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  1. Waffles, waffles, waffles...
  2. Bought a couple of bottles of this (not my picture) as part of an order, Buxton with Omnipello - Yellow Belly Stout. Absolutely incredible stuff, it's described as a peanut butter biscuit stout (without either being part of the process), the taste is immense and i can't think of a better stout, it even tops Founders KBS which has long held my number 1 spot. It's strong (11%) and not cheap at 8 to 9 quid a bottle, but highly recommended.
  3. Palaces injury list is so bad we had to bring on our 37 year old 6th choice centre back to mark the best striker in the league. Who could predict the result would be Kane being able to shake him off easily and score.
  4. I really enjoyed Dr Sleep, but I think it falls into the age old Stephen King problem of there just being too much in there to condense into a film (in addition to the fact that an incredible amount of his writing is inner monologue ).
  5. Palace nick a late (ish) win against Southampton with a cracking long range effort from Milivojević (trying to makeup for the Man City penalty miss), for the most part we looked ropey and knackered, which is understandable after them running their bollocks off against Man City on Sunday. We really were there for the taking, I mean when Shane Long scored his first goal in 30 odd games you fear the worst, Southampton pretty much rolled over the second half and I wouldn't be surprised to see the fans turn on Pellegrino (if they haven;t already) after that.
  6. Terrible penalty by Palace's usual Mr Reliable, but I'd have bitten your hand off for a point against City so will take that happily.
  7. skadupuk

    The Punk Thread

    Christmas in the punk thread!
  8. I played at a fairly decent local level Saturday and Sunday for 12 or so years (post-uni), I can't recall anyone I know that would think that pulling unprovoked crap like that was in any way an acceptable way to behave.
  9. To be 100% clear, I do not in any way condone the use of the term used in the tweet (I mean't/thought I'd caveated the post to reference it), I couldn't find a way to share just the video, apologies for any offence caused. Bamford's attitude a Palace was that of a petulant, spoilt child, he has zero humility and believes his own hype far too much.
  10. Bamford was a twat at Palace and he just seems to be getting worse, what a cunt.
  11. Jordan Ayew pulling off his traditional "Worldy VS Palace" goal to deny us three points, can't really complain, a fair point given how little we took advantage of our chances. Also, f you'd offered me 18 points at the halfway point after our disastrous start, I'd have bitten your hand off. Swansea fans should be terrified about the rumors of them lining up De Boer as their next manager, 4 games he got at Palace and barely anyone thinks he was given too little time.
  12. That dive was amazing, be interesting to see the Leicester manager's response on seeing the replay.
  13. I'm not convinced we'll win, I'm a traditional Palace pessimist, but that was an incredible half and reminiscent of some of the games under Allardyce when he orchestrated our last 'great escape'
  14. Life as a Palace fan: 8:00 p.m. "Maybe this will be the start of a desperately needed run of wins, we can put the Benteke penalty debacle behind us and really kick start our season, you can do boys" 8:03 p.m. "For fucks sake you useless twats"
  15. Benteke, the selfish twat, decides to take a last minute penalty at 2-2 in order to kick start his season rather than let Luka Milivojevic (who already scored a fantastic penalty earlier in the game and is possibly the best penalty taker we've ever had) take it. Powder puff penalty straight at the keeper, saved, 2 points dropped. Oh well, I guess at least it's never happened before for him to have learnt from, oh hang on it happened exactly the same way against West Ham in Allardyce's first game. Hodgson better tear him a new one, personal greed over team
  16. Thank you to whichever god decided to give Palace that win today, draw was probably fair, but we have been left holding the shitty end of the stick so often this season. Only 3 (realistically 4) points from safety now!
  17. I love the Food ranger, he should be really irritating with his squeeky accent and all the "oooh" and "awww" but he's just so genuinely excited by food (and life in general) that it becomes endearing instead. This guys' videos are food porn:
  18. I'm with you comrades! Ideal ratio is a minimum of 5 parts custard to 1 part pudding I reckon.
  19. I think I'm resigned to Palace's relegation now, even though we have picked up the pace and found some form the lack of a striker is absolutely killing us. Spurs were there for the taking today, and even putting aside the fact that their 3rd choice keeper played a blinder, we had two wingers up front who were puled far too wide and only seemed to be cutting in diagonally before snatching the ball across the face of the goal. Zaha missed a golden opportunity that I would have expected the likes of Benteke to knock straight in instead of almost passing it across the goal (like a cro
  20. Coming this month and I'm very excited, for my money it sits right up there with any series from the last 10 years.
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