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  1. I'm a huge fan. The Pinkerton era was responsible for (IMO) their best and most consistent output, even the b-sides
  2. Amazing scenes, a win, and not even a lucky win!!!!!! With no recognised striker in the team and still going out 442 against a string Chelsea midfield, one can only assume Hodgson is pretty much the second coming of Jesus Christ.
  3. Zaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Also, more than one goal in the October Palace goal of the month competition! (as long as we count o.g.'s)
  4. Thank god we brought Hodgson in to steady the ship! I don't really blame him, FDB left a mess and the chairman yet again fucked up the transfer window leaving us having to pay Bakary Sako up front on his own (Jesus...), our only other option was a non-league striker we picked up a year ago that managed 4 goals in 15 games on loan to Shrewsbury last year. I wasn't expecting a win at Old Trafford, I'm not crazy, but just a glimmer of hope (or even just a lucky first goal off Delaney's arse would do) but it's just dreadful, Man Utd didn't even get out of 2nd gear in that s
  5. skadupuk


    This keeps popping up on Amazon deals at £75 (which is about 10% cheaper than i can see it elsewhere) and I am sorely tempted, but £45 a bottle has been my previous ceiling and i am struggling to break that psychological barrier.
  6. skadupuk


    Hurrah a Rum thread! Current favorite is Diplomatico Reserva as a straight sipping rum, quite sweet and very palatable: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Diplomatico-Rum-Reserva-Excl-70/dp/B0090I3YSS/ref=lp_1756921031_1_1_a_it?srs=1756921031&ie=UTF8&qid=1506192677&sr=8-1 And for spiced rum I like Rumbullion (also good straight) : For those who struggle with straight spirits, I find with one or two parts coconut water to on part rum finds a nice balance (and makes the drink last longer)
  7. Yep, dead and buried by December I reckon. The lack of an additional striker (given how long we've known we've needed one) was one of the nails in the coffin and Steve Parish (our chairman) has a lot to answer for with his "we can get bargains if we wait until the end of the window" philosophy. The only thing that is going to salvage anything from this season is if we were to get a couple of decent results in the Brighton derbies, but I don;t hold much hope out for that either.
  8. He promised evolution not revolution, then proceeded to turn the entire playing style upside down without the right players to make it work. I hate that we are a club that can't hold on to a manager, but nothing about him came across as he could see the glaringly obvious problems he was creating and his insistence on continuing to push his style in the face of near universal agreement that it was all a terrible idea (find me a pundit good or bad that had him down as doing anything well). A few people have challenged today that we did well against Burnley, but my counter
  9. Played through in one sitting tonight when the Mrs was out babysitting for a friend. I'd previously baulked at 16 quid for a couple of hours (despite the praise) but something was drawing me to it every couple of weeks so I decided to take a punt. There's not much I can add, I absolutely loved it and haven't had this kind of connection to a game since The Last of Us.
  10. Lot's of paper talk about De Boer's tenure at Palace possibly being shorter than his stint at Inter (Dominic Fifield is a decent journalist, so I'm inclined to believe there's some truth in it) https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/aug/27/frank-de-boer-crystal-palace-doubt-poor-start If I were watching from outside I'd say it was crazy, knee jerk etc. but there really has been little from De Boer to suggest he has any awareness of just how bad we have been, and he is continually repeating that he sees no reason to change formation/his plan. Swansea didn'
  11. Fucking Frank De Boer, what kind of idiot thinks he can take a team that has survived the last few years by the skin of their teeth, only pulling out results when they fully play to their strengths and then try and play a brand new formation without the players necessary. Allardyce had it right last season when he said we needed 2 players to be solid under our old formation, under De Boer's we need 7 new players and have signed one. One fit striker in Benteke (who miraculously scored 15 goals in our shite season last year), why not play a game that completely isolates h
  12. I had a similar issue withe Beer Hawk when (coincidentally) trying to buy Eisbock, I've since tracked it down at: http://www.beergonzo.co.uk/search?q=Schneider Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock&u=1 and http://www.beersofeurope.co.uk/schneider-aventinus-eisbock
  13. Fucks sake Palace. Well done to Huddersfield, but it's tricky to work out how much was them playing well and is being utterly attrocius, could have been 0 - 6. FDB's post game comments will be interesting to get a hint of he is going to persist with his completely I'll fitting 3-4-3 (who needs to make use of our two exceptional wingers, and a centre forward who thrives off crosses eh?) Minimum of a new keeper and a striker before the window closes as well (and maybe Sakho back or another centre back)
  14. I think it comes back to the age old issue of not being able to predict player development, the greatest 15 year old player (of their age) in the world is not guaranteed to develop any further. I remember watching a documentary about the England under 16's squad (it had Leeds/Man U's Alan Smith in it) and so few of those guys went on to have a footballing career and they were the best players nationally.
  15. http://www.franconian.co.uk/shop/ These guys (based in my home town) are decent.
  16. Palace's 70's sash was a thing of beauty. We did a modern version in tribute a few years ago: Though I preferred the "Evil Sash" we had as an away kit a few years after:
  17. Why have you used kids sausages? Is that brown bread?
  18. Cheap white bread with butter for mopping up the remaing egg yolk.beans/sauce is the correct answer
  19. "Not that the older gentlemen with their nieces on the few other occupied tables seem to care."
  20. Praise be to Klopp for the loan of Sakho, the guy has been outstanding since he arrived, instrumental in how few goals we have conceded recently and pulled off some world class tackles.
  21. One step closer to playing Brighton next year! Come on you Palace!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Ugly Duckling Dilated Peoples Format and Abdominal
  23. Couple of smoke bombs and a flare, which I do not condone in any way at all, but the reaction was somewhat dramatic with a Chelsea fan claiming a fear of it being terrorists.
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