and still do, there's a billion page thread on him on their forum still active). At least they can legitimately blame Pardew for their defeat today! After Mondays dreadful showing it's reassuring that Pardew could get such an improved performance out of the same starting line up.
  4. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    I've been listening to a lot of Millencolin recently, most recent album was a return to form: And revisting Catch 22 second effort:
  5. Saw it today with my 4 year old and loved it. Favourite adult joke was:
  6. Palace breaking with tradition and equalising within a reasonable timeframe (Cabaye even got a warm up penalty due to Gayle's ridiculous run into the box). Decent game, could go either way.
  7. Picked a bottle of this up at Grillstock yesterday, amazing stuff. It's hot but not stupidly so (surprising given the name) and is full of flavour. Easily one of the best hot sauces I have had.
  8. It's definitely all going to go to shit at some point, but these last few years as a Palace fan have been bloody marvellous.
  9. It's from last year, but I missed this first time round: Nothing new from him since (though he mentions in the youtube comments that his album is now ready)
  10. skadupuk


    Calves liver (pink) with bacon, buttery mash and onion gravy is always a winner.
  11. Farr Vintners is owned by one of the Palace owners (Steve Browett), he posts on a thread on our forum with wine recommendations etc. We probably threw in a couple of free cases of wine when we wrote off the rest of the Zaha money to take him back
  12. I forgot this one. Design the Skyline
  13. Watching this made me lose all faith in humanity:
  14. If you haven't seen it I recommend Reign Over Me, whilst the overall film isn't a world beater Sandler and Don Cheadle both put in top notch performances.
  15. Yannick Bolasie cost 300k from Bristol City, I'm struggling to think of a better bargain for Palace since Ian Wright (10k and a load of gym equipment)
  16. The man has guaranteed us another £90 Million (or whatever it is now) in the coffers when it looked like we were headed down, and for a team with our relatively low income (from other sources) that will make a huge difference for years to come. I am a typical pessimistic Palace and have no idea how he will get on next season, but for keeping us up this year (with a Champions league place win % during his tenure) the guy deserves o be recognised.
  17. Dear Alan Pardew, If you want, I will have your babies!
  18. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    If you get a chance catch Good Vibrations: Brilliant film, and it introduced me to a couple of decent Northern Irish bands:
  19. 3 important points for Palace which should leave us with a good shot of survival (as a Palace fan that's as close as I get to optimism) Will be interesting to see how QPR get on with the Financial Fair Play rules should they go down now.
  20. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    Revisiting Strung Out's Twisted by Design:
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