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    One of them's from Maidstone #localhumour
  2. My 5 year old enjoyed this, I loved it. Slightly slow start, but when it got going it felt right, lovely balance of emotion, action and humour. Definitely recommended.
  3. Tomato in sandwiches and burgers, pointless soggy making crap!
  4. He was shit and a massive twat at Palace and has a very high opinion of himself, announcing he was ending his loan due to lack of game time after a match (where he'd missed an absolute sitter) before even speaking to Pardew, diva behavior for someone who has done nothing Premier League. His 10 minute substitute appearance when Norwich came to Selhurst was a delight (given in those circumstances the returnee inevitably scores), he did precisely nothing other than fall on his arse and play terrible balls, one of the BBC commentators called it the worst substitute appearance they have ever seen.
  5. With McArthur, Ledley and Cabaye all (rightly, on performance) ahead of him in centre mid he wouldn't have got much game time and he's not the kind of player that would thrive on the bench, he only had year on his contract and had been loyal so would have been supported in moving on (it appears to be what he wanted, also he seems to have a dislike of Pardew). We were offering for Benteke way before Bolasie's move and didn't need the cash from his sale to fund it, Bolasie's agent is a bit of a shit and rumour is that he pushed the deal on in the background and we were left with Bola
  6. You've picked up Jedinak for a bargain fee. He is well loved a Palace a ridiculously hard working, down to earth midfield general, hard as nails as well, you will undoubtedly get to see a few bone crunchers (and an occasional "accidental" elbow when an opposition players fancy themselves as a tough guy).
  7. All the people on the Palace forum I go on who have met him say the same, friendly and down to earth, I think it must go hand in hand with working your way up the footballing ladder rather than being hailed as a god from a young age. Bristol City fans piled over to our forum when we bought him, laughing about us paying £300k for a player who barely got off their bench. I went to the Palace v West Brom game yesterday (which was dreadful), nd we were all surprised when he came on, but the feeling is that Pardew was so short he had no choice. The Yannick Bolasie song was s
  8. He's my favourite (current) Palace player, would be a crazy price for him but he does offer a lot of excitement, is completely unpredictable in his movements and has acceleration from a standing start like I have never seen before. To quote Warnock: "Yannick doesn't know what he's going to do next, what chance does the full back have" Cannot shoot for shit though.
  9. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    Linking together the last two posts nicely:
  10. For the mods I would pull out some Small Faces - All or Nothing.
  11. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    New album coming in October, they've stuck a video up for the opening track 6 Years on Dope. Sounds decent to me.
  12. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    Just finished reading their biography (worth picking up): "We're in a punk rock band"
  13. Palace have now signed James Tomkins from West Ham, this level of early window dealing is unheard of at Selhurst Park. Benteke would be a hefty gamble, but if we can get him back up to form would suit our set up perfectly. I doubt the true figure would be 30m though.
  14. I didn't realise there was another Palace fan on here, is 2 enough to start a dedicated Palace thread? Hoping we can hold on to Bolasie given Liverpool are allegedly sniffing around, not sure why they'd want him as (much as I love him) he can't hit a cows arse with a banjo which is why we've managed to keep him for so long in the first place (my dad describes him as 95% world class) We are apparently picking up Bradley Dack from Gillingham, but he's likely to go out straight out on loan.
  15. Waitrose do little packs of Jack cheese slices, they work very well on a burger.
  16. Palace have made some "interesting" decisions with next years' kit. The blurb on the website regarding the new style home kit is a load of fucking wank as well: "The single thicker central stripe will become many when the players line up in a row, evoking a spirit of togetherness and symbolises the whole being greater than the sum of its parts."
  17. Hodor wasn't going to be written out originally, but other cast members were getting annoyed because he kept forgetting his lines.
  18. Typical Palace, from ecstasy to misery in 2 steps. I came within seconds of buying a Club Wembley ticket for £350 but the inbuilt Palace pessimist in me kept up it's usual refrain "They'll fuck it up, they'll fuck it up"
  19. Fucking twat Clattenberg, he hates Palace always fucks us over.
  20. I did the same recipe pretty much (found on a website) only difference was to slice onions, layer on bottom of slow cooker add 3 bay leaves and then brisket and stout. I added corn flour as well to thicken the liquid, the flavour was primarily the meat juices it didn't have an overriding taste of stout.
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