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  1. He's definitely improved his ratio of games where he shines vs those where he is anonymous and I think he is still on the up (heading towards his peak), when he's on fire he brings a spark to the team that no-one else can. He went to Man U too early, but I wonder if we will have trouble holding on to him in the summer even if we stay up.
  2. Wilf Zaha scored this beauty for the Ivory Coast v Russia, fingers crossed he can bring some of that skill back for our relegation run in.
  3. David Devant and His Spirit Wife! They only ever seemed to be noticeably popular in Brighton, the trendy/wanky parts of London and my local venue (the Tunbridge Wells Forum) which they could sell out in about 5 minutes as soon as a gig was announced, saw them 3 times and each gig was great.
  4. Do Super Furry Animals count? If so, them.
  5. 3 points for Palace in their "relegation 6 pointer" with Boro, we deserved it on balance but didn't half make it nerve wracking. Still not feeling overly confident on the relegation front, but it's nice to feel good on a Saturday afternoon for a change, might even watch MOTD.
  6. I second the Gran Luchito recommendation. I put this on/in anything that needs a kick, incredible stuff but only available online or if you go and see him at the locations he sells his ribs/rib meat: http://theribman.co.uk/
  7. Just watched it for the first time and loved it. "Think of it like this, if you're going to eat a sandwich, you would just enjoy it more if noone had fucked it"
  8. Palace may as well have started prepping for a season in the second tier in January rather than spending decent money on more players. 4-0 down at home to Sunderland with one of the worst performance I've seen by a Palace team at any level.
  9. For the chilli fan there are two excellent options: For those on a budget, usually found in corner shops but also stocked in some larger Tesco's. And for those willing to spend a bit more, Blairs - imported from the states, these bad boys are seriously hot and all the better for it they are kettle chipesque in texture.
  10. skadupuk


    The Professor Cornelius Ableforth is a local brand to me (Tunbridge Wells, Kent) and they make a very decent selection of spirits, the standard bathtub gin is good (as is the "navy sterngth" version), I also heartily recommend their Rumbullion spiced rum.
  11. Format and Abdominal are back with a new album.
  12. Carroll with a cracking finish against Palace, but as Allardyce pointed out in his post match we had 3 defenders watching/giving him space. Even with BFS and his great escapes, we are lacking any heart and with few grafters in the team its hard to see this turning around sufficiently for us to survive, only hope is some very good buys in the transfer window that settle in quickly.
  13. I don't want him long term, but would have him for the rest of the season to shore things up and have a fighting chance at survival. A'la Pulis (the original plan with Pulis anyway) a short term fix/impact manager appointment is best for the shit we are in, which will give Parish time to focus on finding a permanent, long term option.
  14. I'm bloody delighted, I don't hate Pardew but he wasn't the right man to pull us out of the mire. Not sure on the pay off, rumour has it that the contract had a dismissal clause should Pardew not achieve an average points target within a certain timeframe, allowing Palace to pay a relatively reasonable sum to buy him out. This would make sense given how long it's taken to pull the trigger, and the unusual timing of his removal. As the contract started in the summer you would expect it to give him at least 6 months.
  15. Jim Jeffries is one of my favourites, very near the knuckle, coarse but surprisingly well thought out/intelligent subject delivery. He doesn't seem to your the UK any more, I only managed to catch him once. The story of his dad on the train in Germany for the world cup is a particular favourite.
  16. Arrogance/going for the win, it's how he's functioned all along, and has had some success with weaker sides, but a Manchester United team (that whilst lacklustre had still mostly bettered us by a margin) and you start to question his sanity. Our chairman Steve Parish has had his back for a long time and have held off our American investors who clearly want rid, I do wonder if it's become a matter of principle for the Chairman now and backing down would mean losing face.
  17. Another Pardew masterstroke last night, relegation form with every point precious and holding Man U to a 1 - 1 draw. 85th minute time to take off a solid midfielder and replace him with a lightweight striker, can't see what can go wrong with that one... It's like he's deliberately trying to get sacked.
  18. Sometimes on Jacobs crackers, sometimes squeezed straight into my mouth.
  19. I hope to god that's it for Pardew, when you spend all week working on set piece defending and then concede 4 goals from set pieces it's beyond incompetence.
  20. This is 11 minutes of incredible:
  21. skadupuk


    One of them's from Maidstone #localhumour
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