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  1. Who knew that putting crosses in to him would pay off... (not us, as we haven't done it for the last 3 years)
  2. Tomorrow Palace play (and probably lose to) Spurs, exactly 1 year to the day that I was last in Selhurst with my eldest 2 to watch a perfectly functional 1-0 win v Watford. I get that there are bigger issues at hand and it's absolutely a first world problem but dear god I miss it, no matter how shit the football it drags me down emotionally that I can't go. The fact that it was my boys' first season ticket and I'd just started to trick them into being attached to Palace, Pavlovian tricks like making sure they asosciated it with a trip to Morelys (eldest son) a giant hot
  3. I ordered 3 of these and 3 of Clamp, given it was one I would have almost certainly loved the Cherry beer was only sold to bottleshops(I only found out it existed after I'd ordered) and the delivery cost for a couple of cans from one of them would make it too expensive, especially given recent spends. If you could pretend it's shit to make me feel better that would be appreciated.
  4. I origanally found him through here, but if anyone wants pre-mixed cocktails then this guys' stuff is excellent,lot's of interesting combinations and a few classics. https://www.manhattansproject.com/ 6 pack for £36 delivered, decent measures (each is 100ml) and very boozy.
  5. I just bought this. And a box from Beak. And a box from St Mars of the Desert. All because of this thread, this thread is a bad influence.
  6. On a similar theme, I wish someone would find a way to import Prahok from Cambodia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prahok It's intensely savoury and fishy fermented fish paste (has that tinned anchovy quality), often used as a seasoning in dishes or (my favourite) fried smal lumps of it with plain white rice. You can get shrimp paste and the like, but it's just not the same and I've never been able to get close to getting that taste again.
  7. Benteke is on a free at the end of the season? In all seriousness, a big part of his lack of goals has been Palace's lack of feeding him with crosses etc. (instead our wingeres are cutting in) his lack of goalscoring hasn't been due to endless misses of easy chances. That goal against you (Not sure if you remember it? It was in the 95th minute? ) was one of the first times in god knows how many games that somone has put a decent cross in to him to hit, and shows how he still has the touch. Also, if we release him and he goes to your lot it's pretty much gu
  8. Across 2 games Brighton - 44 shots on target Palace - 4 shots on target 1-1 Draw 2-1 Win Daylight robbery!
  9. They're fucked now, we've brought Benteke on (when what we needed was the hard bastard McCarthy on in the midfield) I hope Roy fucks off after this, watching this boring shite week after week really is making me (more) miserable.
  10. Hodgson has historically used a pretty effective tactic of absorbing pressure and counter attacking. It doesn't work any more and he has no plan B, make note of the fact that he has made no changes at all, he thinks this is going ok...
  11. Normal service resumes, Palace spend the first 10minutes continuing to do fuck all and Brighton equalise, was comnig a mile off and Brighton should feel agrieved to only be drawing. Why Roy continues to want to play such negative game when our defence isn't as strong as it was, inviting teams to score (when we aren't scoring many,if any ourselves) This game is only heading on way as Brighton continue press and ask serious questions.
  12. Cheeky as fuck finish by Mateta, Palace have done nothing all game and we are rewarded with a goal!
  13. I don't want to buy a pass for the Palace v Brighton game, I don't, I don't, I don't (I will though for some fucking reason) We are definitely losing this one and I'm not trying to reverse jinx it, we already had our lucky result against them with a draw when they completely domiated the game. I'm not sure Hodgson goes if we lose, but if we see a captulation/lack of effort like the last couple of games it would be very hard to see what the point of him staying is, we are probably safe but there is a small Fulham shaped cloud that just appeared off in the horizon.
  14. Coincidentally I bought another kit (as well as a kids kit) and we had it for lunch yesterday, as you say its the beef that makes all the difference. Waitrose has American Jack cheese slices, which is closer than the packaged jobs, but still not as good. They are quite a friendly bunch though, so I'm sure if you messaged them they'd point you in the right direction. If you haven't set up an online account yet, if you are referring friends its worth it as you both get a 20% off code (they get there's straight away, you get one when they set up an account and
  15. But the gap issue is caused by the big clubs' ability to attracting their large numbers of casual fans and the neutrals, every EPL club has a hardcore fan base that will buy the match if they can't go, but the revenue from the vast amount of additional people who would buy a Liverpool game v West Brom against the amount who would pay for Leeds v West Brom means no matter how spend happy Leeds fans are you are not going to get the same money coming in and the financial gap further widens.
  16. This would lead to a notable increase in gap between the 'big clubs' and the rest of us, imagine the extra revenue for the top 6 teams in any game versus the £7.50 each Palace and Burnley would split for their fixture. Better product (perceived or actual) = more money is true for any market, but football feels like enough of an uneven playing field already, and the bigger picture of the overall long term sustainability of the entirety of football on England has to be considered.
  17. I get where you are coming from and that may have been true in previous seasons, but It's very different this time as there's nothing there in terms of effort or bite, it feels like a team that has reached a natural dead end rather than one 'on the beach already' 12 players are out of contract at the end of the season, why would they risk their livelihood over the next few weeks with no certainty, this all falls at the feet of the owners and Hodgson (to a lesser degree) No Zaha for the derby game and it's not just my natral pessimism this time, I just cannot see us doi
  18. To add, it's Brighton next Monday. I think we lose regardless, but would rather Hodgson's tenure ended before/now whilst the fanbase still retains an appreciation for all he has done previously, rather than him completely lose the fans with a heavy defeat with no fight in us.
  19. This is where we have a problem, the one thing you rely on with a Hodgson team is a rock solid defense that counter attacks, we now have conceded the 2nd most goals in the EPL, Hodgson got the arse when questioned on it and suggested the Liverpool game was distorting it (I'm sure if we discounted every teams worst result you'd come up with a similar poisition). Our problem last season was not scoring many (2nd worst again),and whilst better it hasn't improved enough to offset the defensive collapse. It's shit football to watch and isn't getting better, there have been
  20. I think so, even the most optimistic/rose tinted of the Palace fans on our main forum have switched over to the "Hodgson out" camp (Current vote 65 "In" to 536 "Out" when it's been much more 50/50 even up to a few weeks ago) It's not the losses, we are used to losing, it's the manner of loss whereby we just roll over. Burnley going 2 up so quickly should have resulted in 80 minutes of us going at them but we end up being passive for most of the game and give away an atrocious 3rd in terms of defence. Nobody knows why Milivojević is still favoured every game, he's weak a
  21. The difference between Palace and Burnley today has been effort/commitment, loads of players not giving a fuck, I really can't see us putting up any fight against your lot. I went to the Palace 5-0 at Selhurst (Andy Johnson hat-trick), I can see a reverse of that.
  22. I can't see any way for Hodgson to continue as our manager, the performances are so wishy washy that you can't help but feel he has lost the dressing room, after a woeful first half and being 2-0 down he made no tactical changes or substitutions. Even the most optimistic Palace fans have no answer to this performance, and when a manager who'se main strength is countering froma solid defence, having the second worst defensive record in the EPL is a huge red flag.
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